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Life of the Bored and Taskless.

Sunday, June 29, 2003

Today was eh. I was pretty bored during most of the day, so once in a while (all the time) I retreated upstairs and either went online, read Harry Potter, or called Harry Potter. My whole family, if I haven't said this before, thinks Jeff looks a LOT like Harry Potter. I only see a slight resemblance. That was the highlight of my day, but guess what. Jeff lost his voice, and his voice was cracking a lot over the phone. I tried so hard not to make fun of him, but you know you'd make fun of me if my voice was like that, so I teased him a bit. Ok, maybe a lot. I mean, harmless stuff, like asking him if he had emphysema and was smoking a cigarette through a hole in his neck. I'm such a horrible, horrible person.

I watched The Graduate yet another time. I still think it's great.

It's hot in here. God, it's hot in here.

I'll be back tomorrow, hopefully with something about something I did with Jeffykins.

Oh yeah, I got invited to join this almighty and powerful blog thingy. I guess someone reads this shiz after all!

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I smell mass quantities of Polish food cooking downstairs, which can only mean one thing. Today's the family reunion, where the Philadelphia relatives on my mom's side come and visit us and the Floridians. Oh bloody joy. I thought that having 3 boys around (brothers and cousin Tino) was bad, but now add in like 4 more little boys. "Don't Worry, Be Happy" is playing on Radio AOL right now, and maybe I should heed that word. Maybe I'll talk to Andrew, the male cousin closest to my age, and he'll tell me about his acts of delinquency or something. They're always fun to hear about.

I don't even know if my mommy dearest will stop in, being that the people are kind of, ya know, related to her. Hopefully, she'll just continue to be rude and just blow everyone off...then tell ME that I don't do anything with the family? DENILE. Oh, and I found out about yet ANOTHER affair she had on the guy she had an affair on my dad with...from my dad. Nice job mom. Guilt: 0, Morals: 0, Fake happiness: 2,045. I thought that was a nice number.

Last night, I watched The Graduate, and it was VERY good, not to mention Simon and Garfunkle provided the soundtrack, which made it even better. Very good acting job by Dustin Hoffman, I highly recommend it!

Sorry if I've been whining too much lately, my pretend readers, but I need to vent to someone, and I don't think anyone wants to hear my crap.

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Friday, June 27, 2003

It's only been a couple of hours and I already want to leave. It sucks being left out and having no one to talk to at different family things all of the time. I'm too young (and don't want) to be with Grammi and John all the time, and the kids are annoying the hell out of me. My brothers are pretty annoying, but when you add two more kids, Scott does stupid (more stupid than usual) things to try and be the funny guy but ends up looking like a jackass in the end. Nadia used to be attached to me nonstop, but now it's better because my brothers don't tease her as much, and she's less sensitive than she was a few years ago. The only funny thing that happened was Tino trying to attack me with a "buzzsaw" (those colonial toys where you pull the two strings and the wheel in the middle spins) and he said, "It's not like it hurts (does it to his forehead) AHH!" Heh.

I feel like locking myself in the bathroom and reading Harry Potter. I can't go out tonight because that would be rude, but I have nothing to do here right now. There's something messed up about the comment box, also. God, someone please rescue me.

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So, my "Jacquie time" is pretty much no more right now. Yesterday and today, because I offered (STUPID STUPID ME) I'm watching my brother Kyle. It's not bad, but I'm still not alone. My Harry Potter and Piano time have pretty much been cut. Oh well.

