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Life of the Bored and Taskless.

Sunday, June 30, 2002

take the butt quiz.

and go to mewing.net. why not visit the site of someone who made a quiz about butts?


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Saturday, June 29, 2002

You know you have a "wonderful" family when you get upset about going to the beach for 5 days. Unfortunetly, that's my case, and it is going to happen. Mom: "Jacqueline, bring everything, we're going away." When she said that yesterday, I didn't even question where we were going, I just rolled my eyes. Then it hit me today and I thought...family vacation...mom...brothers...AHHHH!!! So, my aunt talked to my mom and it turns out we're going to Avalon or Egg Harbor or some crap like that. Oh, and my mom's boyfriend, Brian, is Mr. Excitement. Hah. This is going to be one helluva trip. We're going Monday (I think) and getting back on Friday (I think). 5 days of hell in the sun. I hate the sun. The Earth is going to be obliterated by it in a while so it's evil. Or that's just the Earth's course...but it's all the sun's fault! Damn you, you yellowy-orangey floatey thingy!!! Anyway...

Yesterday I actually had some family bonding time (minus the bitch, of course) with my dad and brothers. We went to the Beltzville Lake/Dam on our boat. It's not a big boat, but it sufficed. We boated, and my dad let me drive. Can we say...spaz attack? On my behalf, actually. I think my little brothers did a better job at steering than I did, how pathetic. We went swimming a also, and the water was great because the temperature lately has been in the 80's and 90's. I fished a little, and caught 2 sunnies. Whoop-de-doo! I also caught a nice sunburn, and my sunglasses are tinted so when I looked at the burn, it looked tan. I should have known, I DON'T GET TAN! At least I got SOME color...in the shade of dark pink. There was a boat there called "Striper"...I first saw it and my reaction was "WHAT?!" Ok, I said that in my head, but it was funny. Those outhouses there smelled like shit, I don't know why, hmmm...

Mike Gruber is annoying the hell out of me. He always complains about his life and all of this other crap, and expects me to feel bad for him. Initially, I did, but I think it's one of his hobbies and maybe no one likes him because he's a whiner. I think he'll read this and hate me, but you know what, I don't care anymore. I think I blocked all of his screennames, but I have to double check. I also have reasons that are justifiable for this and it has to do with Freshman Day. Too late Mike, you can't erase your mistakes. I must sound like Super Bitch, but whatever. Come September, I'll have to make new friends anyway, I'm not hurting anyone by saying this. Well, excpet for Mike, but he probably doesn't care. Ok, I got that off my chest, I'll move on.

I have to go to KFC for dinner now, so that's all folks.

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Wednesday, June 26, 2002

Hey, here's some of my famous randomness for ya. All of a sudden I remembered I wanted to look for it, and I found it!
The Little Rascal named "Weezer"
His brother was a Little Rascal too...named "Beezer"! HAHA!...Yeah, I'm pathetic, but I found it funny! Heh...heh...(puts head in hands)...

You know you have an MTV2 obsession when:
-You know all of the handpicked videos by artist and song
-You know all of the names of the VJ's
-You know their "catch phrase", (which really isn't one at all)
-You went out and bought the MTV Handpicked CD
-You yell at the TV when the video you wanted to win on "Control Freak" lost
-You're name is Jacquie.

Hey, guess what? (All: what.) Weezer is scheduled to play on the Late Show With Dave Letterman on July 25th! (All: *Throws tomatoes and various fruits at monitor and boos while screaming "NOBODY CARES, LOSER!") Ok...I know.

I need to find that site which had the patent for sideways swinging. First of all, I didn't even know there was a patent on it, and it was rather amusing because the author of the patent worded such a simple movement so elaborately.

I think I should write another bad song about randomness...

The Random Song, By Miss Randomosity.

Well, a monkey flew into my window last night
Brought a lot of monkey friends and everything was tres tight
Then all of a sudden, a whiny voice we did hear
And Rivers Cuomo crashed the partay without his gayass bear...d.

So I threw a life raft out of my closet door
Fetched a mongoose cop to arrest that whore
Judy Garland, in the Wizard Of Oz, was Do-ro-thy
Got some kickass red shoes, and was attacked by monkey...s. (flying, they were)

So Judy Garland came by, she arose from the dead
Took off those nice red shoes and chucked them square at my head
Can you OD on good songs or a perfect melody...?
No, but you can take some pills and be very happy...and drugged...I'm not a thug...or a Bone Thug...In Harmony...someone drugged me...I must now flee...

