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Life of the Bored and Taskless.

Thursday, February 28, 2002

Earlier today before 8th period...

3 minutes until I have to go to Hell. (French class). My compadre, Courtney, I mean Shanaynay is siting here with me. In computer class, I'm doing Milton Hershey. AHHH! Let me start over. For computer class I'm doing A PROJECT on him. Luke came up to my computer and said his mustache was stupid and I yelled, "What

Now, finishing that interrupted thought...

if I said I liked it?! What if I said it TURNED ME ON!" *awkward silence*...Heather: "Jacquie!" *Jacquie slaps forehead then laughs because she never thinks before she speaks*

Dana, in reference to musical terms, D.S. Al Coda is Italian for something like "Return to the Coda", but I think it means, "Dumb shit! Go back to the Coda!" I want to change my site. I don't know why, but that thought just came to my mind. First, I need to learn how to put pictures in the background, because that would rockit like a socket. Here are a few quotes I forgot to post about from a little while ago and wrote down:

"Everyone says, 'I don't want to teach Jr. High. That's where the hormones are flowing and the spitballs are flying."
- Ms. Katzmann, Math sub

"17. Drinks WAY too much soda and coffee; still can't figure out why he has not been voted "Nicest Teacher At Tamanend"; wears clothes that were out of style 10 years ago, just like his haircut is; hopes you do well on this quiz."
- Question on Mr. H's Social Studies matching section of test. (Nice one Mr. H...)

I had the weirdest dream last night. Ready? Thought not, here I go. I had just finished watching MOST of the Grammy's last night, and I went to bed (no, this isn't part of the dream.) Ok, the dream...
I was sitting on the floor of the small bathroom in my house which faces towards the living room. Frank and a band were playing "Drops of Jupiter" by Train for me. (I guess the Grammy's affected that part) For some reason I couldn't look at him. I was looking at something or writing on something and looking away. When I did actually look at Frank, he was looking away to the side. That was all I remember, and I know that might be dissapointing. Maybe it means something? Frank and I are still friends and I don't understand why we couldn't look at each other. Hmmm...

If I had Morpheus, I would download every fucking song in the internet. I added the F bomb in there to express my determination to do just that. I download every song I can that I like, but unfortunetly I usually CAN'T. Also, if I had a better connection other than this piece of DS 56K, then I would be so happy I would kiss my scanner...wait...I do that often. I mean, uh. The guy on the Grammy's last night, the President man, was trying to make everyone who downloads songs feel like criminals because they are stealing music. Shove it mister. I like doing it, because anal-retentive a-holes like Rivers Cuomo refuse to release certain REALLY GOOD SONGS because they are "bad." That's the only way I can get them. OH well, Prez. Go hump a CD burner. I just heard "Understanding (In A Car Crash)" That makes Jacquie very happy.

I have been sent an InstaKiss from someone who's first name begins with a letter between J and R. *Scratches head* Maybe it's Mikey Welsh. Haha. Pah-leeze, I guess I could dream. But really, I have no idea who. AH! It's going to kill me, and I'm going to dream about a person with a head shaped like a ? and singing (insert grammy nominated song here) to me at my house. Or not. I need to know, I'm going to stalk everyone I know (gals included because I'm bi remember. THAT WAS A JOKE) and pin them against my locker and ask me if they gave me a kiss online. Should I go for a random noise to express my confusion and need to know who this "admirer" is? Ok here I go....BLAT! Ahh, I could do better. I should go.

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Tuesday, February 26, 2002

I forgot to mention a few things about the last blog...

* The boss's name is Don, not Ron
* We went to McDonald's and through the take out speaker, the dude made this weird noise at us. I can't describe it, but it was great. My mom made it back to the guy when we went to the take out window. Haha. We also listened to the Drowning Mona soundtrack. Not as good as the Resevoir Dogs soundtrack, but still good. It had a song, Jackie Blue, on it. My own song...why how nice.
*We heard "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen the second time in the last two days. Rock.
*Mr. H is a psychopath. He wrote a question that the answer was him once again, and I'll blog that later. Peace out homedogs.

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Monday, February 25, 2002

I am so glad I didn't have any homework to do tonight. I had QUITE a road trip this evening. First off, I had to go to the orthodontist. Blah blah colors changed blah. Then, we went to The Hidaway (now referred to as the Fireaway) which caught fire this afternoon at 1:30. My mom works there every so often appart from her new job as a special ed. teacher. ("For shits and giggles.") My mom hasn't been there for 2 weeks, and her cell phone and fan were in there. 14 different fire companies showed up, even though it's a fairly small place. It's been there since 1944, so it has a background history. From the outside, it didn't look bad, but it was dark outside and it was the internal damage that was horrible. We looked in the kitchen where IT was char broiled, not the food. Also, a back trailer where apparently the fire started was destroyed. The bar area wasn't really destroyed badly, so some bottles of wine, whisky, etc. were still there. I got a non-mequite flavored coke, and some of the people showed up, including my mom and the owner Ron, were finishing off some of the drinks. My mom had to drive, so only a tad. Ron didn't seem too upset at the moment, because he's an optomistic guy. He's irish, and has/had a bar, how much happier could he get. Earlier, his wife Thea showed up and had a spaz attack, or so I heard. People who came by were devastated, and my mom said it was a nice place (I've never been in it until now, go figure), and it wasn't fansy, but fun. Like Ron. Some people think Ron was burning leaves and it caught the trailer on fire. My mom said that once, Ron burned some of the back yard through leaf burning. One of the dudes there went to Tamanend ("Back when it was a Junior High, before the elementary school and then back again") One guy kept saying "Bloody Hell" a lot. Oh yes, the expletives were flying among shocked regulars and the ones who didn't quite realized what had happened yet. Like Ron. Quote: "It could have been worse!" Oh brother.