Yesterday, we watched Office Space and Shrek, during which Bridget stopped by, chatted, ate a Pop Tart, stuff like that. We also played A LOT of UmJammer Lammy, which my brother's actually playing right now. My grandmom came over, yes, Granevi, and she gave me a little cooking lesson, because I told her I needed one. I made quesadillas or however you spell them, and they were VERY good. I'll probably end up making more today. Last night, I went to see Finding Nemo (FINALLY) with Nadia and her friend Alex (not her twin Alex Russell) and it was funny. Man, we were SO hyper, and I acted so weird, which is normal. After the movie we went to Friendly's and got some icey cream. We had lots of crazy horny psycho fun. We waited forever to get seated, even though there was no one ahead of us. When we did finally get seated, we didn't decide on what to get for a long time, and when I told our waiter, Justin, what I wanted, I burst out laughing for NO REASON! The lights went off and people freaked out, it was great. Alex is a cool kid. We left around 11, and Nadia's dad drove me home in their CAMARO! Man, niiiiice car!

So today, we're just chillin', Lammy-ing, and whatnot. Today we have to go over my aunt's house where Grammi, Cuddles, and our cousines await us. How the hell are we going to find places for 10 people to sleep? This is going to be interesting...I'll keep ya posted.

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Wednesday, June 25, 2003

If I ever were to become an alcoholic at the tender age of 16, it would be my dad's fault. Jack Daniels' Hard Cola is awesome. Mmmmm...cola with Jack Daniels. Oh, and my dad said, "Fork you!" while holding a fork. Picture it. It's amusing. Right, Steph?

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Ok, I'm not having children ever. If I do, it's not going to be for a LONG time. Here's why:

1) Miracle Of Life video in health. It's the real deal. Eww...
2) Today. I had to do another archaeology program with my aunt. The program itself went well, but after 4-5 hours of telling kids not to touch things/ watching some kid drool on himself, I, uh, no. Sorry, the baby boat has sailed away. Mr. Drool liked me without touching me, so it wasn't bad. The teachers at the WREC were so clueless and verbally abusive at times, I wanted to say to them, "Look Miss Oblivious, I think I'd make a better fucking teacher than you!" But I was too busy prying children off of the ceiling.

My weekend was pretty good. On Friday, I went to Jeff/George's party at George's house, and it was alright. Some bands played, one was okay, another was pretty good. They also lit off fireworks because they're out of their minds, and guys + fireworks = DANGER. I didn't know anyone besides, Jeff (duh), MJ, Elena, and Aykan. Then, I went to Brittany's party and it was SO much fun! Steph and Bridget wanted to play cards, so they started making them out of paper, and Christina and I joined in. We played with them for a few hours, and I ended up going to bed around 4:30. I woke up around 9, and we had a pancake breakfast. I stayed until 2 with a couple of people, and we watched Jackass the movie in Davis' room. A good time was had by all.

That day, I got the new Harry Potter from Mrs. Kane (I love the Kanes) but was not allowed to read it because Diane brought Cheryl to our house, and that would be rude. We watched The Recruit (AWESOME movie) and they watched National Security, which I didn't really want to watch so I watched some TV and MAYBE I read a little...

Sunday I read some more Harry Potter, and I went with Frank and his dad to check out a horse near Lancaster. Yeah, ok, they're MOVING and nobody told me, but at least it's near 413 and is in the East region. Anyway, It's name was Blue, because it had blue eyes. That was an obvious statement. For dinner, because I was startving (I didn't eat the whole morning because I was on the "Harry Potter diet") we went to the Windmill Restaraunt. Of course, I picked the one with the windmill in front of it. Frank's dad said he had to smoke, went in the little entrance thing while Frank and I waited to be seated, and we looked back and his dad was holding up a newspaper that said, "Intercourse News." We went HYSTERICAL. On top of that, it said something like, "See what things other Lancaster families are doing together!" That made it 10 times worse. Apparently, Intercouse is a town in PA, along with Bird-In-Hand and Blueball. Frank's dad noted how it was ironic because these people are so religious. Hehehehe. We left with milkshakes, and Frank and I quizzed each other on Harry Potter, because trivia is a past time of ours (Rugrats included!) We went back to his house, and played some James Bond game and I sucked at it, naturally. I went home around 10:30, and went home and watched TV...and of course read some more Harry Potter.

