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Life of the Bored and Taskless.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Yesterday, I registered for classes at Moravian. (This came after the math placement exam, which I naturally did wonderful on.)

Here's what my schedule will look like for the fall semester (from memory):

Cultural Anthropology - 11:30-12:20
Broadway and Beyond - 12:50-2:00
Choir - 4:00-6:00

French III - 10:20-11:10
Intro to Psych - 2:20-3:30

French III - 10:20-11:10
Cultural Anthropology 11:30-12:20
Broadway and Beyond - 12:50-2:00
Choir - 4:00-6:00

French III - 10:20-11:10
Intro to Psych - 2:20-3:30

Intro to College Life - 8:50-10:00
French III - 10:20-11:10
Cultural Anthropology - 11:30-12:20

So there you go. I'm looking forward to most of my classes, but there's still summer to look forward to. And then...everything.

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Sunday, May 22, 2005

To whom this may concern,

I have proof that Ben Folds owns me.

Drew and I saw Star Wars: Episode III last night (the movie was fantastic!), and while Obi-Wan and Anakin Skywalker (well, Darth Vader at this point) were fighting, I had "Sentimental Guy" by Ben Folds in my head. I find this highly amusing. It reminds me of when Chuck broke up with me, and I had one of the most inappropriate songs for the occasion in my head..."Your Redneck Past" by Ben Folds. Then again, I'm listening to the new CD (AWESOME) right now, so it shouldn't seem that surprising. Oh well, just thought I'd share that.

Disregard the last post. I did one of my infamous "let's analyze everything to the point of exhaustion" things that I've been trying to avoid lately. Everything's "awesome," in lack of a better word.
(We all know how eloquently I can express my thoughts and feelings.)

Let's see...I have my friends, my Drew, my Apple Jacks next to the computer...and yeah, I have Ben Folds too. What more could I possibly ask for?

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Saturday, May 21, 2005

I'd blog right now, but I'd probably regret it because it would be a bunch of questions that will answer themselves in (hopefully) a short period of time.

Oh well. I'll keep you posted.

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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Ok, so I'm online, just randomly milling aboot, and then suddenly I see something...

Ben Folds' new CD is in stores!
(I must be the last person in the world to know this.)

So, after flipping out for a little bit, I decide to take action. I'm going to buy it and listen to it in the comfort of one of my homes.

I run outside and notice that my mom's car is parked in front of mine. Shit. So I start to run in the direction of Siren Records. I run a good, I don't know, 2 seconds before I stop (I'm horribly out of shape), and then begin a mean power walk. I walk past some punk-ass kids at Cyberstop who make some fart noise or growl at me, but it doesn't matter that they don't have lives, because I'm getting that CD, and all is good in the world. Ahhh.

Finally, the time approacheth. I walk up to Siren, see the lights on, and have a little party inside my head. I stop before going in, gaze into the store, then notice something. There's two guys inside, but the lights are only on a little bit...and they're coming out...and SON OF A BITCH THEY'RE CLOSING THE STORE!NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

I stare at the store and at one of the employees, in hope that he'd get my telepathic message in the name of good music. But alas, he did not, and I walk away. As I'm walking, I look at the window display. Yeah, you guessed it. Awesome in all of its Ben Folds glory. Then I think "Trac Records!" but it's cold, and I'm supposed to be watching my brothers. Fuck.

I trudge back home, past Cyberstop and the burnout tweens, and run into my room.
What a disappointment.

So, I guess I'll get the CD tomorrow, but the wait will not be easy. *Sigh*

Have a good night.

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Well, my uncle's back in the hospital, but supposedly he's doing alright. People constantly ask me about his condition, and I don't exactly know what to say. It's been tough for me to accept that there's really nothing I can do to improve his physical state. I'll just we'll just have to see how things turn out.

However, other things in my life right now are going pretty well. Drew and I = awesome, as far as I can tell. In all honesty, I've never felt as confident in a relationship as I do right now. I'm not worrying about anything or questioning my actions. I just feel right; everything seems to click. I don't even feel incompetent or defective. Huzzah to that.

Zach and I had a good day of bonding on Sunday, but had a bit of conflict last night. We patched things up today, and I feel a little better considering it was partially my fault.

Dan and I had an interesting evening on Monday, but I won't go into detail. All I want to say is that I'll always love Dan.

I have to go to the hospital now. I'll catch ya'll on the flip side.

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Monday, May 16, 2005

Man, real sick days are NOT as cool as fake sick days. Sure, I got to watch some films and whatnot, but sadly, I was not in my element. I should have just contaminated the school with the Jacq-bonic Plague.