The end. That sucked worse than The Man In The Iron Mask did. I actually fell asleep during that movie, which was a first...and a last.

Yay, The Hives' video. They are so Swedish and foxy! Woo!

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Monday, June 24, 2002

The Loser's Playlist:
Bohemian Rhapsody-Queen
Bound For The Floor-Local H
Brimful Of Asha-Cornershop
Hello Operator-The White Stripes
Once Around The Block-Badly Drawn Boy
Stoned On Sesame Street-Adam Sandler
The Good Life (video)-Weezer
Van Halen-Nerf Herder

Lately I haven't had much self-esteem. I guess it's because I'm bored, I don't do much with my friends, and I keep being reminded of how horrible my family is. I can't even go to visit my mom's side of the family in Florida this summer because of two reasons. My grandmom's boyfriend is in a really bad condition because he has ignored his diabetes and has something else. On top of that, he's an alcoholic and it's taking a toll on him now. I've been told it's not a lovely sight...(won't go into detail). Also, my druggie uncle lives with my grandmom and her boyfriend and he's totally out of it. I really DON'T want to be around with him, and talking on the phone with him does enough damage to me. So, even though I want to see my cousins, Tino and Nadia, along with my other cousin, Alexandra and my aunt Val and uncle Tino, I can't. Grrrreat. All summer it's book reading and camp going for me. Woo.hoo.

Oh yeah, and my wonderful parents. I'm not even going to start about them...

Right now, I'm downloading the "El Scorcho" (Weezer, duh) video and the video of Weezer performing "Undone (The Sweater Song)" on Conan O'Brien in 94' or 95'. Nice. Speaking of nice, I heard "Pink Triangle" (by you-know-who) on y100 because they were doing a "90's nooner" and playing songs with the theme of color. After they played it, the DJ said, "Oh my god, we played a song off of Pinkerton" in a sarcastic tone, because they love it and know they'll get shot by Rivers if he finds out. At least the Lumberjack (Rivers)shaved that freaking beard off. I threatened to send him a razor for his birthday (which is the day before mine! Grrrr...) Oh well, seems like he finally decided to clip the facial bush he was growing. What a shame.

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Friday, June 21, 2002

Do you know how much "<3" and "Keep on being Jacquie" IMed to me by Justin last night cheered me up?
- It made my life

Summer Reading lists just keep on getting better and better. Right now, I am reading a book about Vietnam called The Things They Carried, by Tim O'Brien. Basically, from where I am now (page 7) it has basically just been descriptions...of what different soldiers carried with them. Yawn. There was one part that was interesting though, and I think I might just quote it...

"He was dead weight. There was no twitching or flopping. Kiowa, who saw it happen, said it was like watching a rock fall, or a big sandbag or something - just boom, then down - not like the movies where the dead guy rolls around abd does fancy spins and goes ass over teakettle - not like that, Kiowa said, the poor bastard just flat-fuck fell. Boom. Down. Nothing else."

That was a description of Ted Lavender died by getting shot while he was carrying 34 rounds of ammunition plus a lot of other things. One of them was 6 or 7 ounces of premium dope...

"Then they wrapped Lavender in his poncho. They carried him out to a dry paddy, established security, and sat smoking the dead man's dope until the chopper came."


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Thursday, June 20, 2002

Auto response from Zakolita: I bet no one will IM me while I have this on because I'm that much of an unwanted loser. :(

If only someone could see that.

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Wow. I think I saw "the light". I just made the realization that I have no life, and I think I'm losing friends. I made this conclusion because:

1) The guy I liked for the longest time and like now has never liked me, because he's always liked someone else.
2) Nobody invites me anywhere, instead I hear about how fun or bad everything was afterwards online. They BS about how they thought someone was going to call me. Uh huh. Riiiight.
3) The only people who send me e-mails anymore don't even know me. I DON'T WANT ANY PORN MAIL, DAMN IT! I used to get those forwards and crap, but at least people I knew sent them, and half of them weren't that bad.
4) I don't think I'm as preppy or as guy crazy as most of my friends are, and I can't dance, so I'm left out at a party. I only get invited to one, by the way, if I'm lucky.
5) I cry over the stupidest little things and I'm getting worse when it comes to laziness.
6) And finally, I occasionally talk to myself. Anyone who does that either has no friends or no life. Or both. In my case, it's the latter.