Yesterday and Tuesday were my days of "Jacquie time." I did pretty much whatever the hell I wanted to, because my dad and Kyle are at work, and Scott's at camp. This means I am ALONE until 5 PM. So, I read, ate, watched TV, ate, practiced piano, ate some more, occasionally showered *sniff sniff*. I guess I'm due for one. Monday I had piano, and because of camps and crap in July, I'm not going again until August 6th. Woo. Last night, Jeff and I went to see "The Hulk" and the car ride there was quite enjoyable. (?) My dad drove us, and he was acting crazy while being shirtless. On the way to pick up Jeff, he did a messed up rendition of "I Am The Walrus" and while Jeff was in the back with my brothers, after they told a REALLY bad joke, Jeff said, "Jacquie, your brothers have reduced me to tears!" The movie was cool, but during the climax, the power went out! It happened at a time in the movie where it fit somehow so we were all confused when the lights went on quickly and the movie just stopped. It started again, thank god. Speaking of god, Jeff's at Creation now for 5 days, enjoying himself, having (as I said to him last night) orgies...for the Lord!

So here I am now, relaxing in air conditioning before Grammi, Cuddles, Tino and Nadia invade my aunt's house. By the way, that's my grandmom, "friend", and two cousines from Florida. Oh joy. 3 weeks. *Eye twitch*

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Thursday, June 19, 2003

Hey everybody, notice a difference? I felt like the ol' LOTBAT needed a change, I was getting tired of the other template. So, I switched it up a bit, but I can't take credit because I use Blogskins, which is for HTML challenged people. Like...me. So, finals are over, I got a 93 on the chem final, 96 in French, and (drum rolls pah-leeze) 100 in Geometry! I said to Caitlyn before we got our grades, what if I got a 100? I don't want to brag or anything, but I was only unsure about one question, because that was the easiest final EVER. The review packet was harder! I've never been good at math, but for some reason, I understood geometry when other people didn't. It felt good to know what I was doing in math, for once. I'm kinda glad I'm not in the high math class anymore, I just hope math doesn't relate to bio, and if so, I wouldn't mind finding the circumference of a sand dollar.

I want ALL of you to go to Linda's blog and read what she has there. IT'S THE BEST STORY I'VE EVER HEARD. Start reading a few paragraphs down, on the one that starts, "OH!" Make sure you have time to read it too, it's a tad long, but I swear, it's SO worth it! I'll just say that it has to do with an "interesting" trip to Goodwill. Hehehehehe....

I hope we don't get rained out tomorrow for commencement, or else "the cut" will happen, and with my luck, maybe I won't be able to lend my crappyass vocals to the beautiful ceremony. I'm actually among the few that really want to GO tomorrow. Oh, Caitlyn told me today that Brittany's parents called or some crap and it looks as though I'm going to East for senior year at this time. I almost started crying today thinking about it, especially after my oh-so-insensitive uncle said that he'd like me to go to East, and I said, "I don't, most of my friends are going to leave!" and he said something about my friends not mattering. I was so mad. My friends keep me sane in school! Grrrrr...

So yeah. I need Radiohead tickets. The end.

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Sunday, June 15, 2003

I love you Ben Folds. I also love you Dana because you burned me the best cd in the history of burned cds.


I should warn you
I go to sleep
I know you don't
know what I mean
I get upset or happy
I go to sleep
nothing hurts when
I go to sleep
but I'm not tired
I'm not tired

I know it seems that I don't care
but something in me does I swear
I don't remember all last year
I left you awake to cry the tears
while I was dreaming in streams
flowing between the shores
of joy and sadness
I'm drowning
save me
wake me up

I should warn you
I go to sleep
you won't know when I go to sleep
because I'm not tired
I'm not tired
I just sleep

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August 18. 2003. Radiohead. Tweeter Center. Tickets on sale. June 21. 10 AM. I'm finding a way to see that show if it's the last thing I do. If you wanna come, which you don't, tell me. I'm SEEING that concert. I had to share that with all of you non-Radioheads, because that's the best I can do. I'm studying for the French finals. 18 notecards front and back. *Takes scissors*...I guess I'll spare myself this time.

