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Life of the Bored and Taskless.

Wednesday, May 29, 2002

Are you a ho? Find out @ She's Crafty

I was really hoping I was. Shucks. Well, back to churning butter, and working on being a ho. (That's 1/3 of what Santa says, right?)

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So far, I have managed to get this much done on my Social Studies essay...in 1 hour and 25 minutes.

"The World War I era lasted from 1914 to 1919. During this time period, the “great” "

Wow, that's some good writing. I think it's a bit lengthy though...hmmm...

I need to get offline so I can actually get something done. But will I? No.

My bus driver said to me, "Stay cool." as I got off the bus today. I'm guessing she said that about the heat (which wasn't that bad). I'm not remotely "cool", and I just said, "Oh, you too." which was one of my automatic statements I spit out. Then I realized what she said and I was conufsed for a few minutes.

I have nothing else to talk about.

Stay cool,

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Saturday, May 25, 2002

If you think sick humor is remotely funny, then check this site out:

Crazy squirrel music video (featuring the phrase "gonads and strife")

I'm such a weirdo, I'm watching it over and over. Dana, thanks for the site. Now you can all call her a freak too!

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I had nothing to do today, so I decorated my phone. I put star stickers I got from the dollar store on it, and put one of my "Hello, My Name Is" stickers on it. What did I name my phone? Ringy Dingy Doug. Woo!

To continue my total randomness, let me discuss the greatness of late night Friday television programming. Last night, I began my couch potato traning by watching Comedy Central's Friday night stand up for...four hours.(8-12) That's right, FOUR HOURS, and I was giving my abs one hell of a workout because I was laughing hysterically. Some of the comics were so funny, I almost wet myself. (I heard that "eww"!) After that, I watched South Park. (12-12:30) South Park is a hilarious show, and I think my parents watch it...right...Anyway, after that I watched The Man Show for fun. I watched that from about 12:30 to 1:15 (two episodes). Then I got bored, and my insomnia was starting to fade. I flipped through the channels and spotted a paid program advertising ExtenZe (or somehing like that). The product...enlarges "that special part of the male body." Who did they get to host the show "Sex Talk" for this infomercial? Ron Jeremy, adult film magnate. How would I know who this guy is? I don't know, I saw him once on that show Celebrity Deathmatch, and oddly enough, he was on The Man Show that night (rerun) at the same time I was watching this. It was unbelievably entertaining, and not in a perverted way. And then, on to Korean soap operas. It had english subtitles, so I wasn't completely lost, but it was very confusing. And then, spanish stand up. Some lady was dressed like a clown and from what I guessed was doing stand up. It was very odd, and very amusing. After that I hit the hay, with my daily dosage of quality television programmed fulfilled.

Things to watch:
1) The Hives $2 dollar bill MTV2 concert on June 2nd
2) MTV Movie Awards (just to see The White Stripes perform!) on June 6th
3) Rushmore (best movie ever!) on Comedy Central...I think it might be on tomorrow sometime on Comedy Central


Oh, Mike wants to be mentioned more. Hi, Mike. Now let's all say it together, (All: HI MIKE!) Mike's a cool kid, and I have a little "thing" for him. Oh yeah, I'm also going to Freshman Day with him. I actually got a date!

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Friday Five, ya'll:

1. What's the last vivid dream that you remember having?
I remember this really short dream I had about two or three weeks ago. My mom and I were in her car and out of the blue she calls me something along the lines of a "skank." Then I commented on her screwed up bleached hair (which she really does have) and said, "Look at this hair! YOU are the skank here!" I think that was about it. I think in the dream when I said that, I got some pleasure out of it.

2. Do you have any recurring dreams?

3. What's the scariest nightmare you've ever had?
Does everyone know my lame obsession with Weezer? Well now it's out in the open. (You: Point at computer and laugh) I had this really demented dream about them. It started out with my aunt and I going into the Gap and some asian lady at the counter said, "Hi Jacquie, this is the third time this week you've been in here." I said hi, and looked around and didn't find anything I liked. Note: I don't even go to the Gap, so this was part of the weirdness. There was a tv in the store, and the news was on. The news was doing a report about how Weezer was going to get executed, and they were talking to Rivers Cuomo who seemed very low-key about the whole issue. This whole news report shocked me, and I ran out of the door determined to find Weezer. Next thing I know, I'm behind the band going up a winding metal staircase. For their "death penalty", they had to go inside a slaughter machine. I stood at the other end, and a bloody chunk of a person flew in the air towards me, then fell to the metal floor and slid. Then, I looked over, and a beheaded body was sticking out of the machine, and it was dressed in a white shirt and a black tie, pants, and shoes. The meachine then sucked it back in, and the dream ended. Freaky...