I think high school, once it gets done kicking my ass, will actually be alright. There's going to be a lot of change, but I think from what I've predicted, I'll come out a good person and not lose my morals or focus like I think some people will. My cousin, who's in the same grade as me and lives in Florida, loves high school for the fact that you meet new people "and the parties are great!". Well, for one, Floridian parties are probably 10 times better than anything you could do in PA just because of the nice location and beaches, and I won't get invited to them so screw it. If none of my close friends are in any of my classes, I'll have to start anew, and eventually I'll drift away from them and find who I really am. I hope I won't be a loner, but if I am, I can always just NOT have a social life and end up getting a scholarship because all will do in high school is attend classes, do extra-cirricular activities and community service and study hard. Wow, what a life that must be. I just visited East again today, and I'm still scared of it. I don't get over change that well, because when change happens for me, 9 out of 10 times it's for the worse. I hate change. I want to kick change's ass into space, but I have to realize that some changes are unwanted yet necessary in life. Sigh. I want to run back to Warwick Elementary and hide in the bushes.

Oh yeah, I just realize that nobody reads all of this shit except Jacquie.

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Tuesday, June 18, 2002

Well, I don't feel like talking about Freshman Day all that much, but here's a brief summary:
- Everything worked out good, because I got a last minute date with Shaun, who really nice and adorable!
- I danced the night away in my 4 inch heels! You can bet that my feet weren't too happy about this afterwards...
- My aunt (no surprise) stalked me with a camera. It's worse than paparazzi, it's family.
- I got Mr. H to dance! Seeing your Social Studies, History, whatever you want to call it, teacher dancing to Cottoneyed Joe...I mean, come on, it's hilarious!

Well, the weekend was bunches of fun. First off, I came down with a cold (which I still have) and I had to go to church. Blah. I also went shopping and such, and I found myself a nice Spongebob Squarepants t-shirt!

Monday, since Camp America was resheduled, we went then. Camp America was tons of fun because:
1) The food was awesome! I have a "thing" with watermelon (only Jess would know the context of that statement) and everything was delicious.
2) I only got slightly sunburned!
3) Mr. Taylor shaved his head!...wait, it's not fun, but fun-ny and scary at the same time.
4) While playing "gaga ball", Kim did this hilarious flip. (If that's what you want to call it). I'll explain it the best as I can..the ball came near Kim, Kim jumped but she kicked both feet up, did a 360, and fell on the ground really hard. Where's the video camera when you need it? The next 5 minutes consisted of convulsing and laughing on the floor.

Yesterday was our last day of school (FINALLY). Did we do anything fun? No. Did we get free food? No! Did we get to build a human pyramid on top of the school then after that fall over and have a massive orgy on the football field? NO! Sounds good...(SMACK)...anyway, it was dull. Like always, we have an end-of-the-year assembly in the auditorium where everyone freezes their asses off because they crank the air conditioning from "FREAKING FREEZING" to "COLD LIKE A MOTHER!" to "HEY, EVEN ANTARCTICA ISN'T AS COLD AS THIS! TURN IT DOWN!!!" If you can survive the end-of-the-year assembly, you could hang out with penguins anytime. During this 3 and a half hour long shindig, awards are presented, choruses sing, yada yada. Jacquie's friends all pretty much got awards, but Jacquie didn't. Jacquie was uneffected by this. VERY uneffected. Of course, I knew I wasn't getting anything anyway because I'm not a perfect student. I also don't excel at one area, I do very well at all of them, but I guess it's not good enough. Oh well, now as my family puts it "colleges won't want to accept you, because they look for that on your transcript. Be more aggressive, play the game.." Shove it up your ass, family. It seems that transcripts take over peoples lives, and all of a sudden, you have to do things you don't want to do just because of a transcript. Screw that, I'm going to be myself, and achieve my goals by being my own freaking self and not playing any games. Enough with this subject, and on to some heavier crap...

Right now, I'm in this situation. It's not a situation anyone would want to go through, but I'm going to try to do what's right in this situation. It's rather familiar, but I think it's even worse now. I'm not going to discuss the particulars of this right now, and frankly, I don't feel like talking about it anymore. I'd probably cry...again. This all sucks and right now maybe I'll cry again. It seems like I do it once every hour, maybe I'm due for a cry session. *Sniff* Damn cold.