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Wow. Wowie wow wow wow. Did that really happen? Holy crap, it did indeed. I was thrown a suprise party yesterday night. Guess who never caught on! It was really cool, I can't believe my aunt plus the work of Steph organized it in such a short time. Holy mother. See, Nadia and I went to Peddler's Village to get b-day presents for people, and see "Much Ado About Nothing" (which was really good) and meanwhile my party was being set up. Well golly Booooob howdy! I later found out that was Nadia's original idea before the party shananigans was even arranged. I spent most of my b-day money that I had gotten on Steph's and Britt's presents, and they're mighty good, if I do say so myself. Anyway, so the party was really fun. First, I opened my presents, and guys, thanks so much, I can tell that they were all really thoughtful, I love my friendos. While opening them, I kinda got a little crazy with the tissue paper...all I have to say is I'm not an A- cup anymore! I got beat on like a million times throughout the night. I got splashed and hugged and even sat on by wet people from the hot tub and while chasing Nadia who got me wet, we BOTH slid and fell over, it was great. I also got chased by Nadia and Brittany and Brittany pretty much pummeled me to the ground, so I was both wet AND dirty. After we ate pizza, and Dan did his Mr. Peepers impression with the only apple we had, Dan set up the DDR and holy crap, Dan rocks. I suck so bad at that, but at least I know that I can beat my little brothers at it, for once. Then I chilled in the hot tub and it got hot and steamy. Mmmm. Dana and Frank showed up lata on, and man I love 'em. Frank and Dana are both pyros by the way, and when Frank popped balloons with a sparkler, my brothers felt that they should too. "Jacquie, I think I'm corrupting your brothers." "Ah, no, I've already corrupted them." I blew out the candles, without really making a wish, I know, it's bad. I must add that my cake had a picture of me when it was my 1st b-day and I was wearing a little sailor outfit. Tres chic. Most people signed a little thing, and Frank ended his little comment with, "I never know what to put on these things." Haha, genius. I opened Jeff's presents later on, and the cards, haha, and dear god I love that kid. :)

So the partay ended, but the partay for Steph, Christina "had only just begun." We talked and stuff, and played "Umbrella" and it took me FOREVER to catch on, because as the day proved, I'm oblivious to EVERYTHING. We also talked and talked and Steph illustrated what you do when someone from a different thing throws, kicks, hits, whatever out of bounds in Soccer, Basketball, and Field Hockey because I don't have a clue. About anything. I made poppytorn (the poppytorn from Lauren actually!) and we talked. Then we watched most of Not Another Teen Movie on HBO, or HOBO - O. I'm weird. We fell asleep around 3:30ish, and I wrote a note to my aunt and uncle stating:

Hey guys,
Can you please wake just Steph up at 8:30 so that she can call her mom and tell her that she won't be able to make it to basketball. Hey, it's 3 AM.

I know, genius. So, in the morning, my aunt woke up Steph, but then told us all we could go upstairs, and sleep in beds. Steph and I went in my aunt and uncle's room, Christina in another, but we all ended up in my aunt and uncle's room, discussing stupid artificial beings that attend our school. And "hurilla". I love you Dana. After that, we went downstairs and ate breakyfast, and Steph ate pizza. My aunt said to her, "Pizza for breakfast?" and Steph said yeah and she said, "Go for it!" Hahaha. We watched "Surf Girls" until Steph and Christina left around 11. So, everything was fun, and I'm still recovering from the second "Shock and Awe" campaign in history. Thank you everyone, I love you all.