4. Have you ever written your dreams down or considered it? Why or why not?
I did that for about a week, then I stopped. I should right them down though, because I have wild ones all of the time.

5. Have you ever had a lucid dream? What did you do in it?

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Tuesday, May 21, 2002

"Don't let your legs get all droopy and shit." - My uncle Billy
"And remember, hooters up!" - My grandmom

What the hell is wrong with my family. Actually, just my mom's side of the family. I am already selfconcious about my twig figure with no curves. Then, my crazy grandmom from Florida, over a phone conversation, tells me to stick my "hooters" (which are nothing) out. Then my (pothead) uncle goes and tells me that I need to have a full package when I grow up "like Jamie Lee Curtis" and my chicken legs and "boobies" will fill in soon. Grrrreat. Good thing they live in Florida, if it was any closer I would have checked myself into a clinic by now. Grandmom = colorful spaz. Uncle = homeless pothead. Yes, my family is so superior to yours I laugh. At myself.

Man, Modest Mouse is a really good indie band. Somebody (I would mention her if I had her consent) recommended songs to me, and I got them from this site that she put in an e-mail. This is good stuff, people.

I have a rhetorical question for myself: WHY DO I HAVE TO BE SO SCREWED UP AND CONFUSED ABOUT EVERYTHING?! Jacquie, you stopped the drug usage, that's supposed to HELP your condition.

Drugs are bad, kids (puffs, coughs) Drugs are bad!

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Sunday, May 19, 2002

Can't talk much now, this stupid essay is killing me. For now, I'll leave you with a very...interesting site...

Karaoke, anyone?

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Whoa. I posted that at 12:24, and I didn't even realize that it is now Sunday. All that crap I said happened on FRIDAY, just to clear that up if you didn't get that. I have to get some sleep because tomorrow...(drum roll pah-leeze) I have to go down to Philly, Bridesburg to be exact, and see Bachelism (my great-grandmom) and go to some Polish festival. (You: Gasp, shriek, scream- "The horror!") Thank you. Yes, it's going to be grrrrreat! By the way, this site is sponsored by Sarcasm. The great American way.

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There's seriously something wrong with me. Or maybe I'm just forcing myself to not liking anything new by Weezer. As I keep listening to Maladroit, I find myself liking it more. My favorite track is "Death and Destruction." I don't know whose ass they pulled that title out of, because I don't think it really fits. The lyrics aren't all that breath-taking but the melody and everything just blends and it's really lovely. Behold:

I can't say
that you love me
so I cry
and I'm hurting

Every time,
that I call you
you find some
way to ditch me

so I learn to turn
and look the other way

so I learn to turn
and look the other way

If you heard the song you would say, golly gee, that sure is a swell little ditty. Actually, you wouldn't unless you were Mrs. McCain, the druggie art teacher at my school or a 50's housewife. I have Maladroit on random now and D&D just came on again. *sways head from side to side...whips out lighter and waves it in air...*

This is what I did last night:

1) Went to "Guiseppe's" (an Italian place) and waited forever for my 10 or so distant cousins to come. Among them was Alexandra. She's about 6 months older than me, and she looks about...20. She's not really tall, but more mature looking to me. Hmmm. Me- 14 = 12. Her- 15 = 20. I would say she has the advantage in that situation. She is incredibly pretty, and she has a boyfriend, what a surprise, who's in 10th grade. She modeled once for Seventeen back in late 1999, and because of that got a TV gig. Next to her, I look like crap. She's really nice too, and she's from Florida. She was telling me about how they have a lot of parties and she goes to clubs. Yeah...well...Pennsylvania has parties too...backyard ones. Even if we had blowout parties in high school, I wouldn't be invited anyway. The few parties people have right now I don't get invited to. (Other than b-day parties) She said high school was awesome, and one of the only bad things about it was that a lot of people die. She said a girl died last week in her school and about 6 have dies since she was there.