However, I did see a short documentary entitled "Delusions of Modern Primativsm" that made me feel like a genius. Here's the general idea. Some dude who's into body modification decided to "level up," as some gamer types would say. Basically, he paid someone to shoot him so he'd have a "badass" scar...wait, listen to his reasoning (or my paraphrasing of his idiotic rambling)...

"Well, throughout my whole life, I've felt like society was scarring me, and this is my way of showing that. I saw a documentary on TV once...and it was about lifers, people in prison for life, doing life sentences. (If memory serves me right, I believe he said the word "life" a couple more times.) I mean, they're not the ones doing the crime, it's society who's doing the crime..."

Mmmmm yeah. About that.

I admit, it was mildly amusing the see this guy fall on the ground and scream while bleeding profusely. The man with the gun giggled contently and said to the camera, "He's fine...he's fine..." (Probably while hoping that "the dude" will not sue him because no papers were signed prior to the shot. Good job on covering your ass, man.)

After witnessing that 20-minute logicfuck, I'm convinced that shooting people/getting shot really IS an artform. So thanks, Target the Idiot Boy Wonder, the world will surely reap the benefits from your sacrifices in the name of art.

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Saturday, May 14, 2005

It's been a week since I've last posted, and let me tell you, lone reader, it's been an eventful one. I'll do a week play-by-play, like those sports types do. I'm going to warn you, it will be quite lengthy...

"Awwww here it goes!"
(It is recommended that one listen to Coolio while reading the following text.)

Saturday: I feel like being exact. About four and a half hours after I blogged about prom, I text messaged Drew. (I'd explain why, but it would make this even longer.) fortunately, he received said message, and called me. At first, the conversation was a little awkward, but eventually we warmed up to each other and talked for about 3 hours. At the end of the conversation, Drew said something like:

"Oh, I was going to ask you this in person, but...will you go out with me?"

Right here *circles moment* was when I spontaneously combusted, only to be resurrected with the help of Chubby Jesus days later.

Ok, so I didn't explode, but I almost did. Obviously, I said yes, and after that I started laughing...and I don't exactly know why. I figure it was because of the unexpectedness of the event, the hour of the night, and my sheer happiness. *Sigh* After we hung up, I immediately phoned a sleeping Zach, who would wake to rejoice with me in the wee morning hours.

Sunday: Ah, Mother's Day. A day of bonding for some, a day of visiting Bachelism (sp?) for me. Yes, we call our dear Great-Grandmother by the formal name of food poisoning, but we're not bad people. Really. After spending a few hours in Bridesburg (the "Little Poland" of Philly) we went to Aunt Viv's house for a barbecue. The carnivore inside of me was more than satisfied after I inhaled some ribs. Mmm. I believe that I talked to Drew that night on the telly, which was also wonderful.

Monday: After the AP Music Theory exam severely raped me, I skipped the remainder of math class to go to C lunch. On the way to the cafeteria, I saw that my AP Bio teacher's classroom was opened, and I walked in to say hi to Mr. Moyer, who I hadn't seen for quite some time. We ended up having a half hour-long conversation about Moravian, (he was a greyhound too) both of our futures, (he's retiring) and other things. He's one of the reasons why I'm going to Moravian, well, not specifically, but I want more of those close student-teacher relationships that I've had throughout many years of school. Monday was a gorgeous day. To celebrate, Zach, Drew and I went "hedging" (the practice of throwing one's self into a bush) across the street from school. We went to Rita's Water Ice and I skipped piano lessons in the process (shh!). I'm bad like that. I went over Zach's for some math help, only to discover that I hadn't brought my math stuff with me. So we watched most of "Ghost World" and ate some fish. Too bad math can't be that enjoyable. Monday night was (my last) choir rehearsal, so it was a bit sad, but nothing like what would happen on Wednesday...

Tuesday: I gave Drew the letter that I wrote to him during math class one day from about...2 weeks ago. It was embarrassing (the letter was genuinely corny, because that's my style), but relieving because I indirectly told him about how long I've had feelings for him. I was asked last minute to do stage crew for the Talent Show, so I stayed after for that. That's right, I would once again be a Stage Crew Ninja! After hanging out more at school (Teschner pointed out that we have no lives) with Drew, Jeff, Alex, and Tony (who I drove home), I left. I had to do a portfolio essay (due the previous Tuesday) but left my papers at my mom's...which was a good excuse for escaping the wrath of GTA: San Andreas, but an even BETTER excuse for visiting Drew at work. Beforehand, I stopped at Acme to pick up a Reese's Fastbreak for Drew, and then headed to see him. Apparently, the candybar was a nice surprise. :) I hung out there for about a half hour/45 minutos, and zen vent home.

