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Life of the Bored and Taskless.

Sunday, December 29, 2002

You know what's sad, Jacquie? Nobody reads this. I think that Jacquie is this page's #1 fan. Jacquie feels so self-centered right now.

I'd kill for a comment right about now. Pleeeeeease?

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My aunt had this "shindig" tonight. Vinny and his wife and children, Matt, and the Zaberers came over. Vinny and Matt are my aunt's old co-workers/friends, and the Zaberers are the neighbors for whom I babysit for. Vinny's kids were 4 and 6 (boys), and they played with my little brothers (ages 8 and 9 if you didn't know that). So once again, I was "All by myseeeeelf!" just like that song. This ALWAYS happens to me. Even at family events, there's NO ONE who is my age, and I'm not considered mature enough to be with the adults, and I'm too mature for the little kids. Hopefully, this phase will end soon because I'm always the quiet little girl who sits in the corner and eats a lot. First of all, me being quiet is just plain wrong. Second of all, the food was pretty good, but I shouldn't have to eat as a hobby, I should be too busy yakking away to be wallowing in snack foods. My brother called me fat today, and I was going to hit him because I'm quite the opposite, not to brag, but people think I'm like anorexic (WHICH I AM NOT!) so I'm really NOT fat. Damn it, I wish I could have done something else or had SOMEONE TO TALK TO BUT THAT SOMEONE REFUSED. You know who you are...grrrrr...

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Songs to d/l:
Hot Hot Heat ~ "Bandages"
Interpol ~ "PDA"
Nena ~ "99 Red Luft Balloons"
Sleater-Kinney ~ "I'm Not Waiting"
Yeah Yeah Yeahs ~ "Bang"

Sorry, I have bad short term memory, so I needed to post that for me.

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Saturday, December 28, 2002

OH MY GOD, this is great. I found some crap from my old AOL homepage, and you can read it if you want. If not, whatever. Remember the pre-9th grade Jacquie. If not..READ ON:

"Hey guess what....if anyone saw my last update of this page, forgettaboutit! I'm with frank again and i'm NOT depressed! I wanna go back to school so i can see all of ma gifted buddies...speaking of buddies, Courtney, got one picked out yet!? HAHA. Anyway, nothin much is going on here except one thing..Well, Staples is airing that "Most wonderful time of the year commercial" so yup, the summer is coming to a close and I am psyched for school. You're probably like, "Duh! What a NERD!" but ok, that is what I am after all!! There is nothing wrong with "gifted" folk! I LOVE school shopping and I can't wait to get our schedules!! Isn't school great though? I mean, who can not like getting detentions for missing pencils, or getting a nice big migrain after some exquisite dining in the five star TMS cafeteria. How about reports due only 2 frickin days after they were assigned? Yup, I can't wait. Golly gee, gosh dern, shucks it's gonna be grrrrreat in 9th grade!!!! Jacquie's gone weezer crazy and has tickets for the september 26th show at the FU center! it's gonna rock! ok, now i'm going to give a shout out (god i hate those words) to my friends that support me through whatever crisis i'm going through which seems like there's always one goin on inside my screwed up head!"

Wow, wasn't that great. I WAS (am) SUCH A LOSER! I liked exclamation points A LOT. I also liked Weezer a lot, I mean I still like them, but that was UNHEALTHY. That Weezer concert wasn't that awesome, by the way. Sorry, I felt the need to post that, I'm going to delete it now.

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Oh my god. I'm listening to the "Best of Indie 2002" on Radio AOL, and right now they're playing Johnny Cash's cover of Depeche Mode's "Personal Jesus". Holy shiz, it's whacked out. Hahaha. I bet no one who reads this even knows that song. Man, I'm alone.

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Oh man, the Eagles just LOST! What the hell?! Ok, I don't follow football that much, but you have to admit that if the Eagles went to the Super-de-dooper Bowl that would be cool. Ah, there's always next year I guess.