2) Anyway, after that we all went bowling for about two hours from about 8-10 PM. I can't bowl for crap, but it was really fun. My score for the first game was 53...yes! I accidentally chucked the ball after everything shut down and it went down the gutter and...didn't come out. Whoops...

3) As we were going home, "Iron Man" by (you should damn well know who sings that song) came on y100 and we were rocking out. There was a Burger King by the bowling alley, and my mom said, "Hey, I'm hungry, you guys want something?" (as in my brothers and I) So we went to BK and I wanted a shake, but the shake machine was broken, so I got a cherry slurpie/slushie/whatever you want to call it. Yum. Midnight BK runs are fun, and the sugar rush adds to the joy.

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Saturday, May 18, 2002

What do you do when you have to write an 8 paragraph essay on history? TAKE ONLINE QUIZZES!...


I am 39% CANADIAN!!!

(Take the Canadian-ness test)

Very cute, very pink, and very feminine. That's you.

Find your inner rubber ducky.

alt="I'm the Charmin Bear!" border=0>

You can't seem to resist the comfortably clean feeling on your arse.

Take the "What weird
obsession are you?" quiz

Things I have gotten recently:
1) A new CD player! Score!
2) Three CD's: The Rentals- Return of the Rentals (very good!), Weezer- Maladroit (makes me want to hurt Rivers), and The White Stripes- The White Stripes (my mom hates it but wait...I don't care!)
3) A haircut! I thought I wouldn't before Freshman Day, but screw it. It was getting annoying and talking to Charlene, the hair lady, was cool.
4) As I mentioned above, an 8 paragraph Social Studies assignment to do. I have to do all of the rough draft today because tomorrow I have to go visit Bach and go to some Polish festival. I am ecstatic.

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Thursday, May 16, 2002

Dana has a computer virus, behold:

NAME: Melissa
ALIAS: Simpsons, Kwyjibo, Kwejeebo, Mailissa

The virus activates if it is executed when the minutes of the hour match the day of the
month; for example, 18:27 on the 27th day of a month. At this time the virus will insert
the following phrase into the current open document in Word: "Twenty-two points, plus
triple-word-score, plus fifty points for using all my letters. Game's over. I'm outta here".
This text, as well as the alias name of the author of the virus, "Kwyjibo", are all
references to the popular cartoon TV series called "The Simpsons". For more
information on this connection, see this Simpsons web page:


That is one funny virus!

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Monday, May 13, 2002

Which rugrat are you?

Tommy kicks it, yo.

I'm saving up my money for a new portable CD player. Mine is the biggest piece of crap. If you breathe, it skips. I looked on the back of it and it says 1997, but I bet it's the first one ever made and they just made the outside look halfway decent. It uses four batteries in 2 1/2 hours. WHAT THE HECK? I have to go now, my mom is trying to call me. Oh bloody joy.

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Dana: Anthony, I'm having a bad day...
Anthony: Aw really? I'll give you a hug. (aggressivly makes out with her in the middle of the hallway)

Ok, this isn't really anything that happened, but Dana was talking to me on the bus this afternoon. She said that she got a hug from Anthony and Chris because...they always give her hugs. She told Anthony (like she always does) that she's having a bad day, even if she's having the best day of her life, and he hugs her. Wow. I wish I could do that, although this is what would happen if I said that to Anthony...

Me: Anthony, I'm having a bad day...
Anthony: Good for you. (walks away)

Man, I am such a guy magnet. I always was. That is so untrue that I laugh...wait, why am I laughing? Oh well, it doesn't matter. I'll find Mr. Right someday...Or, I'll be single for the rest of my life and live in an apartment with 52 cats. AHHHH!

79% done downloading The Hives' "I Hate To Say I Told You So" right now. Maladroit (by Weezer) is being released tomorrow, the 14th. That is a month from Flag Day, which is Freshman Day, which is ALSO my birthday! Hey, a three-for-one deal! So anyway, this cd is going to SUCK BIG TIME. I can just hear you now, "Jacquie, you used to be a huge Weezer fan! What happened?" I've been asked that, and this is my response. See, I am in love with them...from 92-98. It all went downhill from there. Ok, some of the stuff after that was alright, like the summer 2000 songs. But as for the Green Album, (sticks out tongue). I'll stop my miserable Weezer ramblings and focus on something better.

My song's done downloading! Woo!

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Sunday, May 12, 2002

This is a good one.
This one too.
Hey, one more can't hurt.