Wednesday: Reader's Digest version: SOBFEST 2005.
My version: I went to Rita's again with Zach, Pat the Bunny and Marona after school, and was conned into getting a Misto shake as opposed to my regular Gelati. I was neither disappointed nor blown away, so there, Zach. Mwahaha. Anyway, the final choir concert of the year, and of my high school years, was on Wednesday. In photo, I made a list of things to do, and included "Cry at concert" for numero 6. I had no idea how MUCH crying I would do. After Rita's, Marina and I stopped at my mom's to pick up my rosette for the concert, and I discovered a note on the table. It turns out that Nick is not renewing his lease, and will be moving out some time in the near future. I distracted myself from thinking about this by showing Marina old pictures of my family and whatnot. Dan stopped by my house and officially declared that I was dead to him. All I have to say is THANK GOD! JK! LYLAS! TEHE!

Then came the concert. Marina and I showed up a tad late, about 20 minutes or so, and Teschner pulled me aside. Earlier in the day, he stopped me in the hallway and asked if I would hand out awards at the concert. So, he went over the drill and then it was showtime. The first three songs went well, but then came Men's Ensemble. Here's where the waterworks went off. (Go alliteration.) They began singing "Unchained Melody," and I began to think of the fact that this was my last performance, and also, the last time I would hear Men's Ensemble...en ensemble. Men's Ensemble has always been my favorite out of the choir groups, and it was sad to think that this was the last time I'd hear them, at least as a choir member. From "Ave Maria" to "Go Down Moses" and everything else in between, they've blown me away. After Men's, Select, and Women's (I cried again, this time because I looked at Teschner's hands.) Concert Choir went onstage again. *Circles moment* Here's where I started to break down. It didn't help that two of the three songs in this set were sad/sentimental/emotion. I think "My Heart's in the Highlands" did a number on me, and Marina said that she new the "farewell" at the end of the song would get me...and it did...and she laughed, haha.

Then, it was time for me to leave. Well, sort of. I left the stage to get the awards a little too early, but as Teschner addressed the seniors, I got a chance to cry a lot in the comfort of backstage...and Mrs. Caskey's hug...yeah...So, I walked onstage at the suggested cue and tried not to make an ass out of myself. I'm sure it didn't work, because I think I still cried at stupid things, but at least I didn't drop anything. We sang "When the Saints Go Marching In" as our last song, and like in rehearsal, I practically screamed the end of it, this time because it was my last hurrah. Oh, and my diction was fantastic out of respect for the Choir Gods and C.B. East's own Choir God, Mr. Teschner. After the concert, I received many hugs from friends and family...and Teschner:

"Baker, are you crying?"
"Silly girl."

I'm going to miss him.
Drew, Zach and I hung out for awhile afterwards, and I got a nice "goodnight" from Drew. :)

Thursday: The Day Without Drew. Drew was receiving an award, so Thursday was Drewless. And yes, I really did miss him. I went to another rehearsal for the Talent Show, and went home and did nothing. I waited to see if Drew would call me later that night, and I was close to calling him when the phone rang. I talked to him for a little bit, until my dad told me to get off (a couple times) and finally shouted, "Drew, I don't know you, but don't piss me off!" or something of that nature. Thanks a lot, daddy.

Friday: I have yet to mention that during this week, I have become progressively more sick. I couldn't stop coughing and my eye began to randomly hurt, but Friday was amazing nonetheless. I got to see Drew again, which was very nice. Wow, I just realized how Drew-heavy this post is, but can you blame me? I'm happy. Last night was the Talent Show, and it was a lot of fun. On the way there, Marina and I heard both The Mountain Goats AND Eyeball Skeleton on Princeton Radio. It was so awesome that I could hardly drive. At the Talent Show, I did some Ninja duties (I was the Piano Bench Wench), some backstage dancing...and some onstage dancing as well. During the last act, the band played "My Heart Will Go On," and under the suggestion of Jim Braun, almost everyone backstage went onstage and danced during the song. Little did we know how pissed off Fichtman would be, but it was SO worth it. I tangoed with Tony, skanked with Jeff and Marina, and pulled Rob on and danced with Sean and him. It was an awesome way to end my time onstage with Patriot Players. Marina, Zach, Drew and I hung out afterwards in the parking lot, and I probably contaminated them all with the plague. I received an even better "goodnight" from Drew. *Sigh*...Oh, well, I drove Marina home and went to my aunt's house, because I was going to do an archaeology program for Boy Scouts with her the next day. This leads me to...

Today: My aunt and I decided it would be best if I didn't go, because of how sick I am. I slept in, and went online around 1. Tom told me about his new girlfriend, and I am so happy for him. Dan told me that he's very happy for me, despite lingering paranoia.