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Saturday, February 23, 2002

AHHHHHHHH! WEEZER ROCK BLOCK ON Y100! (bouncing around at 11:30 like a giddy schoolgirl) SO far it's
Hash Pipe...SAY IT AIN'T SO! My aunt just came upstairs and said it sounded like someone was going through the ceiling. Whoops. I took off my shoes now. My air guitar is done, because now it's The Good Life, the acoustic version. Awww yeah. Rock on! I miss Matt Sharp. Rivers sounds like he's going to die. Ahhh, the days when Weezer were considered "emo" instead of "power pop". Little Brian sounds as high as I sing when singing Soprano. Aww. y100 kicks Creed's ass! (They are playing Creed right now, that ruined my giddyness.)

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Courtney's new nickname: Shanaynay
My new nickname: Chantel

How cool is that?

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Bridget has a special blogspot. Check it out fools! Sorry, I'm the only fool here. I apologize. Courtney and I have identical childhoods. It's quite freaky, but we are drink fairies that live together at McDonalds, so what can you expect?....

AeroGurlie1230: heres the mail it never fails it makes me wanna wag my tail when it comes i wanna wail MAIL!
AeroGurlie1230: hahah
Zakolita: YAY!!!!!!!!!!
AeroGurlie1230: thats from the blues clues franklin watching days
Zakolita: i'm sure you still watch franklin
Zakolita: heheheh
AeroGurlie1230: lol, i love that song
AeroGurlie1230: damn it, u caught me
Zakolita: hahaha
AeroGurlie1230: it must be that whole green shell look
AeroGurlie1230: but not the ninja turtles, they didn't do it for me
Zakolita: of course, who can resist a reptile
Zakolita: what! i loved the ninja turtles!
AeroGurlie1230: i didn't like the whole band on the forehead thing
AeroGurlie1230: jacquie, i don't know
Zakolita: i loved the doorag band
Zakolita: i had a NT party once
AeroGurlie1230: hahahaah-the doorag
AeroGurlie1230: hahahah
AeroGurlie1230: i head a cabbage pacth kid one, i loved those things til like sixth grade
AeroGurlie1230: lol
Zakolita: hahah!!!!
Zakolita: i liked the American Girls
AeroGurlie1230: and a sesame street one
AeroGurlie1230: oh yeah, i have felicity
AeroGurlie1230: lol
AeroGurlie1230: guess what??
Zakolita: i have samantha
Zakolita: what?
AeroGurlie1230: when i was little i went to sesame street live and my dad danced with cookie monster!!
AeroGurlie1230: hahaha
Zakolita: OMG! the cookie monster was my FAVORITE!!!!!!!!
AeroGurlie1230: on stage in front of like a million people
AeroGurlie1230: no way!!
Zakolita: whoa! that is the coolest thing in the whole world!!!
AeroGurlie1230: o way
AeroGurlie1230: and guess what else?
Zakolita: WHAT?!
AeroGurlie1230: one time, at band camp--no not that time, i saw an oscar myer weenie truck on the high way!
AeroGurlie1230: beat that
Zakolita: i was in one onetime
Zakolita: they had a singing contest
AeroGurlie1230: r u serious?
AeroGurlie1230: whats the inside lookk like?
AeroGurlie1230: did u win?
Zakolita: no, yeah right
Zakolita: it was held at a genardi's
AeroGurlie1230: duh, if i was the judge u soo would have won
AeroGurlie1230: u ds u forget?
AeroGurlie1230: that is the craziest thing and u forget?!?!!?
Zakolita: i know! AHHHHHHHHHHH!
AeroGurlie1230: lol, thats ok-tear- ill get over it after massive therapy
AeroGurlie1230: hahahaha
Zakolita: hahaha
AeroGurlie1230: jacquie did u like the potty trainers-imean power rangers?
Zakolita: HAHAHAH!!!
AeroGurlie1230: i wanted to be the pink one
Zakolita: NUH UH!
AeroGurlie1230: only for a short while
AeroGurlie1230: yeah
Zakolita: SO DID I for a little while
AeroGurlie1230: sometimes i still think about
Zakolita: i was the hugest poser in the world
AeroGurlie1230: lol
Zakolita: and there was a pr club, and i wanted to be in it
Zakolita: it was a playground thing
AeroGurlie1230: lol, i was in the mary kate and ashley club
AeroGurlie1230: i got their news letter and i had there pictures in my room and i listened to their tape until like the 5th grade
AeroGurlie1230: i am such a loser
AeroGurlie1230: man
AeroGurlie1230: but i think my hanson obcession was worse
Zakolita: HAHAHA!!!! i still have those tapes! i used to love the,!
Zakolita: i liked hanson and the spice girls
AeroGurlie1230: no way, everyone like hates them
AeroGurlie1230: the olsen twins
Zakolita: and i went to go see the spice girls in philly
Zakolita: i hate them now
AeroGurlie1230: yeah
Zakolita: they are has beens
AeroGurlie1230: pretty much, i sometimes watch their movies though,
Zakolita: but when they were in, they weren't so bad
Zakolita: i've seen pastport to paris and stuff too
AeroGurlie1230: but only cause of all the hot guys
AeroGurlie1230: lol
Zakolita: haha, the hot french guys
AeroGurlie1230: u have to see the bahamas one
AeroGurlie1230: man tropical guys r hott
Zakolita: i haven't seen it! ooo tan guys
AeroGurlie1230: ssss
Zakolita: i am the palest thing in the world
AeroGurlie1230: lol
AeroGurlie1230: thats ok, im not that tan myself
AeroGurlie1230: i rented it cause i told my dad that my little brothers wanted to see it
Zakolita: haha, we're pale drink fairies
Zakolita: HAHAHA
Zakolita: they probably were like NO
AeroGurlie1230: lol, i was sorta making it up, but they did cause they watched it
Zakolita: oh, lol
AeroGurlie1230: their such weenies
Zakolita: my brothers too
AeroGurlie1230: oscar myer weenies
AeroGurlie1230: lol
Zakolita: they watched passport to paris a lot
AeroGurlie1230: my pdf buddy
Zakolita: HAHAHA!
AeroGurlie1230: lol
Zakolita: oh yeaaaah
AeroGurlie1230: thats u=me+we now
AeroGurlie1230: duh, ok i added wrong
Zakolita: hahaha
Zakolita: that's ok
AeroGurlie1230: man i am such a loser
AeroGurlie1230: ok, but only if u say so
Zakolita: it's ok, and if you're a loser, then i am
AeroGurlie1230: skidda merinky dinky dink i love u, i love u in the morning and in the afternoon, i love u in the evening in underneath the moon, o skidda merinky dinky dink i love u
AeroGurlie1230: ok, that was my all time fave
Zakolita: OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AeroGurlie1230: no way!!
Zakolita: yeah!!!!!
Zakolita: it was great!
AeroGurlie1230: duh, u always have to go and beat me don't ya
Zakolita: no! i'm just saying
AeroGurlie1230: just go and be better then me, fine
AeroGurlie1230: lol, im only kiddin wich ya
AeroGurlie1230: don't worry
AeroGurlie1230: i still love ya
Zakolita: i only remember seeing a ray charles poster and kept trying to say it right, because i kept saying charles ray
AeroGurlie1230: even if you just a gay pdf
AeroGurlie1230: lol, cause im one too!!!!!
AeroGurlie1230: hahahah
Zakolita: hahahah!!! yeah!

