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Life of the Bored and Taskless.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

I went to the shore with Zach from last Wednesday to Saturday. Fun stuff. We waited in line for Harry Potter on Friday night because we are uber-nerdy. We walked 50 blocks to the book store and 50 back. We nearly died in the process.

I think the comment thing on here dissapeared, but since nobody comments anymore, I don't feel like replacing it. (I probably wouldn't feel like replacing it even if people commented, but whatever.)

My mom's accepted the fact that I'm not getting a job this summer. Funny, I was going to start looking again just for fun...

She did, however, take away cable. I guess I had it coming. No more documentaries for me, I suppose. I didn't even get to finish the one I was watching about They Might Be Giants. Sigh.

Nick (Marina's brother): "So you don't have a job either?"
Me: "Nope."
Nick: "It's alright, just live life."
Me: "Yup."

So, instead of working, I'm going to focus on improving myself. I'm going to start a fitness routine. I ripped it out of a magazine, and I'm going to take a stab at self-discipline. I've realized how ridiculous this sounds; the different lobes of my brain even have a pool going for how long I'm going to do it. Wish me luck...?

Oh, I cleaned the kitchen for two hours last night from 11 PM to 1 AM.

I think this is all due to cable withdrawal, but I'll pretend it's "motivation." (Is that a French word? Je ne sais pas...) I need to get some of that for college. Maybe they sell it on the black market in pill form; I'll have to check into that.

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Monday, July 11, 2005

I just made the greatest discovery in recent memory...


As if finding one of those isn't good enough, I found both. First, I found "Ok Computer" when I was looking at the track listing of a CD on the insert. Turns out that I put it in there (uncharacteristically) by accident. After mentally freaking out, actually, freaking out in every sort of the word, I thought hopefully, "Hey, maybe the Mitch CD will be in a different CD case too. And it was. And I am still recovering from a glee overdose.

Not like anyone cares, but this made my night. Hell, I haven't seen these two for over a year. I actually kissed "Ok Computer."

Nice to see you back, old friends.

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Sunday, July 10, 2005

I never realized how intimidating this blank box could potentially be. Good thing I have nothing really important to say.

The funeral went alright yesterday. Thank you all for your support through this hard time.

Drew's gone for two weeks, and I miss him already. Make fun of me if you wish. I'm game.

I started my college reading today, and so far, I'm enjoying The Sparrow. (63 pages, only...ok, I have a LOT to go.)

Badly Drawn Boy's "The Hour of the Bewilderbeast" is wonderful, if I haven't said that already. I'd give it two thumbs up, but I'm too lazy. I'll give it two napping thumbs down.

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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Dan is a funny guy. No one can deny this. However, when he's deprived of sleep, he's a comedic genius.

Alright, this has to be the greatest story anyone has ever told me (without hyperbole, I should add):

"When I was driving...I almost hit a baby deer. I was like 'Whoa, baby deer.' and then I almost hit it...but I didn't."


"If you put butter on a bald monkey, it would slide around like whoosh."


(something about fish)
Me: "Like the band?"
Dan: "Are you saying...that her vagina has the ability to improvise music?"
Me: "Yes, yes I am."

I should have recorded the conversation; it was downright hilarious.

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Uncle Charles died yesterday.

"Hey mom, are you okay?"
"Yeah...are you?"
"What's up with that?"
"I don't know."

Oddly enough, I haven't cried about it yet. Recently, when something really big happens, I don't. Maybe it's because I've been preparing myself for a long time. Maybe it's because I've cried about it in the past months. Maybe I'm still in denial. I don't know. I was going to cry once in the car yesterday, but I stopped myself. I know why I did that; I remember him saying that he didn't want anyone crying about him. It's going to happen, I just don't know when. What I do know is that I miss him already, if you couldn't tell from the last post.

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Sunday, July 03, 2005

I miss my childhood with him.
I miss learning to read and saying "pause" whenever I got to a period, because he told me to pause.
I miss the wedgies that he gave me before ballet so my leotard would fit correctly.
I miss how he tried to do my hair and failed miserably, so much that the doctor fixed it one time.
I miss him telling me that he has no hair because I pulled all of it out.
I miss the bets I used to make with him, and how he jokingly asked for money if he won.
I miss winning against him at Checkers because he let me.
I miss repeating state capitals to him after having learning them.
I miss lobster ice cream, and lobsters, and ice cream for lunch.
I miss the epic summer vacations.
I miss my aunt calling him "rude, crude, and obnoxious" and me laughing from the backseat on vacation.
I miss being Jackson.
I miss being "babe."
I miss hearing "Time to wake up, Miss Baker" in the morning and cringing at the click of the lamp.
I miss him being the one getting me out of bed.
I miss me being the inactive one.
I miss him asking me what I was doing at school with genuine curiosity.
I miss his overprotection.
I miss our pointless heated arguments.
I miss him calling me selfish and me feeling guilty about it.
I miss him saying nasty things about Botulism and about how stupid my parents act and agreeing with him.
I miss his Republican remarks targeted at people on television, even though they didn't hear him and I disagreed with him.
I miss going to a Catholic church with him and being bored by the robotic priest.
I miss not having to pretend I'm Catholic when the priest comes to his house to bless him because he can't go to church anymore.
I miss not having to look at the ground while walking to make sure I don't step on the oxygen tubes.
I miss a machine-less house.
I miss watching Jeopardy with him, and him telling me how smart I am.
I miss him saying how beautiful I am.
I miss not crying because of him.
I miss people not asking about how he’s doing with the tone and face of sympathy.
I miss thinking that nobody I know will ever die.
I miss not having to worry about if I have a black outfit.
I miss not having to worry about the future without him.
I miss not having to worry about him.
I miss having a real father.
I miss him.

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Me in a tree. Circa 1990.

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