I went to Bachelism's (great-grandmother) house today. Fun, fun, fun. One of the wacked out comments she said, like usual, to me today was (while I was vacuuming), "Jack, come here, let me see your nails." (I have blue nail polish on) "I don't like that color, don't come to my house again with that on. That's poison on your nails, I read an article about it." Let's all say it together now...1...2...3...WHAT?! I said, "No, it's not" and my aunt whispered harshly, "Don't argue." Then Bach went on to talk about how she wasn't allowed to wear makeup and blah blah blah. I think I'll wear...GREEN nailpolish next time...heh heh.

I got not 1, not 2, but 3 cellphones for Christmas. One from dad, one from mom, and one from Uncle C. and Aunt V. Right now I'm looking for ringtones I can d/l for...er...one of them?

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Friday, December 27, 2002

I think I made out pretty good this year with good ol' Santy Claus. I got a cell phone (FINALLY), but to my dismay did NOT get a PS2 or a CD burner. I guess my subliminal (obvious) messages to my dad about the CD burner didn't work. Oh well, when we get rid of our piece of crap computer, we'll probably get one...after I hint at it 2 gazillion times. Right now, I'm "getting ready" for a Christmas dinner with my aunt, uncle, and mom, since we didn't get to see them for Christmas. Once again, no surprise, my mom is being a bizotch. As soon as I saw her she had to say something negative to me. Blimey, I didn't even say anything and she's on my case. I should get offline, she just called me. Ug, Merry frigging Christmas mom.

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Monday, December 23, 2002

Go here for some insight onto how mathematical calculations factor into how Santa Claus really would really do the trip. Only 2 days until Christmas and 3 until Kwanzaa (you know I celebrate that!)

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Last night, I stayed up until about 1 because I thought 120 Minutes, the best show that is on so frigging late, would be on. But NOOOOO, it wasn't. This was a time I actually got a change to see it, but MTV2 decided to screw me over...royally. I even prepared for the occasion, being the dork that I am. I made myself a double-decker peanut butter sandwich (I craved one out of the blue) and some milk. I ended up watching Courtney Love be a bimbo/a kid have a lung transplant. I admit to watching the Discovery Health channel occasionally, because I'm weird like that.

I am so screwed with Christmas presents, I have only gotten...2 for people. Merde, I guess I'll go tonight, but that's REALLY last minute. I think on Christmas, I'll watched most of that 24-hour marathon of A Christmas Story, because I love that movie, and TNT or TBS (I forget which one) ♥s me.

I want to watch my bootlegged Weezer concert tape right now but wait, THE VCR'S BROKEN. We have a DVD player but we only have Shrek. Life sucks, I'm outta here.

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Saturday, December 21, 2002

So which letter of the alphabet matches YOUR personality, huh?


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Your Life Line reveals that you are a very passionate person that possesses an imaginative and romantic nature.

Your Head Line reveals that you lack confidence, but have a sense of grievance. You carry a chip on your shoulder, but will vent this emotion through participating in political activities.

Your Heart Line reveals that you have a masculine nature and are easily aroused by your own desires. You are able to maintain a good balance between the physical and emotional sides that accounts for your warm and generous disposition.

Your Fate Linereveals that the early years in your life were full of hard knocks, teaching you that success comes from hard work. Due to this learning process, you will have a late start with your career and financial independance.

You have an Air hand. You are a person who is independent, intellectual, analytical and unpredictable. Your optimal career choices are to work as a writer, psychiatrist, scientist, detective and teacher.

Palm-reading quiz

I have to say, that is pretty accurate. Hmmm...except for the politics and masculine part. Maybe my hand is not telling me something...SPEAK HAND SPEAK! I think it's broken...

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Today, about 30 some people from the sophomore chorus, including yours truly, went Christmas caroling at the Doylestown Shopping Center. Went we to the bank, The Children's Place, Annie Sez, Trac Records, Carroll's Jewelers, Acme, and Mountain Lake Spa & Pool- they gave us hot cider and cookies! It was fun.