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I have a headache. I think it's from staring at this computer, which is really crappy and is out of focus or something. Damn you E Machine. I bet you are laughing now at how shitty this "computer" is. It really is bad.

My brother is playing Pokemon silver on MY Game Boy Color. Ok, I never use the thing because I when I got it for Christmas, I didn't get any games, but my brothers' did. Pokemon Silver and Gold. What a variety. So, I forgot about it, and now he plays it all the time. It has really annoying music. Ugg. I wish I could turn the volume down without hurting him, but for me that's just not possible.

AH! Man, that makes me want to hurl. WHY?!

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Did you notice that I like quizzes? That's because I'm missing a life. It's not that bad. Really.


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Where is my Mind?
You're smart, shy, and often nonsensical. You have dreams of being famous, and you're quirky enough that you just might pull them off. Some would call you a genius, others would call you insane, but in reality you're pretty well-adjusted. Take a vacation once in a while- it'll help take your mind off of your troubles.
Which Pixies song are you?

Cool, that does kind of sound like what I am like. I don't know any pixies songs except for this one, which I got the first time:


You're creepy, vain, and your sense of fashion went out-of-date ten
years ago. If you think you're still cool, you need to reorganize your priorities. Your
ideas are good and could lead you to a better place, but you're approaching the future
completely wrong. Don't be surprised if in ten years you're scrubbing the same floors that
you're walking on today.

Which Pixies song are you?

That is one of my favorite songs, but I like Weezer version of it more. I never saw the negative side of it. Hm.

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Friday, May 10, 2002

I must be posting naughty things...

My aunt has a parental block on me (because she doesn't trust me, I mean, whoops...) on the "mature teen level" which is like 15-18 or something. I just went to my site to click on the link to go to Jordan's because I'm lazy, and it said: WEB RESTRICTED and a bunch of crap. This site is getting to racy or the language is getting out of control. Or, as I always say, AOL is out to kill me. Yeah, that's it.

I apologize for the last blog, it's probably really confusing. Sorry.

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Ug. Today I saw the video for "Dope Nose" by Weezer. (Makes gaging noise) It was so filled with fakeness I wanted to throw up or cry. I remembered the quite emotional video for "Say It Ain't So", then I watched this one and said that song title to myself in my head. I watched the bearded hermit/hateful SOB sing a bad song while Japanese bikers rode around them. I hoped one of them would run Rivers over, but I didn't get my wish. Shucks. The only one who wasn't completely fake was Brian, because he always acts like that while playing. Pat was jumping up and down while playing...uh...were they drums? I guess so, but Pat doesn't belong playing while standing up, it looks weird. Rivers probably made him do that, then after shooting the video, went of and had an orgy with the female Japanese bikers. Sick pervert. He has an 18 year old cyber girlfriend. That's just downright SICK.

After being disgusted while watching that "video", something amazing happened. It was the greatest thing in the whole world. Right after "Dope Nose" faded, the other video came on. There were these two girls facing in, both wearing these thick glasses. I thought of Matt Sharp and how he wore those kind of glasses while in The Rentals. Then I thought to myself, wait, could this be a video by THE RENTALS???!!! Sure enough...IT WAS! I was ecstatic. I never heard any songs by them, and I still like Matt Sharp even though he's an ass right now. (I hope he wins that lawsuit against Weezer and sticks his settlement up Rivers' ass!) So then my good friend Matty, equipped with those funky glasses, came on and it said "The Rentals (below it) Friends of P. Then, there was a Russian subtitle below it! Russian! That was probably Matt's idea, being he co-directed this video. I loved the song! I never heard anything by The Rentals, but I'll probably go out and by the cd after hearing one song by them like I always do. Jordan, my rockin' online amigo said the cd was great and I should get it after explaining the incident when I almost cried buying the Phantom Planet cd instead of The Rentals cd, because of the look on Matt's face on the cover. It's sad, yet hypnotic. I think I stared at it and slowly put it down when I saw the Phantom Planet one. Ok, I chucked it, but it was a hard decision for me. So anyway, the video included Pat Wilson standing in the back playing the drums while standing up (wow, two videos in a row featuring Pat Wilson drumming while standing up!) a girl playing a Moog synthesizer (well duh, this is Matt Sharp we're talking about!) and Russian subtitles the whole time through! Then at the end, everyone just stopped and looked at the camera for 20 seconds before it ended. Very strange and Matt-ish. I wanted to call somebody and tell them to turn on MTV2, but nobody knows about The Rentals, Matt Sharp or Weezer's history. I also saw my old favorite video back in the days of The Box (music video request channel) "Why's Everybody Always Picking On Me" by The Bloodhound Gang.

