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Life of the Bored and Taskless.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

I was walking by the HUB today to go fill out a survey for an experiment, and I suddenly found myself wading through a bizarre stench...
French fries and shit.
If America could be characterized up by an odor, that would be it.

Before I go to sleep, my brain paces up and down mental stairs. Sometimes it falls; it often gets exhausted and gives up. I guess it is something about having the time to think (however inappropriate it is) and the silence to do it clearly. Some nights, my brain keeps going up the stairs.

For instance, one night last week, my brain was running full speed up the stairs. As exhausted as my physical body was, the jogger kept going. What resulted was a mishmosh theory of sorts. Due to the fact that I'm not a particularly original person, I'm sure this has been thought up already, but regardless, I'll share.

So it's like this. There are three different stages that people can be in. Given this has not really been worked out, and it's only now debuting, it's a little rough. So here are the three stages:

1. Passively observing
2. Actively observing
3. Creating

Yeah, nothing shocking. But it was interesting to kind of look at people and wonder what stage they would be in according to this system. Right now, I suppose I'm creating. The thoughts are going down through my fingers and onto this screen. I wish I remembered everything I thought of that night, because my mind was incredibly clean (not muddied by stimuli). It's easy to go from one stage or the other; we do it all the time. However, there are certain instances when I can think of people who are primarily stuck in one (or think they are).

Even in our sleep, we're passively observing our environment even though we are not consiously aware of it. Think of how, sometimes, something that is going on in the surrounding (ex: alarm clock, someone talking) can mesh into what is going on in our own little dream world; it's truly fascinating. People are fascinating, and I love them for it.

Well, I guess I'll snap out of psychology mode and go eat something. Figure skating and a phone call are coming tonight, and I do not want to miss either.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

I think I’m just one giant paradox. Well, we all are really, but it’s interesting to take step back from yourself once awhile and just think about what you do and why.

Take my stance on Valentine’s Day. Yes, it’s that time of year when big business flourishes for no genuine reason. I comprehend the frivolity of “V-day” (which always makes me think of D-day) and understand that there is no point in celebrating Valentine’s Day. I’ve only been in one relationship that existed in February, and I didn’t even let my then-boyfriend, now friend do anything because to celebrate would just contribute to an installed tradition. Why should people feel obligated to give someone else something on one day of the year? Shouldn’t we have simple celebrations throughout the year dedicated to friendships and relationships?

I think you all get my point. Anyway, however vehemently I express my hatred of that day,” there’s a part of me that wants to subscribe to this stupid ritual. The self-proclaimed hater of Valentine’s Day has garish red garlands displayed above her TV and even has a sign that falsely advertises “Too Hot.” I confess, I seem to have privately partaken in a bit of the festivities, but I will say that my mom gave me the decorations. I’d never buy a “Too Hot” sign even if I felt like being particularly ironic.

I’m nonchalantly destroying candy hearts with my teeth while listening to Fiona Apple. It just doesn’t make any damn sense.

As of late, I’ve seemed to replace a portion of my patience and good nature for sarcasm and cynicism...especially around guys. My chest pains aren’t getting any better, and maybe my attitude is the root of the problem. I vowed never to develop the hard heart that I’m genetically predisposed to have, so maybe I need to take a step back and evaluate myself more often...

And now for something completely different.

Hi, I’m Jacquie, (you: “Hi Jacquie”) and I have an addiction to the Winter Olympics. It’s that time of the...4 years, and I again find myself glued to the boob tube. If you know me at all, the words “competitive sports” strikes fear in my heart (both separate and together) but the Olympics are totally different.

My favorite event in the Winter Olympics is figure skating. I morph into a huge heap of dweeb whenever figure skating comes on because there’s a part of me that yearns to be as graceful as the skaters are. Even when I did ballet, I was horribly uncoordinated. Just as some people are naturally graceful and beautiful, I’ve always been the opposite. Ok, I can do some funny impressions and voices and I’m decent in school, but sometimes I wish I were...elegant. I’d love to be able to charm the pants off of people, but a) I say things like “charm the pants off of people” and b) I’m a bit lacking in the eloquence department (“The award for Biggest Understatement of 2006 goes to...”).

Maybe all of this Valentine’s Day nonsense is getting to my head. All I know is that there is a body pillow with my name written all over it...and some sheets in the laundry. Crap.

Well, Happy V-Day, even if you’re a non-believer such as myself. Oh, and some advice: don’t eat the conversation hearts. The candy is shitty, and so are the “conversations.”

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Me in a tree. Circa 1990.

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