That was the good part. Here's the bad. My brother has a stomach virus and last night, in the middle of the night/morning (whatever you want to say) he threw up on his bedroom floor and repeatedly in the bathroom sink. Yummy. He left the bathroom door open, so the light was shining in my face. So, I didn't really sleep all that well. This morning I was walking in the living room, and I stepped on something wet and I said, "EW! What did I just step on?" then it dawned on me. "Throw-up" Scott said, and I frantically hopped to the bathroom. I did it AGAIN later. Ewwwww...

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Thursday, December 19, 2002

Take the Radiohead Collective Member Test.

Ok...so MAYBE I got someone else and changed what I got...but this is what I SHOULD have gotten...right...er...RADIOHEAD RULES!

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Are you a grinch?
...surprisingly, I wasn't. I've pretty much lost my holiday cheer. Nothing seems to excite me anymore, and the whole "commercialism vs. true meaning" in Christmas thing does not matter. Let's face it, I don't get much during the year, so I enjoy getting presents. Even if we celebrated the "true meaning" of Christmas, it would not matter that much for me...because my family is not warm and giving and loving. They are bitter, remorseless, and ignorant, and I'm probably going to be the same way when I'm older. I'm cursed. I wish I could do more community service, but wait, I have to stay at home with my family. I need to get a car and a cardboard box so I can live my dream of being a street performer on a sidewalk in Siberia. Yes, my car WILL drive me across that ocean thing...

If that wasn't enough bickering, here's another helping of it. This morning, I accidentally hit my mom's coffee and it spilled on my jeans and sweatshirt. I went through 1st block with wet clothing, fun. When I went to gym, I decided to wear my gym pants the rest of the day. In gym we had food *highlight of my day.* I didn't have sneakers so I had to run around barefoot, after Mrs. Emery told me to take off my socks, which were coincidentally very Christmas-y.

Yesterday at lunch, Jen threw a gummi shark at "Hero Guy" (a guy from the table in front of us). He called her a bitch and later exclaimed something about "having a big erection." I started laughing hysterically and a girl from the table to our left cried out, "Oh my god! Look at that girl over there! She's so excited!" and I looked over and noticed she was talking about me and I almost died. I kept laughing, I don't care. Then this guy at another table sat on Hero Guy's lap and Hero Guy started rubbing his chest while looking over at us. I think he has a new audience...

TODAY at lunch, this guy at the table behind us asked us, "If a guy was good enough to have sex with Brad Pitt, would you have sex with that guy?" How random is that? We decided that Brad is dirty, and that the guy would probably be gay. The guys at the table were so into the topic, it was crazy.

Also, I got "Hobo Cuomo" ONCE AGAIN on this quiz, geez, I'm I that dirty? Take it and comment, I'm curious to see what everyone gets...hehehe.

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Tuesday, December 17, 2002

Random Radiohead Song of the Week (dun dun dun DUN!)
I want you to know
He's not coming back
Look into my eyes
I'm not coming back

So knives out
Catch the mouse
Don't look down
Shove it in your mouth

If you'd been a dog
They would have drowned you at birth

Look into my eyes
It's the only way you'll know I'm telling the truth

So knives out
Cook him up
Squash his head
Put him in the pot

I want you to know
He's not coming back
He's bloated and frozen
Still there's no point in letting it go to waste

So knives out
Catch the mouse
Squash his head
Put him in the pot

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Steph, why do I laugh weird at lunch? What is my problemo? Is it because my hunger is being filled? I've done some pretty good ones like, "ha HAH HAH HAH" and "HAH! HAH! HAH!". I have issues. Oh, and peanut.

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Sunday, December 15, 2002

I've had two really weird dreams recently, they're kind of long so either stick with me here or just screw it.