If you have no idea what that above paragraph meant, or you don't know about Matt Sharp or The Rentals, you might now, and I have just wasted your time. Thank you ladies and gents, and goodnight.

P.S. I went to the last "all school TMS dance" in my life tonight, and it was ok. I talked to Mike a lot and danced with him. Score.

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Thursday, May 09, 2002

I realized that last post didn't have much of an ending, because I had to sign off last night. Oh well, too late now, I missed the blog boat.

Today in English, Ms. B made us do a group skit in which there was an intereviewer questioning the some characters from To Kill A Mockingbird. I was Scout. Kenny decided to be Goatboy from SNL as the interviewer doing "Remember the 30's" instead of "Remember the 80's." That was fun...

Kenny: So Scout, why did you wear a ham costume?
Me: Well, I like ham. Ham's good. They said I had to wear a ham costume so I did.
Kenny: And how do you feel about what Bow Ewell did to your father?
Me: Well, if I was him, I might have spit on him too!

That doesn't sound that great, but it was entertaining improv...I mean "planned skit". I used a stupid southern kid accent the whole time. My English grade keeps getting worse, and I really don't care anymore!

I just got invited to Linda's friends blog thingymabobber! I feel so special! Click here to see it!

P.S. I still like the word Snood. Just say it. You know you want to!

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Wednesday, May 08, 2002

Snood. First it was Spider Solitaire, but now I'm moved on to Snood. Man, just say it. Snood. Either you laugh or wonder if it's a word. It is now. If you don't know already, Snood is a game. It's shareware. I don't even know exactly what that is, but I can assure you that's what it is. Snood. Hah.

I went to the orthodontist today, and I got a sticker. It says, "Rock-N-Roll" on it and it has some sort of plue bird on it with a guitar. Rock. So, I wore it today. I still have it on. I wish I could scan it to show you but I'm so out of it with this website thing I don't know how to do that. (Smacks head)

I am seriously in love with The Hives. I got the Spiderman Soundtrack today, and it's mighty nifty! Of course, my favorite track is 11, because it's by the afore mentioned band. I called Dana up (with her consent) and just blasted the song over the phone. It was great. Then we discussed how badly Shakira sucks at singing and other fun things.

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Sunday, May 05, 2002

"You will live in Apartment.
You will drive a Orange Weinermobile.
You will marry Mike G. and have 2 kids.
You will be a Science Teacher in Paris."

"You will live in Mansion.
You will drive a magenta possum.
You will marry Rivers Cuomo and have confuzzled kids.
You will be a stand up comedian in Kalamazoo."

Play MASH Online!

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Broken Nose (to the tune of "Dope Nose" by Weezer)

No-o-ose, no-o-o-o-ose, no-o-o-o-ose, no-o-ose

Dead in his head, wasting time writing songs
What is he on? Does he have Mikey's bongs?

Anytime that you want to go and kick RC's ass
I'll appear, punch him in the face and run away fast

No-o-ose, no-o-o-o-ose, no-o-o-o-ose, no-o-ose

A beard looks so bad on a non-rugged man
End of the year: Karl's your only fan


IIIIIIIII broke his no-ose, no-o-o-o-ose, no-o-o-o-ose, no-o-ose

(Guitar solo)


IIIIIIII broke his no-ose, no-o-o-o-ose, no-o-o-o-ose, no-o-ose, no-o-o-o-o-o-ose

If you have no idea what I'm talking about I guess I'll explain a little for you. Rivers Cuomo (lead singer of Weezer) really pisses me off now. He writes crappy songs in 2 minutes, and I say if you don't have a good idea for a song, DON'T WRITE IT AT ALL. He wants to kill each and everyone of us. Also, he has a beard now, and as I mentioned, it looks like crap. He went from looking 25 to looking 40 in about 2 years. That's pretty bad. But hey, if he wants fuzz on his face, so be it. Mikey is their rockin' druggie ex-bassist, Karl is their groupie/historian/computer nerd/friend who supports them no matter what. Maybe even he will leave them when they no longer have an ounce of rock left in them. That's basically the reason I wrote this song. The song is mediocre, and Rivers is a anal bastard so hey, why not make a parody. It's not like I haven't done that before. I wrote parodies to every song on the blue album and 4 from Pinkerton. Then I stopped because, like Rivers, I had nothing left to write about. Now, he's made me mad so, voila, there's a product of my obsessive anger towards him.