Wow, that was a pretty long convo, it's not even done yet. Sorry, but I had to post the whole thing in order to get the childhood obsessions, tapes, whatever in right order. Ya know, it flows this way.

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Bridget, my special friend, and I scared Mike away. I was telling him about how me and Dana hump computers in computer class, say F-ing A a lot, and are hearthside lovahs with an obsession with goose joose. Bridget was uising pickup lines on him AS A JOKE and he got scared. She said, "I'd marry your goldfish just to be closer to you." and he left. The weirdness has only begun for Mike. On Monday he'll run out on English when he sees us.

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The computer froze on me. Shnork! There, yet another random noise. I was writing when it shut me down so I have to retype all of that. Ah. Ok, I was at Kellie's house yesterday because we (Kellie, Jess, Steph, and I) were working on assessment. Kellie said "Rice Kripsies" twice and didn't even realized it, so we cracked up while Kellie was confused. We were talking/arguing and from out of nowhere, I started to cry. It was really odd, so I started laughing. I think I cried because everyone was yelling at me to stay on-task, and this was one of the first times I wasn't, and everyone else was off-task too. I felt like they were all blaming me, so through tears I muttered about how nobody likes me and it's all my fault and waa waa waa. I was being such a control freak I deserved to be yelled at. I don't take criticism well, so I guess I just cried. Weirdness.

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It's sad I have NEVER seen the Good Life video. It's my favorite Pinkerton song, and I haven't seen it. I'm going to make a random noise now that expresses my anger and obsession. Phlerb! Ok, that didn't come out right. Sounds like an alien noise, a star trek character, or a the scientific name of an underwater plant.

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Which Weezer Song are You?
This makes me veeeery happy. A Pinkerton song! YAY! Oh man, I'm really diggin' the Pat Wilson duck arm flapping picture. I need to find my tape with the Say It Ain't So and El Scorcho videos on it. It's killing me.

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Wow. Rivers is like a disturbed butterfly. (Pun not intended...wait I thought that was a pun. Forget it Weezer fans.)He has morphed into so many different people in like 15 years. It's scary, especially the lumberjack, hobo, and hardcore one. SHAVE IT OFF RIVERS!

Go here to see a geek go to grunge then..um..hairy.

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Yo yo yo. I just went to church. The priest sounds like he has a computerized voice, which made my twitch. It also twitch because the freaking sun was shining its happy hurtful rays on my eyes. This is cool:

Which Rock Queen are You?

This is scary. AHHH! He looks like Kurt Cobain in this picture. The nerd king gone grunge, it's just not right. Just like me:

I don't want to live in a cardboard box!

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Thursday, February 21, 2002

Computer class is tomorrow...time for the expletives and computer humping.