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Tuesday, June 10, 2003

4 days until the big 1-6. I watched "Sixteen Candles" the other day, and she said in the movie something about how you should wake up and everything should be new, "platinum" and such on your 16th b-day. I realized, that's not possible, but maybe waking up on a new matress is.

Here's the deal: my matress is no less than a fucked up mixture of wire and more wire that pokes the hell out of me. My dad said he's getting me a new matress. BUT before that, I'm getting something else. Something I've been wanting with a LOOOOONG time. I think I've even pissed and moaned about it before...ok, SEVERAL times.

A CD BURNER AND A NEW MODEM! I can hardly control myself from soiling my panties. Nice thought, isn't it?

Right now, I SHOULD be at a Student Council, but due to the fact that I have Alzheimer's and no balls, I'm not going. Basically, I forgot about it, waited last minute, and I was afraid to ask on such short notice. So, instead, I'm going to watch "American Juniors" (FOX is a corporate brainwashing machine that strikes poor defenseless morons like me) AND...listen to the NEW Radiohead album, "Hail To The Thief"! Once I get it, that is. I asked my dad if I could walk to Cocounts to get it, but if you live around here, you know that bend in Almshouse Road when heading down the hill to go to Redner's is SUICIDE. At least I would die in a good mood.

I've been trying these Ben Folds Five songs, and I got some basic things down. Like, easy things that repeat OVER and OVER. Go me.

Jeff got his permit. Everyone say "Yay Jeff!" I CAN'T HEAR YOU!? *Twitch* Ah, much better...*pops Ritalin*

And don't get me started on cleptos. I still cannot stand them.

Ok, peace out, foo'.

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Monday, June 09, 2003

Ok, so I didn't know what a BJ was until now. I mean, ok, when it's typed like this you know what it is...but when someone says it it's, uh, more difficult to get. Nevermind, I'm a moron.

Speaking of being a moron, today in chem, I took a blue clear plastic ruler and waved it in front of my eyes while yelling, "I have ADD, WOOOOOOOOO!" When I was asked to stop I laughed uncontrollably and said, "I like Cheetos." I thought that was a rather good show considering it was 1st block chem and I wanted to go home.

Today, after piano, I went to McCrosky's Music and I picked up my new piano book plus...the Ben Folds Five "Whatever and Ever Amen" piano book! I saw it and I was like, THAT'S IT, I'M SO GETTING THIS! Holy shit, Ben Folds is an amazing piano player, I found...32nd notes in there, heh, heh. I'm going to memorize that whole book...some day...

Mmmmm...I smell steak. The end.

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Sunday, June 08, 2003

On Friday night, I went to Frank's house to hang out and stuff. We watched some Strong Bad e-mails, played a video game (I forget what it was called, but naturally, I sucked at it!) and watched Lord Of The Rings - The Fellowship Of The Ring. Frank showed me his neato lighter, with a green flame, I must add. It's gonna be cool when Frank comes to the East side next year, because then the terrific trio will be complete! Holy crap, after 10 more school days...I'M A JUNIOR...in 6 I'm 16! AHHHHHH! Slow down life, slow the fuck down.

Last night was Brianna's 16th birthday party/orgy, and it was a lot of fun. I'd have to say the highlight of it was Jeff hitting on Shawn and making him feel really uncomfortable, heh heh. Jeff kissed his head when Shawn leaned his head on his shoulder, and it was SO unexpected it was hilarious. He also rubbed his leg and such, it was great. We also played "ten fingers" and apparently, I'm more of a slut by accident than I thought I was. Whoops. The several molestations were also quite enjoyable. Jeff and I also had some "personal time" together, and if you want to know what happened, buy the book.

Yay. Radiohead videos on MTV2's The Definitive tonight at 10! Hopefully I'll get my aunt and uncle to tape it because...it's Radiohead and Radiohead = goodness.