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Saturday, May 04, 2002

I was going to blog earlier, then decided not to just because I was in a moment of bliss playing spider solitaire. Speaking of spider, I just saw Spiderman with the crew. Ok I'll name them (Lauren, Jenna, Mike, Kara, Kara, and me). The movie was awesome, see it now. NOW! Ok, fine, don't. I thought since Tobey McGuire is a low key dud, the movie wouldn't be all that good. But his character, Peter Parker, was kind of low key so it all worked out. In the beginning of the movie when he had black rimmed glasses and he was a dork...GOD I wanted to be all over him like a fly on a carcus. Ew. Maybe I shouldn't have said that. Anyway, the whole geek chic made me in love with Peter Parker. I know he's not even a real person, but if he was, oh man. I would be his number 1 stalker. In the movie, he was the PERFECT guy for me. He was a geek. Woo. He had nice eyes. Woo Woo. He was nice and emotional. Bingo. I want Tobey McGuire to just...stay in his character 24/7. Yeah, that sounds good. Who else is in for some stalkage? (Raises hand). Ok, just me.

Today was the flea market. It was all right, but the hagglers killed me. I only made about 7.50, because I got the profits of the little hoogies of mine I was selling. I was selling this 3D Statue Of Liberty puzzle that I never put together. Originally, it was around 20.00. At the flea market, I wanted 3.00. I think that's rather good. Then later, I marked it down to 2.00. This lady came and asked, "Can I take it for a dollar." (I was thinking, "NO YOU CAN'T TAKE IT FOR A DOLLAR! WHAT DO I LOOK LIKE? A RUG? SO YOU CAN WALK ALL OVER ME?!") What I actually did: "...Sure. (went and got her a bag while rolling eyes and gritting teeth). Can you see me making a living off of this? First of all, NO, and second off all I have . <------ that much patience. I got a little sunburned, so blah. I saw two (not one, but two) people that looked like my vice principal, Dr. Parry. One of them was the guy two spaces away from us. I talked to him for a while about education, discipline, and other areas. It actually was a good intelligent conversation.

Go here. It's some funny stuff, trust me.

Oh yeah, Dana blogged on Bridget's site and it's hella funny. Why did I just say hella?

Man, some people are interested in Danielle's (Possette), Jenna's (Possella), and mine (Possita), little cult. We started it a little while ago and it's called the Putrid Priesthood of Possums. We worship the little furry guys. That bring meaning to our lives. Wait, we don't have any. Ok, here's the story...

One night, I had a dream that I was at some gathering and a group of people who wore brown hooded cloaks were there. I was interested in who they were, so I approached them, and they said they were a religious group that did not believe in God but something else and I forget it. They were really nice so I decided to follow them. In the back of the group, I saw Jenna and asked her, "Why are you here?" Then she told me that she told me before she belonged to this group and I remembered her saying that. That was the end of the dream.

I guess it was either the day after, or the day after that, and my mom and I were listening to the radio while she dropped me off at school. They were talking about weird animal encounters, and my mom told me the story of when there was a possum in her house in Florida once and it destroyed the house and it and the cat were hissing at each other. Her dad didn't have his glasses on when he went to bed, and didn't realize there was a possum on the table with the cat.

Then, that day, we had an emergency evacuation drill at school, and Danielle, Jenna and I got to talking. I guess the whole thing started when I discussed my dream, and how Jenna was in it. Then it got to the point to where we were deciding what our cult would be like. Someone mentioned animals and they were thinking of squirrels, chipmunks, etc. and I said possums. That, my friends, was the start of a wonderful...uh...thing. We made up our names and were talking about everything possum related.

We all went to see The Scorpion King (I wore a "Hello My Name Is" sticker with "Possita" on it) and in the movie, there is a part where three brown hooded cloaked people are talking to people. Wow. Coincidence? I THINK NOT! We all looked at each other, and it was a "whoa" moment.

In science, we were talking about animal yingyangs, and the possum was mentioned. It had 2 yingyangs, or as Dr. Mack called it "double barreled".