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Dana wants me to blog. Good idea. Today when I was going to piano lessons after school, my great uncle mentioned I bettter not make plans Sunday because we are "going somewhere". "Where?" "Do you have to know?" "Yes, because if I have to tell you where I am going, YOU should tell me where we're going." "That's not the way it works." "Uh huh." "We're going to an opium den." Then I thought for a second. Opium is a drug! If that health class that Mr. Chester (the molester) taught me anything it was drug names and families. "Isn't opium a drug?" "Yes." Then he explained how the chinese used to have these houses called opium dens where there would be mats where you could lay down and get high. Coolness. "I am all ready for that!" "Haha, I bet. I'll give you "ready."' Ok. That was fun. Man, my family must think I am like a druggie because my dad thought I was stoned yesterday and now my uncle claims we are going to an opium den. But like I say, "Druggies make the world go round!"

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Wednesday, February 20, 2002

I'm going to send $12 to this site thing, so no more pesky ads block my creativity anymore! See what they did? When I tried to delete the ad (whoops...) they made the background white and the title got shoved under my left menu thing so their stupid bigass ad would be there. Poo on you blogger! Actually, take that back, I love you and my site. Sorry, I'll send you some chocolate turtles for that one, Blogger.

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My pimped out Mardi Gras hat for French class was a big hit today. My hat had green feathers arond the top which had green felt, gold sparkles, and another thigny. Then around the hat (which was like a tophat) was purple felt and green sparkles, which had a gold ribbon by the brim and a bow on the side. On the brim, was green felt with gold sparkled and yellow feathers. Hot glue guns do wonders. I spent forever on it, and it was well worth the effort because I recieved complements, weird stares, and a magical Mardi Gras wand! WEEEEE! It's so pretty! I put it on this morning on the bus, and since I'm the first to be picked up, I got a lot of weird stares from people, and I love that. I also got a thumbs up from Julie Phillips and two "Oh yeah Jacquie!"'s from Bridget and Dana. Allie, you want my wand...I know you do. (She got Elton John glasses...haha) I wish my wand really had powers. I would...

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In computer class today, Dana and I were working on a project. We're doing "Goose Joose" as our item. (An SNL skit was our inspiration) At the end of class I went to go unplug the headphones but managed to unplug the computer instead. Here's what happened:

(Scene: In computer class. Jacquie holding black cord in hand, Dana by doorway)
Dana: Jacquie...did we save?
Jacquie: (Pauses looks at cord and computer)....FUCKING A!
(Jacquie curses herself off numerous times varying expletives- ie. Fucking A, Mother Fucker, Asshole. Screams.)
(Nadia and Dana rolling on floor laughing. Jacquie screams and pops her ears accidentally)
Jacquie: Did my ears just pop? (Screams again to try to pop ears) Oh, guess not.
(Jacquie kicks chair and yells curse. Goes out door, banging fist against wooden door in process. D and N still cracking up. Jacquie bangs herself against a locker while screaming.)

End Scene

That was fun.

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The greatest thing happened today. Some kids were playing basketball today after school and the ball hit Mr. H's car several times. His poor poor Nissan. There were about 5 marks and 3 scratches, 1 reeeally long one (as I've heard). Those people are in deep shit because Mr. H is a caffiene high freak and they will all be punished heavily I'm sure. Mr. H went outside and was shocked then angered. He yelled at the kids and took out a pencil and identifyed the spots on the car where the ball hit. That is so him. Holly yelled "Go get em' Mr. H!" Mr H: "Don't make things worse right now." Pissed he was. We sat and watched the hullabaloo and Dan came over and high 5ed Holly, Amanda and I. Then I told him he looked like Ashton Kutcher (because he does) and Amanda agreed. I swear this is the quote of the day. Allie was talking to me and looking at Dan and he was holding a bagel each hand. We call him "man pretty." She claims he also holds a juice box in each hand but he didn't do that today. She said "How can you not like someone who holds a bagel and a juice box in each hand?" That is so true. You can't help but liking them.

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Dana is going out with Mike. Just peachy. I'm not bitter it's just I thought he would be someone I could have a lot of things in common with. But maybe opposites attract. Oh well. When I'm not feeling good, as in today after Holly told me the good news, I go into my room and listen to Pinkerton. Except this time I turned off the lights and sang along. Which was very loud (and probably off-key) according to my brother. I hate when people ask "What's wrong?" If you don't know already, then I wasn't planning on telling you. I guess I feel happy for Dana and Mike, since this is the second time someone who I like has gone out with her. It's not her fault everyone likes her, she's just not as outgoingly weird and loud as I am. Oh well, so what if I don't have a Freshman Day date (which is far away but I'm accurately assuming) maybe I'll meet a nice kid from Holicong when I go to East. I'm being such an anal asshole right now, but this kinda stinks. And I have a cold so double yay. I still like Mike but I don't want to be a bitch and ruin their thing. That would just be selfish on my part. My dad said to me "What's wrong? Are you stoned?" Classy indeed. "Yeah dad, I'm doing some pretty heavy stuff." I said. "Don't do that, you have to ya know, start with cigarettes." "No, I've been injecting." "Well that is heavy." That was a wonderful father/daughter conversation. Pinkerton is great, I love depressing songs and raw emotion pouring out of Rivers Cuomo's precious voice. If you like this kind of stuff, Pinkerton your kind of album.You're probably like, "Weezer depressed? I thought they were all happy like Island In The frickin Sun man." NO, this didn't sell, that's why it's great.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2002

I talked to Mike again...hehe. Jess wants me to show him to her. I'm so glad I like someone who isn't a hot braindead guy. That's just so stupid. I can't get "Understanding (In A Car Crash)" by Thursday out of my head. That and "California" by Phantom Planet. Today, Ryan Adams told me his friend named his band "Not Like Mikey" after Mikey Welsh. I was both flattered and angry on behalf of Mr. Welsh. Oh well. Come to the mass orgy happening Friday night. Probably at Jess Lutz's house because her parents are out of town. Bring fur suits with strategically placed holes and Bear In The Blue House tapes. We be doin' it furry style ALL NIGHT LONG!