FRIDAY NIGHT- I'm not mental, I'm "gifted."
My mom decided to take me to an institution. We went in together and I was totally normal (normal being my usual crazy self) and was wondering why she was doing this. I sat down at a table in a room with many tables in it, and doctors and patients were sitting at them. A man wearing a white coat was asking me questions and I kept telling him I was ok, and had no mental problems. He then sent me to another table, and when I walked over to it, the doctors from the other tables were all saying "Jacquie" so I was kind of confused. I found the right table and my mom was sitting there. A man in a white coat asked me a question but I was so infuriated at my mom, who was talking over the man's question at the time, that I didn't hear what he asked me. My mom then asked me in her fake "pre-school teacher" voice, "What did he just ask you?" and I answered, "I don't know." Then she said, "Heh. Dense, just like her father." and laughed a wicked laugh. I wanted to scream at her so badly. I don't remember any more of the dream.

Last night was crazy. I had a couple of dreams so bear with me. One of them was about auditioning for a play at school. I was at home, and this weird man called me and told me about the audition and I asked him what time it would be at. He answered 1 to 3:30 in the afternoon, and I said thanks and hung up. The next day I was in class and progress reports were being handed out and I got John Parsons' by accident and on it was a D+ in drivers ed. I handed it to him, but I never actually recieved my own. I was in classes that day, and I got out early for the audition. The other dream I had was short and pretty odd. It was nighttime, and Frank and his mom picked me up and drove me to Sean's house, which was right down the road from mine. Sean got in the back seat with me and Frank was in the front with his mom. His mom then said how she knew Sean's mom from high school, and I said, "Wow, that's a weird coincidence!" and she unenthusiastically said, "Yeah. Isn't it." and the dream ended. Ok then...

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Ok, here's a quick overview of what's happened over the past couple of days:

C.B. East chorus concert. We majorly kicked it up a notch, unfortunetly, none of my non-chorus friends came to see it. Oh well, their loss. I looked like a Puritan, and that is a bad thing. After we sang, we sat at the back of the auditorium, and my dad yelled out, during a silence, "YO JACK!" Embarrassing...just a little. Then, the Kanes were by me and they said, "Wave hi to your dad!" and I sunk further down into my seat. Then the Kanes and my dad waved to each other from across the room. AHHHH!

Polyanna partay! Woohoo! It was sooo much fun, and Jess had me which was awesome because we've known each other forever. She got me watermelon themed gifts (if you don't know the story behind that, ask me), which was funny, and she got me a Build-A-Bear but it wasn't a bear. It was an elephant! My favorite animal was and maybe still is my favorite animal. She also got me monkey boxers and monkey socks, which was super cool as well. After the party, I dropped Jess off and until 11:30 we + our moms had a really long conversation and Missy kept coming up to me and licking my crotch and behind. Missy is her little sister, by the way. JUST KIDDING. After THAT, my mom and I decided to go to the Pineville Tavern and I ate my Creme Brulee in 5 seconds. I forgot to take off the monkey boxers I put over my pants when at the party, but I said to mom, "They'll all understand because I'm your daughter." That is entirely true.

I went to see The Nutcracker by the Dance Theater of Pennsylvania (which is where I used to dance). Caitlin had a lot of parts, and I had the chance to see the guy she danced with during the Russian dance which she described as HOT. The guest dancers were extremely good, and the whole show was great, as usual, because Marilyn is a Nazi and will not stop nitpicking or yelling on the megaphone during rehearsals until the day she dies. We watched The Grinch last night (the one with Jim Carrey) and then Steph and I had the second best convo ever (next to the banana one). We did this "word association" game where she would say a word, and I would say what came to my mind first and then say a word and she would do that. First we did objects, then guys' first names, then girls' first names. BUT, we did a lightening round thing so there was almost no pausing. It was so fun! I did feel bad because Sean came online and I didn't say much to him because I was doing the game. After that, I watched SNL with my good alien friend Al Gore as the host. Very interesting...

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Tuesday, December 10, 2002

Quote of the CENTURY:

"Pinky are you thinking what I'm thinking?"
"Yes, but if Jimmy cracks corn and no one cares, then why does he still do it?" (I screwed it over)

Dan mentioned that line in a conversation last night when we discussed Pinky and the Brain, and today during class Marc "double dutch" McKairnes said it! I screamed out, "IS THAT FROM PINKY AND THE BRAIN?" and he said yes, then Brian said, "I love that show!" That, my friends, was a moment that will go down in history.