The damn cold is also making my life better too! I had to go to Bachelism's house today, and boy was it SWELL. When I was laying down, she was in the bathroom...doing her business...while singing. You probably did NOT need to hear that but it's safe to say that you agree with me that that is just..just..wrong!

Note to self:
1) Wear pink sweater on first day of high school so I can be known as the "little girl in the pink sweater" at East too.(Miss Cunfer's idea, and a mighty good one, I may add)
2) Download these songs:
Beck- Loser
Radiohead- Creep
Local H- Bound For The Floor
Nerf Herder- Van Halen

I'm going to OD on Sudafed and Amoxicillin now. I don't think it's possible to get anything out of that except a runny nose. Oh well, drugs are drugs.

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Sunday, June 16, 2002

I'm going to post about the Freshman Dance and Freshman Day (tomorrow) after I get home from school tomorrow. Yes, I still have school. CBSD truly hates their students and does everything in their power to make us go to school more days. I think that the number of days in the entire school year gradually increases as the years go by. It's insane, and I feel bad for my little brothers (ages 7 and 8) because when they get to high school, they'll probably be going from august to the end of June.

I didn't feel like posting anything because I am very sick right now. My nose is trying to explode, my body aches, and I'm light headed. My mom seems to think that unless I'm dead or dying, I'm perfectly fine. When she's sick, the whole world stops for her. I'd go back to sleep, but once I wake up, 99% of the time I can't go back to sleep (especially during the day). The following is just a reminder to myself of which songs I want to download:

The Bloodhound Gang - Fire Water Burn
Badly Drawn Boy - Once Around The Block
Boys II Men - MotownPhilly (the best song ever!)
Every song Bjork has ever writen - because Dana and I worship her...and her...uh...scaryness...

I went to Taco Bell yesterday, and I got a spork. When I saw the spork, I thought of Bjork, only because they rhyme and they are both messed up in a cool way. Wait, the spork is the only one out of them that is messed up in a cool way. Bjork is just screwed up period. Aye, my aching bones. I'm going to try to do something that doesn't involve moving. Or laying down. I guess I should just stand up.

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Thursday, June 13, 2002

Note: When I used the word "dumped", it wasn't dumped as in, getting dumped by a boyfriend. I meant to say "dumped" as a date as a friend for Freshman Day. Sorry if there were any misunderstandings. I'm also too lazy to correct that, so I figured on typing a note instead. Tchao.

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I officially have no date to Freshman Day:

(Scene: Hallway, by Jacquie's locker)
Mike: I have to talk to you.
Me: Ok.
Mike: I can't go with you to the Freshman Dance. Is that ok with you?
Me: Yeah.
Mike: Are you sure?
Me: Yeah.
(Mike walks away...Jacquie thinks "WHY DID THE HELL DID I SAY YEAH THE WHOLE TIME?!")

Mike, if you are reading this, I'm kind of dissapointed in you. It's not the fact that you dumped me, it was the fact that you did it last minute. If you didn't want to go with me, you could have told me before and I could have even got another date. I don't know if you dumped me for someone else, but if that's the case, that's kind of low. I guess I had higher expectations for you as a person, but this goes against what I thought about you before. We agreed on being just friends "no more, no less" but this decision wasn't one that a friend would do. I know I'm posting this for everyone who reads this page (i.e. me) but I felt like doing it this way. I was even going to get you one of those flowers for you (can't think of the name of it right now). Sigh. You know what, I'll drop the topic. I probably sound bitter, and I don't want to project that image.

Oh, speaking of last minute fucked up decisions, now we're not going to Camp America USA tomorrow. Yesterday was supposed to go like this:
1) Freshman Breakfast and yearbook distribution - periods 1 & 2
2) Camp America USA - until end of school day
3) Freshman Dance - 8-11 PM

But now, tomorrow is going to be like this:
1) Freshman Breakfast and yearbook distribution - periods 1 & 2
2) Screwed up 9th grade schedule including awards and practice for end-of-the-year assembly
3) Freshman Dance - 8-11 PM

Camp America is rescheduled for Monday. Why was this last minute decision made? Because my MOM jinxed us all! It's going to rain all day tomorrow. I don't believe in jinxs, but ever since my mom started to hate me, I do.

Danielle didn't say hi back to me in the hallway. Is she in some sort of conspriracy against me with Mike? Hmmm...

I'm going to have a jolly good time (swings fist) at Freshman Day tomorrow. Cough.

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I think I'm going to write a song right now about boredom...