What is YOUR Highschool label?

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Monday, February 18, 2002

Usually I hate mondays, but today mine was fine. Oh yeah, I know why. I didn't have school. I guess this week I'll have to hate Tuesdays. Tonight, we were in my dad's truck and I said "Hey, can we listen to Weezer?" (waiting for a "no") Dad: "Sure, I don't care." Awesome. So I popped in the Blue Album, and away we were. My brothers and I sang (well, me mostly) and I couldn't help from keeping the smile on my face. It was a "warm and fuzzy" feeling. Something we all liked and sang along too. We usually beat each other up, but Weezer is for lovers. Lovahs, for Dana and I. Meet me by hearth's edge...ANYWAY. So we sang along through "My Name Is Jonas", "Buddy Holly", "Undone", "Surfwax America", "Say It Ain't So" and "In the Garage". It was nice. I also downloaded a song today by Pat and Mikey called "The Nutsack Song." Go me. I am bold and daring. I saw The Kids In Hall last night and they were doing a skit on the plane crash that killed Buddy Holly, the Big Bopper and Richie Valens. Buddy Holly was being an anal jerka dn he had on thick glasses and made a monkey drive the plane. Hmmmm sounds familiar. cough cough Rivers cough.

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Sunday, February 17, 2002

It's Sunday, and I'm a quick one. Well, I guess I'll blab on about the past few days, since they were fairly eventful. Friday, our French class went to see The Count Of Monte Cristo. I definetly recommend it, it was wonderful. It had twist endings full of revenge and murders. My type of movie! Then Friday night was the dance. I didn't get a chance to dance with anyone, which kinda stinks, but life goes on. They played Island In The Sun, and that made my day, even though it's a Green Album song. If Undone or Buddy Holly was played, THAT would have been awesome. Say It Ain't So even better, but less likely. I wanted to dance with a certain someone, but I was kinda shy and afraid he wouldn't because I have never really talked to him much. Until just right now. Isn't that kinda ironic?...This pretty much describes the surprise party for Dana and Jess last night. Much MTV2 watching done:

EmoElmoEmu3: Hey
EmoElmoEmu3: This is Jacquie, I'm not a stalker
Mohappenin42: hey jacquie
Mohappenin42: what's up?
EmoElmoEmu3: what's (warning: corny reference coming) happenin?
EmoElmoEmu3: nothing much
Mohappenin42: lol
Mohappenin42: same here
EmoElmoEmu3: cool. i'm bored. spongebob is the best
Mohappenin42: really, i can't stand spongebob
EmoElmoEmu3: really? I love stupid sea creatures. Then again, I'm VERY easily amused
Mohappenin42: lol
EmoElmoEmu3: hold on, i need to get a CD
EmoElmoEmu3: ok back
Mohappenin42: alright
EmoElmoEmu3: so, mo, have a good time last night?
Mohappenin42: yeah, it was fun
EmoElmoEmu3: yeah, getting dragged across a carpet, having an orgy and getting molested with a highlighter was pretty fun
EmoElmoEmu3: haha
Mohappenin42: lol
EmoElmoEmu3: but as long as MTV2 is on, I'm fine. I'm bad with that channel, I can't stop watching it
Mohappenin42: same here
Mohappenin42: they do play a lot of trash though
EmoElmoEmu3: really? that's cool. everyone else likes TRL, and I honestly can't stand that.
Mohappenin42: Mtv2 plays mostly good stuff, they just play a little too much punk
EmoElmoEmu3: they do, but I like when they mix in some of the older music videos in with the regular playlist
EmoElmoEmu3: yeah, i used to be an MTV watcher, but I got tired of Carson Daly, NSUCK, and all of that
Mohappenin42: MTV is totally pop oriented
EmoElmoEmu3: then came MTV2 and I was like aww yeah
Mohappenin42: yep
Mohappenin42: I've actually gotta go, we're gonna get together to work on assessment
Mohappenin42: i might be back on later tonight though
EmoElmoEmu3: i mean, when they play two old weezer videos in one day, which they did and I'm kinda obsessed, you can't go wrong
EmoElmoEmu3: ok, cool. I'll talk to you later
Mohappenin42: sweet
Mohappenin42: cya
EmoElmoEmu3: bye
Mohappenin42 signed off at 10:22:35 AM.