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I had a quiz in Social Studies today, and one of the questions went something like this:
"The German U-boat attacks on the US were lead by Karl _____ of the German Army."
(Ok, SOMETHING like that)

So, basically, I had NO IDEA what that answer was. Then my quirky side took control on me. What did I put as the answer for that question....


So simple, yet so me. If you don't know who Karl Koch is, go here. Mwahahaha, I am so clever.

In a little while, I'm heading over to TMS for their holiday concert. I hope to run into some of my teachers, and I'm pretty sure I'll have an INTERESTING Cunfer moment to share with you all. All 6 of you that read this. Well, 7 including myself, but that would be pathetic. (No I do NOT have myself on my buddy list...damn. You found me out.) Anyway, I'm out of here, and off to relive my past at TMS.

Oh, and Nadia and I had a bitch slap match today in chorus. I'm emotionally and physically scarred. On Thursday, Nadge is going DOWN. So maybe I DID start it but whatever. She is. End of story.

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Thursday, December 05, 2002

LET IT SNOW! Sure, we have to make it up at the end of the year, but I LOVE SNOW DAYS! No, I did not go out in the snow, BUT, I made 2 kinds of cookies today. It's a miracle...Jacquie Baker...actually baked! Go Jacquie, Go Jacquie. Ok, enough of that. Last night, I finished my homework at 5:30! That's another fine achievement I've made in the past 24 hours, I think I'm on a roll!

Attention everyone, there will be a 2 hour delay for school tomorrow! Alleluia!! This is so awesome! Thank you, white wet matter, I love you. BUT I still have to finish my Current Event (#7) for Shulze tomorrow. Blah.

I was doing a crossword puzzle at the New York Times' website, and I came across this:
"47. Leg bone" (down)

Hm, what do you think I put...FEMUR OF COURSE! Because...(as quoted from "Aladdin")
"He's a dreamer!
He's a schemer!
I'd like to break his FEMUR!"

Ah yes, the wonderful (ugg) days of Aladdin. May they always remain...OUT of my memory. :)

Ok, I'm out. Time to listen to the melodic music stylings of the Rushmore Soundtrack. Word to ya grandma!

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Wednesday, December 04, 2002

Nice. Will do!

Take the What Should Your New Year's Resolution Be? Quiz

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Watching an old videotape of Holiday specials on Sunday was awesome. The best part were the really cheesy early 90's commercials. For example, McDonalds had rapping chicken nuggets in florescant clothes in their commercial. Absolutely priceless. There was also the 7UP spot, remember it? The little red circle with the arms and legs? A bunch of them were putting an ancient GameBoy in a Christmas stocking, and I was freaking out. Also, my old favorite Nickelodeon made-for-TV movie, Harry The Dirty Dog was on the tape too! I was in 1991 wonderland!

Yesterday, the kid I babysit, Brett (age 2 1/2) told me he loved me! It was SO CUTE! I told him I loved him back, and it was a Kodak moment, indeed.

Today in Social Studies, Mr. Diehl told me to get in front of the class and read my Roosevelt Fireside Chat Speech thingamabobber. He said, "I want you all to hear one of the better ones, I haven't read all of yours. Here's FDR, " And I was frantically shaking my head and saying, "I'm not FDR!" Then he walked away and I had to read my stupid semi-speech. Grrrr. I stumbled over the words SO BAD, and by accident...I said "shities" instead of "cities"...but it seemed like I was the only one who noticed! Go figure.

Random thoughts of the day:
Do psychologists go to a psychologist?
Conan O'Brien + John Tesh = AWESOME
Marc McKairnes double dutch jumproping...I wish I had a camera for that!
Mr. Shulze is picking on me more than usual...I think he knows. Dayum.

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Me in a tree. Circa 1990.

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