(Insert Title Here)

I'm sitting in computer class
Just sittin' on my nonexistant ass
There's nothing for me to do
I could think or I could sue
Whoever prompted me to do...
This song.

It's the Olsen Twins' B-day (Hooray!)
Could they stop ruining my upcoming b-day
It's tomorrow, you should know
This is random: love Tae-Bo
When I grow up I'm going to beeee....

This song came out of my ass
I'm sitting on
Maybe I'm wrong
But life is dull
My head's stamped "null"
What does that mean?
Almost fifteen
Without a life
Can't play a fife
A future wife (maybe)
Gonads and striiiiiiife's
A great song.

So now I'm done this stupid song
Wasted your time
Attempted rhyme
Failed miserbly
But can't you seeeeeeeee...
I tried.

That was so random. I love being spontaneous, it's fun. I just need a guitar and a tune and I'll have a hit. Actually, the closest thing I'll get to a hit is a punch from my brother.

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Wednesday, June 12, 2002

Note: That last entry was ALL done in outline form when typed out. For some reason, I think Blogger is in a conspiracy against me with the following people, for they decided not to let me post in on the page in outline form. (It took me a damn long time to do that)

1) Mary Kate AND Ashley Olsen- they redid a =w= song, and their b-day is a day before mine! It's just wrong!
2) Rivers Cuomo- because he hates everyone...including YOU
3) Mr. H- actually, the guy is pretty cool, but everything everywhere reminds me off him. It's like he's indirectly stalking me.
4) Scott Stapp and Scott Shriner- everyone knows that musical "Scott"'s are evil. One's from Creed (gag) and the other took Mikey Welsh's (tear) place in Weezer. They will eat you and you little dog too!

That's all of the people I can think of at the moment. I think a new conspiracy against me pops up somewhere in the world everyday. Instead of giving people in different countries, "Will you help this child?" flyers, people hand out, "Will you form a conspiracy against this child?". I'll go over to Europe again, and there will be billboards with my name and picture on them that the Olsen and Scott twins plastered on, and right now, I'm unknowingly famous. In a bad way, that is. I'm just kidding, there aren't any REAL conspiracies against me (yet) and I'm just extremely paranoid. Seriously, if someone looks at me my automatic response is "what?!" like they are planning to chop off my toes and sell them on the black market for unknown reasons.

On Friday, the following will happen:
Freshman Day! (hopefully WON'T be rained out)
and...uh...Flag Day. But the FIRST two are the only ones that count! (selfish, aren't I?)

My mom told me she had a dream last week that we got rained out for Freshman Day. Thanks mom, now that we're all jinxed we might as well not go to school, because the weather forecast now calls for rain on Friday. Grrrrrreat.

Jess made up this great song. It is truly inspiring:

"Die Bastard"

Die bastard
Penis lover
I hope you fall in a hole

Piece of crap
Eat shit
Black is the color of your soul

(then Jen and I made up...)

Mother fucker
Get your tongue stuck to a pole

Hey bitch
Stupid whore
Your face is a big asshole

...Yay! What a deep song. Jess dedicates it to all of the men in her life. Not including her father. (I asked)

In computer yesterday, Dana and I presented last for the Computer Virus Project. I kept screwing up my lines when we practiced...like this...

Me: (talking about the "Elf Bowl" hoax virus)...The e-mail contained a bowl of Santa...ahhh!!
(What I meant to say was "The e-mail contained a game of Santa bowling for elves...d'oh!)

So when we went up to present (Mr. Romesburg was talking to the people who presented beforehand) I joked with Dana about screwing up and pretended to get frustrated. Well, when I pretended, I went a little TOO far and accidentally spiked the mouse on the ground. I had the mouse in my hand and did one of my "ahhh!" rage fits and jerked my hand and the mouse hit the ground. Dana asked me if we should try the mouse, and I said no, because it might start up the PowerPoint presentation if I click it. Stupid me. Mr. Romesburg told us to start and I clicked the mouse...once...twice...threefourfivesixseveneight times. Whoops. I told him it didn't work and he came over to us and said, "Is it because you just threw it on the ground?" Um...Dana said a few "nice one, Jacquie"'s and I laughed like an idiot. In the end, our presentation blew the roof off the mother...not really...but we got a 37 out of 40, or something like that. We totally bombed the virus newsletter (50/60)...ouch. Oh well, as long as I don't get a C, I'm a happy camper.