OH man, he said sweet. Usually that bothers me, but not now. He likes MTV2. Score! He's nice, cute, and not obnoxiously loud like I was last night. I probably scared him. Bridget told him she and I and along with a lot of people like him...while I was sitting on the couch with him. Actually, I was as far away on that couch from him as I could get. I just vegged out in front of MTV2 and it was nice. Frank "highlighter raped" everyone including me (my hand) and we all lied on the floor and I screamed that it was a mass orgy. People felt like dragging Jacquies last night because, well, they did several times. The Disney Beanie War of 2002 happened last night and I said two really stupid things last night without realizing what I was saying last night. 1) "I'm eating my peepees" (in reference to Peeps, you know, those marshmallow bird things). 2) " I'm keeping my Woody!" (in reference to the Beanie Woody someone chucked at me). Good times.

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Thursday, February 14, 2002

Take the Monopoly Piece Quiz!

Woof. I have to go pack for my dad's house. Tomorrow is the V-Day dance honoring WW2...er...Valentine's Day. Also, French class goes to see The Count Of Monte Cristo. Not in French, but our teacher thinks that this will partially make up for the cancellation of the Quebec trip because of Sept. 11th. Not really but, hey, I'll take a non-educational trip over Social Studies Class ANYDAY! (He can't even spell my name right!) Yawn. Ok, I'm "outtie". That is the stupidest thing ever.

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What Psych-Ward do you belong to?

Great. Just Peachy. I'm an ADHD child. Who's got the ritalin? I just finished my key terms, and I wrote something in my assignment book for the "sunday" space:

"Tommorow I don't have school. I can't spell tommorow (crossed out) tomorrow. I get to escape the eternal hell hole as refered to adults as school. No book reports. No homework. Just Mikey (my scanner) and me...all alone. What to do, what to do? Hmm, I'll have a scanning party. The computer and printer can come too. I'll make flyers."

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Happy V-Day people! Whenever I think of V-Day, I think of WW2, so it confuses me a little when people say that. I dressed up for the occasion today, and if you didn't see me, which you probably did, here's what I wore:
red long sleeved turtleneck
5$ (oh yeah, bargain hunter) Old Navy V-Day shirt, pink t-shirt with a "spraypainted" looking red heart on it
pink, red, and white toesocks (1 pair)
my coooool heart belt
navy blue pants, which I made sure clashed, but they didn't! darn.
3 headbands, 2 thick ones (white and pink) and a thin sparkly pink one
my black shoes, blah.
pigtails, with red and white hair scrunchines
huge pink scrunchy around my wrist
pink/blue bracelet with glitter and water inside, which came apart in chorus. I left a sparkly trail when I left.
and my favorite and yours...the light pink/dark pink rabbits foot I put on one of the belt loops on my pants!!!

Coincidentally, when I changed this page, I had no idea it would be so valentine-y. Enjoy it while it's appropriate. When it's St. Patty's Day and my page is pink, then I'll be the out of touch loser.

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Wednesday, February 13, 2002

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Hi, I'm Cindy Brady!
Which Brady Bunch kid are you most like?

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Tuesday, February 12, 2002

I almost had a freaking heart attack when I carried my schoolbag up the staris. Whew, that was more of a workout than Tae Bo! No, not really, Billy Banks knows how to get me to "work it" and "squeeze that ass". I just watched one of my favorite shows, Jeopardy, and it was the Teen Tournament. I answered 23 questions right! Party on! Also, my personal favorite friends, The Dance Company Of Pennsylvania sent me a letter. How long ago did I quit...? I bet they never destroy any of their files on ex-dancers-who-quit-because-they-didn't-like-nazis-teaching-them-how-to-ruin-their-feet-and-lives-by-living-at-a-frickin-dance-studio. That file must be HUGE.I'll run and get the letter and quote some of my favorite lines from that oh-so-amusing beg letter.

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Monday, February 11, 2002

Lauren is my girl! She has her own page now, so go! She's my dearest Tae Bo Buddy, so enjoy. I'm going to take another test because I feel like it. OH YEAH! Little Mikey has his own band now called either The Brakes or The Breaks. NO! Oh well, it was too good to last, this song actually...isn't that bad!

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Trent was always the cool one. Go me.

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Sunday, February 10, 2002

OH yeah, thanks people for coming to my site! Over 100...wowie kazowie!

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This weekend was very eventful. First off, I saw I Am Sam on friday night. It was very sad, yet I did not cry the entire time. Odd, sometimes I just cry for no reason. Then Kellie, Jess and I went to Friendles and I got a drink, but my great uncle came in and embarrased me indirectly. I didn't even care that the "popular people" were in the next booth, go me. Well, I really don't care about anything anymore. A memorable quote from Friday night:

Jess: My right eye won't stop crying! The left one isn't, and this one won't stop. Do you have any tissues?

Saturday: Oh my. Assessment...ASSessment time. 4 hours at the Doylestown Library works up a teens appetite like you can't believe. 20 bibliographies, much highlighting, and a lot of anal retentive BS from yours truly, all four of us (Kellie, Jess, Steph, and moi) were famished. Jess and I went to her grandmom's house where I ate like a pig. Damn, here veggie soup is good. mmm mmm good! Then I slept over Jess's house, and we went to Redner's and she got a Teen People magazine with BS on the cover. (figure that one out kiddies) and I got to rip out a mighty fine picture of Chris Carraba of Dashboard Confessional to take home. Ahhh. Do you know Britney Spears is trying to ruin my life??? Ok, while at Jess's, we were looking at the magazine with HER on the cover. THEN we turned on the TV and she was on a Crossroads commercial. Then, I turned it to Nick, and she was on All That! NO! Then, I turned it to SNL...SHE WAS THERE! THEN, we saw her again on a commercial! AHHHH! Some quotes from Saturday:

Me: You know what I feel like doing...HIGHLIGHTING! (trying to get people on task, I'm such a hypocrite)


Kellie: What is that woman doing to that little girl??