At lunch one day, Jenna did the "soda tab" letter thing, and she got "P". Tonight at the movies, she wore it on a chain around her neck.

Call us freaks, call us what you will. We admit it, it's an obsession that's gone to far. It's more of a obsession/hobby though, and it's fun to talk about possums. They are so forgotten among animals, and people think we're nuts. Yes, we are. But now, people want to join so WHO'S NUTS NOW?! Mwhahahahaha-ok. All these coincidences are cool though, scary, but cool. Whatever. I'm going to bed. Peace out.

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Wednesday, May 01, 2002

My brother has diarrhea, and just pooped his pants. I'm...not...laughing..

Anyway! On a shitty-less note, Linda is having a contest right now. Guess, and get a free subscription to her wonderful newsletter! It's worth it! She is my douche bag brigade buddy, and a very cool bloggette as well! Check check check check CHECK IT OUT!

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Everything is Rob's fault. It always will be, because...that's just the way it is.

I can't believe I saw Mr. Pecic! I haven't seen the guy since 6th grade. Well, he's a sixth grade teacher. He always used to call me "Jacquie with the cool eyes" because I have "cool" blue eyes. I have been told they are really pretty but I'm not going to go around saying that, it will make me look egotistical. He always used to see my mom at her work, and she always told me he said hi. I remember him for his obsession with caribou...and root canals...ok, I never had him so I wouldn't know the details of these. So today, I'm waiting to get picked up after school after chorus practice, and I hear this loud charasmatic voice booming behind me, and some "yo"'s. I thought, hey that sounds like Mr. Pecic, nah why would he be here. Then he said,

"Hey! (stuck out hand and I slapped it) What grade are you in now?!"
"...ninth" (yeah, I had to think about that)
"Wow, hey, how old are your brothers?"
(couldn't remember off the bat)..."um, well, they are in 4th and, no, 2nd and 3rd grade."
"Yeah, 'cause I saw them at The House Of Pancakes with your mom and I was like crackin' up when I saw them!"
"Haha! Yeah, they go there."
"Well, I'll cya later!"

That was fun, the man is so cool I wish I had him.

Kellie now has a date for Freshman Day! Yay for her! I'm not going to get one though, although she claims I will. I know nobody's going to ask me. It's ok, I don't mind being a loner. Anyway, it's a long time away from now, so I have plenty of time to mentally prepare for "the big day", which also happens to be my 15th (the big 1 5!) birthday. And Flag Day. Wow, a three-for.

Madame Bowers has some sort of psychic power that lets her know which person is unsure or didn't do one of the questions. I skipped over a question for last night's French homework. She called on me during class. Which question? That one. I also felt like crap because my body is trying to slowly and painfully kill me, and she called me up in front of the class to tell, in French, some sports I can't do (which ironically is...all of them!) and the class had to respond in encouraging phrases on the cards she held up. Ah. Damn, no penis talk today. Dr. Mack wasn't there so I didn't espect the sub, who talked like Sandy from Daria and she was in her 30's, to talk about them. No science class will ever live up to yesterday's.

Lindsay, Danielle and I have finished the web page for Goatman's....I mean Mr. Taylor's class. People, he looks like a goat. So now we "talk goat" to each other when Mr. Taylor isn't near us. Fun stuff. If you didn't know what are site was about, it is..."Ninjas Vs. Rubber Duckies." It's beautiful. We have ninja pictures, and my personal favorite is the guy doing a karate move in a dumpster. The rubber duckies are also cool. We included the lyrics to "Rubber Ducky, You're The One" and "Kung Fu Fighting." I wish we could make it a real site with a web address, but I guess that isn't part of the project. Awww. But Goatman could surprise me, I have no idea what the hell he is thinking. Nor do I want to know. Ew.

Rivers Cuomo, heavy metal. HAH HAH HAH...I actually like it. What is wrong with me? I listened to this song called, "The Answer Man", circa 1990, by a band he was in called Fuzz. I think Pat Wilson was in it too. I like the song. I also like the new Weezer song "Prodigy Lover". Somebody PLEASE slap me now. I need emergency medical help. Hi, my name is Jacquie, and I have a problem. (Now you say, "Hi, Jacquie")

I should have just sparred you and not have posted at all. That was a waste of my time and yours. I apologize.

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Me in a tree. Circa 1990.

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