And finally, I'd like to dedicate this song to my dear friend Steph, for she is the opposite this song (thank God), and Steph, you know who I think of when I hear this this song.

by Nada Surf

"Three important rules for breaking up
Don't put off breaking up when you know you want to
Prolonging the situation only makes it worse
Tell him honestly, simply, kindly, but firmly
Don't make a big production
Don't make up an elaborate story
This will help you avoid a big tear jerking scene
If you wanna date other people say so
Be prepared for the boy to feel hurt and rejected
Even if you've gone together for only a short time,
And haven't been too serious,
There's still a feeling of rejection
When someone says she preferres the company of others
To your exclusive company,
But if you're honest, and direct,
And avoid making a flowery emotional speech when you brake the news,
The boy will respect you for your frankness,
And honestly he'll appreciate the kind of straight foward manner
In which you told him your decision
Unless he's a real jerk or a cry baby you will remain friends

I'm head of the class, I'm popular
I'm a quarter back, I'm popular
My mom says I'm a catch, I'm popular
I'm never last picked
I got a cheerleader chick

Being attractive is the most important thing there is
If you wanna catch the biggest fish in your pond
You have to be as attractive as possible
Make sure to keep your hair spotless and clean
Wash it at least every two weeks
Once every two weeks
And if you see Jonny football hero in the hall
Tell him he played a great game
Tell him you like his article in the newspaper

I'm the party star, I'm popular
I've got my own car, I'm popular
I'll never get caught, I'm popular
I make football bets
I'm a teachers pet.

I purpose we support a one month limit on going steady
I think It will keep you both more able to deal with weird situation
And get to know more people
I think if you're ready to go out with Jonny
Now's the time to tell him about your one month limit
He wont mind, he'll appreciate your fresh look on dating
And once you've dated someone else you can date him again
I'm sure hell l did
Everyone will appreciate it
You so novel what a good idea
You can keep you time to yourself
You don't need date insurance
You can go out with whoever you want to
Every boy, every boy, in the whole world could be yours
Iif you'll just listen to my plan


Peace out.

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Thursday, June 05, 2003

Wait, I do. 3 month anniversary tomorrow...hopefully someone will remember...hahaha.

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"Hello, may I please speak to Karl?"
"Uhhh...there's not a Karl here."
"Well, I guess it would be kinda difficult to talk to Karl if he's not there! Haha!"
"Heh Heh...yeah.." *Click*

I got that phone call about an hour ago. I guess someone was eager to talk to Karl...

I love Steph:
sloopiesg: i just hate.....
sloopiesg: people

Well said, sista, well said.

Hail to the Thief...5 days and counting...

RealOnePlayer can bite my ASS. It says I'm not online when I AM! AHHHHH!

I'm done. I have nothing left to say.

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Wednesday, June 04, 2003

Hello. I'm at my mom's boyfriend's house right now, but my mom and her boyfriend are not here momentarily. "Why?" you may ask...I'm watching my brothers while my mommy dearest and her "honey" Tim do some "Tai Chi." I bet they're not even doing that. I told her I couldn't picture 6'3'' Tim doing that and she got all defensive. Whatev. His dog is annoying me. He's 14 years old, and stalks everyone. I know dogs are loyal and crap, but I really don't like being stalked by it when I just witnessed it drinking out of the toilet...which is allowed. It also ate a napkin and my brother's stromboli. What made everything semi-ok for a few minutes was MTV2 playing the Radiohead videos for "There There" and "Optimistic (Live)." If you liked them, you'd be happy too. I watched most of Moulin Rouge, pretty much what I didn't see when I rented it because I fell asleep.

Today in French, our favorite fuhrer Fichtman, made Winston and I go up in front of the class and say a dialogue. She picked us because she hates Fichtman, and we were throwing Joe's things on the ground and likewise. We were really unprepared and we looked like flaming arses. I started laughing because I knew that it doesn't matter, I have an A in that class, and Fichtman and I have a love/hate relationship, so it's never going to change. Well, that and the fact that Winston's accent is way worse than mine and I had to tell him what to say.