Sunday...ok today: Woke up at Jess's. Had problems getting up, like usual. Nuttin much happened, watched All Star B-Ball on MTV, and Jess loves this Timberwolves dude named Wally something. He is really hot, I agree Jess. Then, we did key terms and I left. I went to go get craft stuff to decorate my pimpette hat for Mardi Gras for French class. Jacquie be pimpin' yo. Ok, I'll stop. Then I went to Diane and Dave, my godfather's, house. I had a blast. Their 4 year old son, Keith, is a demon. He scares me. Him, Mike, Scott and Kyle were running around with lead pipes and sticks. Grrrrreat. Then we went to dinner with my mom's boyfriend and his two kids. Old Country Buffet has very...interesting...people in it. This one lady had a feathery hat. Then across the parking lot to Target we went. I got an MTV2 handpicked CD. It has Screaming Infidelities in it, yes! I saw these really cool (adult) pj's with candy on them. Examples: Sweet tarts, Twister, Sugar Daddies, Hot Tamalies, Cooties...etc. Then I went to my aunt's house and we had family bonding time (watching Malcolm in the Middle around the boob tube). Now I'm here, and listening to my new CD. That's my weekend in a nutshell.

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Thursday, February 07, 2002

Almost 100 visitors! Woohoo! I feel loved. :)

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Yesterday, my (evil) brother ran around chasing the cat and the dog with a portable fan with foam blades. He repeatedly hit them with it, then screamed/cackled while doing so. He is an evil, evil little demon. My parents actually adopted him from an animal shelter because he was a traumatised little albino tree frog. They felt sorry for him. I would have just put him in a zoo, but zoos are for special well behaved animals.

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Wednesday, February 06, 2002

Today in Communication Technology, this kid, Igor, stuck his two middle fingers up on camera. The thing was, it was hooked up to the TV and everyone saw it! He got in BIG trouble by Mr. Taylor, who is really funny when he's mad. He calls me "Jack-QUIE" because of the weird way I spell it, and this girl in my class, Danielle, thought he called me "Jack weed." Haha! Comm. Tech is very...interesting. I still call him Mr. Tay Tay, which I don't think I made up, I think someone who LEFT TO GO TO ORCHESTRA did. That means you Jenn. One time, Mr. Taylor ran out of undershirts, so he wore a white "Bayer" t-shirt under his shirt and you could see through his shirt on top, which was light yellow. I accused him of promoting drug usage and called him Bayer Man for about 2 weeks. He is so fun to pick on! He said Jackass today, right after he told us about his rule on no cursing, so I said "Now you have to stay after school with yourself!" Good times, good times.

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I chose my courses today for 10th grade, well high school in my case. These are my classes:

Recent America/American Political Systems- required. gag me.- 1 credit
Honors American Literary Connections- (English) - also required- 1 credit
Geometry- 1 credit
Honors Chemistry- 1 credit
Honors Biology- 1 credit
French 3- Fast- 1 credit
Chorus (A/B days, whole year)- 1 credit
Health/PE (also A/B for half the year)- required. OOO fun!..- .5 credit
Music Theory (A/B other half of year)- .5 credit

This equals 8 credits! Woohoo. Not sure if that's good or not. I'm doing as much as I can now. I'm even going out of my way with the whole honors thing. Challenges are good, I guess. Not like I'll be challenged enough already with going to a whole new HUGE school. Gulp.

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"Sweaters that are our loneliness, which is a dilusion. Sweaters that imasculate, creating confusion...Sweaters of lycra. Sweaters of spandex...We don't need the sweater, walk through the sweater! The sweaters that murders, that maraudes! (sp?) The sweaters that take over our lives and remind us that we don't like the way that we walk! Sweaters. Walk through the sweater apocalipse and find your own warmth." - Tim Levitz, guest appearance on the acoustic "Undone (The Sweater Song). The guy gets hyped up on sweaters. They are clothing made of fabric. We wear them. They don't take over our lives and create confusion. The guy has the most ANNOYING nasal voice. Especially when he says maraudes or however the hell you spell that. It's so funny when he says "You are all a reminder to the Earth of what it's capable of. You are all reasons, spinning, rational, LACKADAISCAL (my favorite word!), irrational."

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Yesterday, in Social Studies class, Mr. T (no, not the A-TEAM guy), the substitute asked who was bored with big business and indusrty, which was our unit of study right now. Only four people were honest and raised their hands. I'm proud to say I'm one of them. Why were people afraid to tell a substitute they are bored? He said "Good, at least there's four honest people here." I was surprised that the PEN people didn't unite for a rebellion against big business. Down with the system!

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Tuesday, February 05, 2002

I saw a Nerf Herder video called "Van Halen" today. It was great. The song was pretty good, and it was a semi-spoof of Van Halen and their videos. Especially "Right Now" which was cool the way they added their own quirkyness to it. I guess I'lll just stop now, because a lot of people don't know who Van Halen is, or the video of "Right Now". Nor Nerf Herder. I'm not a nerf Herder fan, but I think they're part of the whole "geek rock" genre. Rock on. They toured with my personal favorite group a while back, I believe. I think I'll go download that song for the next half-hour. Damn you 56K. Damn you.