In conclusion: I am a very happy camper. This week has been so good that it felt like a movie, especially last night. I finally have what I've wanted for a long time, and I'm still in disbelief. I can't believe he likes me...*Smile*

I know an appropriate way to end this post...

Here's to Spring Break! *Lifts shirt*

Have a super-de-duper day!

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Saturday, May 07, 2005

Prom was awesome.

My hair was awesome, my dress was awesome, my friends were awesome, but more importantly...my date was awesome. Ok, his hair, tux, and shoes were too, but that's irrelevant. I had a fantastic evening with none other than Mr. Daniel (etc.) Marino. I'll rewind for a second.

I won't go through all of the frantic preparation that occured during the ritual of beautification and whatnot. Ok, maybe I will. The guy at the salon who did my hair was great, and it was amusing to watch his toddler son squirt him with a water bottle in the process. I went to Brittany Kane's house afterwards to get ready, and since I hadn't eaten the whole day (which I spent not going to school, but instead watching foreign films and Mallrats)I gorged on fruit and chips. After I finished doing makeup and getting dressed (which was beautifully captured on film by my aunt and mother), I went downstairs to take pictures. Rather, get pictures taken of me. For an hour. You gotta love those pictures...Anyway. So, Zach, excuse me, "Winston" (he was our driver) and Dan showed up, and they got in on the picture action too. We headed to Spring Mill, but made detours at Dan's house (he forgot the corsage) and my aunt's house (to see my Uncle Charles) and then Winston departed. Yeah, we were late, but oh well.

So then there was prom. I always love seeing people in formalwear, and I thought everyone looked great...especially the Oompa Loompa girls. Our table for dinner was rockin'. There was Dan and I, Meghan and Drew, Jake Heft, Brook and Maggie (yay.) and another couple. The food, like last year, was sub par, but our awesome table more than compensated for that. After dinner, we chatted with people and eventually headed to the dance flo'. Much bumping and grinding happened (Rob was a self-proclaimed whore), and even Sean Phillips was getting down with his bad self. Naturally, hormones came to the dance too, and certain people wanted me and certain people (Marina Moser, Meghan Lichtenwalner) to kiss. But I played a decent George (H.W.) Bush..."Nah gonna do it." You know, I didn't think it would be prudent at that juncture. At one point, Meghan pushed Drew into me, and we ended up dancing...thank you, Meghan. Marina started a train during "Come On Ride a Train" that ended up joining another train, which made things super confusing. Other good things worth mentioning: Lance Green dancing, people touching my rock hard breasts (It's the dress!), Dan putting his tie around his head, glaring at Frank, making "Substitute" into "Prostitute", etc. The Cha-Cha Slide is still evil.

However, the best part of the night was dancing with Dan. Both Dan and I surprisingly danced a lot, and Dan kicked ass with his swing moves. The slow dances were nice as well, and I could just feel how much love we have for each other. I'm so glad that everything worked out, and spending prom with my absolute favorite person my life, and my "BFF," made the experience one that I'll look back fondly on. If only it could last longer.

At about 11:45, Jeff, Christina, Dan and I left and after dropping off Dan, we went to Sara Giampolo's house. Rob, Marina, Janna, Phillipe, Bot, Anna, and Darko also came, and we hung out and ate a lot of food. Oh yeah, we drank a lot too, looots and lots of booze. Yeah, no. Our failed attempts at working the DVD player led Jeff, Christina and I to watch Family Guy, and eventually, those two left. The remaining people who didn't leave, Marina, Darko, Sara, Bot, Anna and I watched Shrek, but at that point, I fell asleep. In the morning, I faded in and out of consciousness and officially woke up at 11:45. Upon waking, I thought to myself, "I have nothing to look forward to now. Damn." I took a shower, and Sara, Bot, Anna and I (Darko and Marina left early) ate "brunch," which was bacon, cake and an apple for me. Mmm. I left around 1:30 and when I walked into my house, I witnessed my little brother getting a lapdance from a stripper...via Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. I ♥ corruption of young minds. Eventually I hung out with Dan to do errands, which was awesome. Oh yeah, I forgot that I had Dan's wallet in my purse from prom, so I returned that to him. I should have made him pay me for taking care of it for him, mwahaha. That was a confusing sentence.

So that's basically everything. I took a lot of pictures at prom to make up for the lack thereof from Junior Prom (I lost my camera), and there are plenty of pictures from pre-prom (even video of me getting dressed!) if anyone's interested. Any takers? I didn't think so.

Have a nice day!

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Me in a tree. Circa 1990.

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