Kazaa is god. I downloaded 2 songs and am in the process of getting another one...

Brim Full of Asha- Cornershop
Hello Operator- The White Stripes
(and in the process of getting)
Idioteque (Live)- Radiohead

Woo-hoo! I have to eat now. I might just go mini-golfing after that, and I'm not even joking.

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Monday, June 10, 2002

Oh boy, loooooooong weekend! I'll just pinpoint the main things, so you get the whole picture. Hmmm...shall we do it in (dun dun DUN!)...OUTLINE FORM?!?!?! Well, this can be my last outline of the school year, besides the semi-outline planning I have to do for my final English essay tomorrow on Lord Of The Flies. I seriously hate that book, and the movie(s) is even WORSE. Hah, as we were in class watching the old black and white original version from the 1600's, Piggy was shown for the first time on the island...

Dave: Man, I can't wait for that kid to die.

It was funnier in person, because it was silent when he said that.

ANYWAY, here's the whole shebang (of my weekend), in outline form. Eek.

I. Friday Afternoon/Night
A. Went home with Stephanie on her bus
1. Went to Kohl's to get Freshman Day thingys and part of Kellie's Top Secret B-Day present
2. Worked on Kellie's b-day present (which is indeed top secret)
3. Went to movies to see "About A Boy" with Kellie, Mike, Chris, Stephanie, Rob and Caren (and moi!)
4. Picked up by Aunt Viv and Uncle Charles
B. Taped up sign for Garage Sale on a pole by St. Vincent DePaul Catholic Church
C. Watched $2 Bill Concert that Uncle C. (grudgingly) taped for me

II. Saturday Morning (7:30-12)
(my dad just said the f word a million times, ok back to the outline)
A. Woke up and helped out with neighborhood garage sale
1. Notable people/things at garage sale
a. A lady bought one of my uncle's "vintage playboys", and she turned out to be in the August 1971 issue. Whoa.
b. I was going to sell my old baby gates for $8 (2 for $4) and my uncle said no. WHA? They were originally $5 each.
c. Once again was going to sell some little fishing game for 50 cents. Who said a dollar? Good ol' Uncle Chaz.
d. I went to the other sellers' houses, and I picked up a shower radio ($1), and mini keyboard ($1) and an old Mr.
Potato Head for 25 cents. I was going to go back and get a Gumby pin, but somebody stole it from me. Shucks.
2. Got ready for Nicole's end-of-the-year-party

III. Saturday Afternoon/Night
A. Went to Nicole's party from 1:30 to 7
B. Notable things from party
1. Heated pool = nice
2. Really cool cake (her brother celebrated his b-day at the party) It was a beach (vanilla) and the ocean (chocolate)
3. Kara's quote: "Haha! DEFEAT!" Me: "You mean...victory." Kara: "...You know what I meant!"
4. My Mickey Mouse towel is tres cool. (My freshman day one is even COOLER!)
5. I didn't get sunburned! YAY!
C. Went home and fell asleep early

IV. Sunday
(My dad went with his girlfriend to Pocono Raceway for the NASCAR race...oh god, so my Grandmom watched me and the heathens)
A. Went to Aunt Viv's and I put on my Freshman Day dress and Aunt Viv and Granevi (as we call her) took pictures of me outside
B. Went to Solly Bros. and picked up strawberries and a peach pie
C. Went to Stephanie's to pick up the pictures I forgot to take from her house on Friday for HER b-day present that me and Kellie
are making her (steph did not look at the pictures)
D. Went to Target and I got the following
1. Make-up for FD (foundation, powder, eyeshadow, lipstick, gloss, mascara)
2. The Hives' CD Veni Vidi Vicious (which is tres bruyant et anime)
3. A sneak attack from Jess, who was there with her family
E. Went to Family Toy Warehouse and got a Shrek gameboy color game. I'm such a dork.
F. Went to Redner's and picked up some stuff, and I saw Dan who was working at the cashier. Cool.
G. Went home, played Shrek game, listened to the CD, and tried on the makeup
H. Called Dana when I saw the Bjork video, "It's Oh So Quiet" on MTV2, because we absolutely love that Icelandic spaz
I. Had din din (ribs) which was very good
J. Studied from 9:45 to 10:30 for the Social Studies final
K. K is for Kookie, wait, C is for Cookie. Damn.