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I think this is going to be a long post. I have a lot on my mind. Today in math class, Jen expressed her feelings on my abnormalities. She said I wasn't normal because I obsess over Weezer and I like MTV2. Then I said, "What is YOUR definition of normal? Some pop brainwashed loser who watches TRL?" "Hey loser, I like that show, all of the normal people do." "Carson Daly, what an idiot." "Shut up." Jen and I attempt to insult each other every second we get. Then she said, "I bet if everyone liked Weezer, you wouldn't!" That made me think. I probably wouldn't, because then Weezer would become the pop that I was trying to escape from. Weezer is my pop escape which I needed, and it happened by accident almost. No, I think it was fate. I was fed up with manufactured "talents" and the first chords of "Say It Ain't So" just blew my mind. Finally, a group I could actually enjoy that wasn't overplayed on MTV and the radio. MTV2 is awesome, because they play "uncool" music a lot, which is cool because some unheard non-mainstream talented people get a chance to be heard. I dig that, as my pothead uncle would say.

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I'm sitting in computer class. Tae Bo isn't all that bad. That Billy Banks guy makes me sweat...ok, not like that.

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Monday, February 04, 2002

When I go to Blogger.com, it says welcome back Princess. I find that rather amusing. Well, shucks, no ballet in chorus today. I really wanted to make a fool out of myself, but I know I will get MANY chances to do that. I taped the Sonic Sessions, watched most of the Strokes concert again, and even managed to watch the hour long Malcolm in the Middle from 11-12 last night. I woke up and my irises looked green, and my...uh....white part of my eye looked red. No, I am not an envy green jealous monster. I was already one in one of my past lifes.

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Sunday, February 03, 2002

Carbonated Beverage Are You?

Ewwww. I hate 7 Up. Does that mean I hate myself? I sure hope not.

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Today is going to be great. Nothing notable happened yet, but at 5:30, y100 (a.k.a. Weezer radio) they are playing a Sonic Session from 97 I think. Then at 8:00, they are replaying the $2 Bill MTV2 performance that I already saw twice. Julian Casablancas is so cute, it a 70's stoner/rocker kind of way.Then, at 10:20 is yet ANOTHER Weezer Sonic Session. Wow. I'm taping the Sonic Sessions!

I'm just going to ignore that, or wallow in self pity while shoveling sherbert into my Kirky mouth. :(

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Disorder | Rating
Paranoid: Low
Schizoid: Low
Schizotypal: Moderate
Antisocial: High
Borderline: Low
Histrionic: Moderate
Narcissistic: Moderate
Avoidant: Low
Dependent: Low
Obsessive-Compulsive: High

Go here to take the test!

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Saturday, February 02, 2002

My crackhead uncle from Florida called me last night at 12:30 AM. He was looking for my dad, even though my parents are divorced and my dad is not related to him. He talked to me for about an hour about rock n' roll, dating, song lyrics and their meanings, and much more. He turned up his stereo and said "Yeah man, this is awesome...der der...der der...der der...der der der der der der.." (Brain Stew- Green Day) and said "Do ya dig?" Then he explained that "my eyes feel like they're gonna bleed" means "I'm sick of everything". Do you know how tired I was, he didn't. He also played a Pearl Jam song and he said "Yeah man, listen to the lyrics. They rock!" I can't make out what Eddie Vedder says to begin with, but over the phone it's worse. I told him I couldn't make it out and he didn't understand. Then he started singing two of the songs he wrote, about chemical warfare and how we stole the land from the Indians. (Native Americans if you want to be politically correct.) He told me, since me and Frank split last night over the phone, that I should look for a "cool guy who plays the guitar, bass, or drums" and "he should know how to shake his ass". Beautiful. He called 10 minutes after we hung up, and I let my dad handle the psycho.

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Who would name their child Gaynelle? That's just disturbing.

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Jacqueline is the 86th most common name for females in the US. Jacquie is the 3129th. Bong is the 3663th. Goes to show how many crackheads there are in this country. Or oriental people. There's about a million different ways to spell my name, it's really weird. I thought Jacquie was weird, some of them are really odd. Go here to see some of the outrageosly stupid names people in the US name their children. It's sad.

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I need to post another quiz on here. My page looks so dull.

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Happy belated birthday Pat Wilson. The big 33. Wow, I like a lot of older musicians don't I. Some people think it's sick that I like Weezer, because they're all over 30. So what. The older the better. No, that doesn't mean I'll be one of those girls who marry guys 20 years older than them. EW. A pomegranite is a fruit indeed. Well, "Maladriot", Weezer's new album, is near completion. I hope its at least a little better than the Green Album, which for me, was dissapointing. I still have hope in the boys though.

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Friday, February 01, 2002

Yes! I've finally got it!!! Allie sent me the "Longtime Sunshine" Weezer mp3! Score! It's so cute. It sounds like Rivers is making it up as he goes, or he only practiced it like 3 times. It's good. I also got another Space Twins song last night, called "Goddess of Love". I'm am so proud of my great aunt's co-worker's best friend's brother-in-law! (a.k.a. Brian Bell...I have connections!) Now I need to go on a quest to find out exactly what a pomegrant is (or however you spell it!) I was supposed to go to the mall, but now I'm not, and I might end up going to the library for assessment.

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Me in a tree. Circa 1990.

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