I'm out.

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Monday, June 02, 2003

Here's my entry from yesterday afternoon:

Well, I've been back from Relay For Life since 9 AM, but I'm finally mentally stable. I came home, watched Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone on HBO, then got moved upstairs and watched the end of it and zonked out at about 11:30, only to be screamed at when I woke up at 2:30. I think I shall share with you the most memorable moments and events from Relay For Life, since it seems like I was there for a week. How about I start at Friday...

On Friday afternoon, I went home on Nadia's bus, and Brittany came over and we went fundraising for Relay For Life. We met Christina and went door-to-door for a few hours. The most embarrassing moment of the whole day...I approached a house and looked at door and there was a little brass thing on it that said "Kingsley" and I said, "Hmmm...interesting" then hit my toe on the door and screamed an obscenity. Evan Kingsley came to the door and I thought...shit. Since I played spokesperson a lot, I had to give him the spiel. But I did it without making eye contact or anything, which was awkward. He said, "So wait, like money and stuff" after I asked for a donation and I said, "Yeah. Like money and stuff." and he ran away to get money. Popular person + Jacquie = disaster. Wow. Good job, Jacqass. Some people weren't INTERESTED, and Kim said I should have said, "I hope you get cancer!" when that happened. We went to one house, and there we saw two dogs out of the second floor window, and I said, "Hey, what if someone had a TV by the window that played a video of dogs that would scare away people!" I need to stop thinking outloud...We went back to Nadia's and ate dinner there and her brother had a birthday party and crap. After that, Christina left and we went to Frank's house (he wasn't there but his dad was) and another house. We got like $190 or something, and split it between us. That night, I watched Red Dragon and was scared shitless. If you know me, you know that it must have been pretty damn scary. When I went to the bathroom, I actually CHECKED to see if someone was in the bathtub.

So, Saturday morning, Aunt Viv and I arrived at Central Park around 9:30 AM. Brittany brought her camper, or should I say TOWED her camper, and we had fun in it. Oh yeah, like that. The weather was crappy, but it could have been worse. It rained off and on, but no thunderstorm or anything. We had like 16 people in our group, which was a lot when it came to organizing walking times and such. Some guys had a DDR thing set up and I thought of Dan. I did it with Kim and I SUCKED, but yeah. Kim's brother stopped by later on, after the DDR competition which DAN GOT 1st PLACE to do it. At night, there were fireworks, and at that moment I made a stupid English class type connection in my mind. Maybe it was my sad attempt at being philosophical, but here it goes anyway. So many people, young and old, have died of cancer, and I realized that our days are numbered, and we have to stop and watch the fireworks. Take time out and apprieciate the things we have and the people we love, because although it's a morbid thought, it (cancer, accident, death, etc.) can happen to anyone. When I saw the fireworks, I wanted Jeff to be there with me more than anything in the world. He was white water rafting though. Poo. Anyway, after that, I watched the luminaria ceremony by myself and walked around the track and looked at my great-great-aunt's and great-grandfather's bags. I didn't know my great-grandfather, and I might have if it wasn't for cancer, but I did know Aunt Charlotte and I miss her. Too many genuinly nice people are dying, it's a tragedy. There was a midnight pizza thing, and Jen, Christina, and I hung out at our tent a lot. Jen told stupid stories to keep us awake, and I....well, only they would know what I did. Hehehe...Let's just say it had to do with a "thunder down under" then "a tornado in my pants." I'm not offering an explanation at this time. Jen and I made Christina embarrassed when we played with our glow neckalces and made them into cell phones and "called" each other with them as we walked. I went to sleep around 3:30 or something and I was woken up at 7 or 7:30. We left around 8:30 and here I am. Relay for Life was so much fun, and if you didn't do it this year, think about doing it next year.

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Me in a tree. Circa 1990.

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