Whoa, that outline took a lot out of me and my will to write. So here's what happened today:
1) Our English class continued watching the horrible and hilarious ancient film Lord Of The Flies
2) 9th grade students took the Social Studies final exam, which was tres facile
3) Mr. H's classes watched a History Channel movie in Social Studies on WW1. Wonderful.
4) Our Comm. Tech. class watched Goatman spaz at the whole class when people were talking during his made-up final essay
5) During lunch, I spilled my bag of goldfish all over the floor
6) Everyone missed 8th & 9th period for the Service Learning Awards, which was tres nul. The guy who stood behind the curtain who I THOUGHT would come out and speak looked like (as I call it) "Say It Ain't So Rivers", because he looked like Rivers Cuomo did in the video for "Say It Ain't So". I think he noticed I was talking about him with Allie because he looked at me and looked away. Awww. Wait, he's probably as old as Rivers. Ew.
7) When I came home, my dad's girlfriend and daughter (Diane and Cheryl respectively) took me to...TARGET! I got the Jimmy Eat World CD...Jimmy Eat World, and a 48 CD holder case in incandescant blue.
8) I am currently eating Mint Skittles (which I got from Target also) and listening to my nouveau Jimmy Eat World CD, which is tres bon, and adding tres ___ wherever possible to throw off people who don't know French! Mwahahaha...I'm an ass.

I'm going to call Kellie because she called me a long time ago and my dad just told me. I think he's too busy telling some story which features the phrase "mother fucking". Why can't my dad NOT be a redneck?

If the outline's spacing is messed up, screw it.

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Thursday, June 06, 2002

I had this whole long and unimportant (yet slightly funny) post last night. I typed it up, then Kellie called me. So, I deserted it. THEN, I ran to catch The Hives' performance on MTV2's $2 Bill, and I was GOING to tape it, but my phone conversation was long, then after I hung up I realised it was on. Der. Then, my mom went on the computer, Note: ON MY SCREENNAME! I came in the office and there she was, reading the survey that Stephanie sent TO ME. Not her! I stood there then said, "Um, are you reading my mail?!" She said, "Yeah, it's from Stephanie." like it was her's or something. I had to get that out of my system. I bet next she'll go on my screenname and talk to my friends. Oh lord.

Last night, there was some major thunder and lightning action going on...when I was trying to go to sleep. It was actually pretty neat to see, so I watched it while listening to my MTV2 (see a pattern?) Handpicked CD. It's crazy when the track just happened to be Idioteque by Radiohead, because well, it's Radiohead and it's insane. Lightning boomed, thunder flashed, and I was thinking about a tree crashing down after being struck by lightning and coming through my room. I don't know why, but it was exciting to hear and watch and the odd thoughts in my head were partially provoked by Thom Yorke's vocal spasms. Then I wondered what it would be like if they found my charred body with head phones still on my head and Radiohead would be playing. Whoa. I usually don't think things like that, but if that happened, that would be really weird. The whole "charred body" thing is not part of the weirdness, that's just grim.

Did you notice that I said "Lightning boomed, thunder flashed" up there? That was intentional. I wanted to see if you all were paying attention!

oOo, White Stripes on MTV Movie Awards. That = only part I will watch. I have a tape on handy...yay!

($2 Bill comes on tomorrow morning from 11-12...I'll have someone tape it, hopefully!)

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Monday, June 03, 2002

Lunchtime Lunacy...

Jess: Your mom said "shit."
Me: My mom IS shit.

(Mrs. Marano walks by)

Me: Come and knock on our fucking door...

(Mrs. Marano walks by)

Ok, let me clarify. Jess was talking about my mom during Relay For Life, which I'll explain later in detail. The little thing I said about knocking on a fucking door was my lifeless rendition of the "Three's Company" theme song. Both times Mrs. Marano, my math teacher, walked by. I honestly couldn't give less of a crap.

Friday night, Mike and I went to see Star Wars. Yes, I wanted to see Star Wars. I think the old ones are OBVIOUSLY better, but I'm not obsessed with it and I don't know all the little details about minor characters like some people do. Anyway, we had a good time and the movie was kickin'. Afterwards, we went to the Coffee Beanary, just to hang out. (we don't like coffee) We got some big bouncy balls from the restaurant nextdoor, and Mike conitnued to eat the gigantic tub of popcorn he got at the movies. These girls walked by while lightning was flashing in the sky, and one of them said:

"Wow, that's some mad lighting. Wow, that's a big thing of popcorn!"

Hah. So, it was fun.

Saturday and Sunday...RELAY FOR LIFE. That and the dance marathon were the longest events I have ever attended in my whole life. I felt like I was there for a week! I'll explain what Relay For Life is. It is a 24 hour event that tours around the country, and ours was held at Central Park in Doylestown and lasted from 10 AM Sat. to 10 AM Sun. Pre-relay, teams raise money (the goal was $100 a person) and get forms signed for registration, waiver, etc. Then at the event, the teams divide their members and assign them walking shifts, which are 1 hour each. The track was 1/2 long and people placed their tents around the oval-shaped path. We had a team of 11 people (Me, Jen, Jen, Jess, Bridget, Courtney, Michelle, Heather, Kellie, and twootherpeopledon'tgetoffendedbecauseitemporarilyforgetyou) We each had to walk about 4 hours, and my aunt chaperoned the whole time. My mom came, left, and came back later. They had events like the Tastykake eating contest, the midnight movies, rock climbing (I did that! Woo!), Irish Dancing, and other things. Free food = heaven. Also, Kid's Castle was there. It was made into a make-out point, for people like Dana. Dana made out with some kid named Colin, who she just met. Other people made out with strangers. No offense, but that goes against my morals...so Courtney and I and a few other people I guess didn't participate in Boyfest 2002. Jen and Kellie left with Nadia to go to her pool during the day, and I was kind of against that too. I think some people lost sight of the whole purpose of the event, which was to benifit cancer victims and research to help find a cure for it. They had a wonderful ceremony at night called the Luminaria, where people payed $5 for each name of a person who has, died, or took care of someone who had cancer. Each person was represented by a bag with their name on it that had a candle inside of it. These bags were placed around the track and lit it up so the late night walkers could see, and people could look at the names of the people and some of the messages people wrote in chalk by the bags. Then, people read the names of all of these people in alphabetical order, and the bagpipes were played when the cancer victims who dies were read. It was a beautiful and sad ceremony, and it gave purpose to the whole event. A lot of bags were on the track for Heather Coddington, a girl who died last year of cancer that went to Unami Middle School. People wrote many messages for her, and while reading them I cried. She was my age, I guess, and died of cancer and everyone missed her a lot. I didn't cry when my great-grandfather, whom I've never gotten the chance to meet, was read on the list under the "in memory of" category. I think I would have cried if my grandfather's name was read under that category, but MY MOM DIDN'T REMEMBER TO GET A CANDLE FOR HIM! I can't rely on her for anything. Before the luminaria began at about 9, Courtney and her mom were with me, and Courtney's mom and I had a mini-conversation:

Courtney's mom: Jacquie, I met your mom earlier today, and she was really nice.
Me: Oh, really?

We burst into laughter, because the way I said it was really the way I felt about that. It was in a tone or surprise and was not at all sarcastic. It was a great moment, indeed.

All in all, Relay For Life was great, I had many other great moments I'm forgetting to mention. One of them would not be the 3 hours of sleep I got within that 24 hour fundraiser. It was hard to sleep when Amanda and Michelle got into a "fuck you" screaming match, and everyone would not shut the hell up. I crammed my head between the pillow my mom got and almost started crying because I got all worked up and I was exhausted. Someone was bouncing a basketball and it was repetitive, loud, and EXTREMELY irritating and I almost un zipped my tent and screamed "SHUT THE HELL UP!" but decided against it, partially because my mom was sitting right outside the tent and she would most likely ground me. For eternity. I went home and slept from about 12:30 to 4:30, and last night I got barely any sleep. Arg. Today I was dazed and I looked possessed in computer class whenever I turned to face someone.

This post is already way too long and I bet no one read this entire post except me.

One last thing, I have to remind myself to tape the rerun of MTV2's $2 Bill concert with The Hives on Wednesday from 6 PM- 7 PM. I intentionally included this to get some people to like The Hives, or watch it and I would secretly find out and be happy someone actually did something I suggested they do.

Watch The White Stripes perform at the MTV Movie Awards. I bet that will be the only worth while thing to watch during the 2 hour show. It's on Thursday from 9-11 PM.

I'm going to start making an outline for the in-class final essay for Social Studies class that I'm doing tomorrow. Wish me luck, I'm sure as hell going to need it. It's on labor unions...uggg. Ok, enough of my rambling, discuss amongst yourselves. I'll give you a topic...the mystery flavor in Skittles! Go!

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Me in a tree. Circa 1990.

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