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Life of the Bored and Taskless.

Monday, April 28, 2003

Hey everybody, if I have sex with Jeff before June 14th it's considered to be statuatory rape! Thank you Mrs. Christianson for pointing that one out! Hahaha, that is so funny. I found out today from Jeff that he's wearing a black suit to the "Spring Fling" (who thought of that name? *gets out random pointy object* MWAHAHAHA!) so it will go with my black dress! Trendsetters all the way! Well, how come when I try to bring the fro back, no one else wants to! Ah, I'm all alone with my Bolsar hair.

I forgot to mention that when I went to BCCC yesterday, I SAW MR. WARNER THERE! We looked at each other, and he said, "Hey!" and I said, "HEY! MR. ROGERS!" and he said, "AHHH!" Heh, I'm not getting into that story because I'm too lazy to tell it.

I am SO happy right now, because 4 days before my b-day, RADIOHEAD'S NEW ALBUM IS COMING OUT! It's SUCH a birthday present, I can't wait! I downloaded their new single "There There" and I love it. I don't want to download anymore songs, because I admit that I'm a rare breed...I actually enjoy buying CDs for the element of surprise. I know, I know, that's so passé, but whatever. It's called "Hail To The Thief"....hmmmmm...may that be something relating to Bush because Radiohead is strongly anti-war? I sure as hell think so. Anyway, I'll stop, because no one else but me cares, but I'm excited about it! *wink wink birthday present wink*

My dad's ex-girlfriend from a million years ago, Diane (the other Diane) brought my dad's old posters from his room in the house he used to stay with her family after high school. Funny as hell. He had a blacklight, and all of them were florescent or however you spell that and had whacked up things on them, because my dad was a major stoner. There was one that had a cup that said "Good Humor" on it with pot leaves in it, one that said, "Have a nice day...until some bastard screws it up" with a little happy fuzzy dude on it, a Tweety poster, and a Pink Floyd "Dark Side Of The Moon" one. Dad also found his Foghat shirt yesterday, talk about a LONG trip down memory lane. I love my ex-stoner, present day redneck daddy. Oh, and Diane makes a mean Strawberry Rhubarb pie!

Two nights ago at dinner, my dad was offering some more broccili to me, and he said, "Hey Jack, want some more head?" HE DIDN'T EVEN PUT AN S ON IT! I started cracking up hysterically, and he told me to stop or else my bros would start asking what that meant. Also, he calls the dog "bonehead" a lot, but he decided to call her "boner" and I couldn't help but laugh and Scott asked, "What's a boner?" Heh, heh, curious little one he is...

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Sunday, April 27, 2003

Wow, I haven't blogged in a while, but I forget a lot that's happen, so I'll do my best. After the chorus rehearsal on Tuesday, I visited my Aunt Mike. That's right, AUNT Mike. My mom has a friend who dresses in drag for his job and he's so damn cool. So we sang songs from Chicago, I shared some initiations with my mom because shocking her amuses me, and they talked about how they'd take me to Ikea when I was younger and people would say they were such good parents, hahaha. When we were leaving, he started tickling me, and I said "AH! AH! RAPE!" and he said, "No, no, I don't do women." FUNNIEST THING EVER! That right there IS the quote of the moment!

Wednesday...yeah. Ok, THURSDAY night, I helped my aunt out with this thing at the Grey Nun Academy (cool name, no?) at this science fair thing they had. Ok, you know what, we NEVER have science fairs. I want to do experiments, DAMMIT! I'm such a science geek. SO anyway, we just talked to people and put artifacts on display. These people from some astronomical society were there, and I got to look at Jupiter and Saturn through telescopes! I could actually see Jupiter's moons and Saturn's rings! Holy cabooses, I was excited. A lot of people were interested, but I was more interested in the kids' experiments, some of them were actually really cool. Those grey nuns rock the hizzouse, yo. Wait, I NEVER SAW ANY NUNS! I'm so sad now! Especially if they're grey...and they fly...

Friday night, I saw Malibu's Most Wanted avec Frank and Dan...well, technically only Dan because Frank had a li'l datey date. We got there kind of late (my fault, whoops) and we ended up sitting in the second row, Frank in the 1st row. Me and Dan were having so much damn fun making up words and such. There was this really annoying kid who kept yelling things because he thought he was cool or something. Ugg. I saw Kellie and Jen there, which was really cool, but we couldn't sit with them unfortunetly, because there wasn't enough seats. After the movie, Dan and I were supposed to go to Frank's house, but his dad came kinda late, so by the time we got to Frank's, my dad pulled in right behind us. While waiting for Frank's dad, Frank, Dan and I chatted it up, and I, uh, accidentally whacked Frank in the face with my purse. I felt SO bad about it, but I guess that's what I get for being a klutz. Sorry Frank!

Yesterday, I went to the mall with Steph, Nadia and Dana to go on the quest for a perfect dress for the "Spring Fling." Steph and I were at the Montgomery Mall from about 12:30 or so to about 3:45 and Dana and Nadia showed up a little after 1 (not together) and left...we don't know when. Nadia found her dress at Macy's, and it looks so good on her! It's black and short, but the dress poofs out a little on the bottom. It also has a cool lace-up in the back! Steph suggested I try a CERTAIN DRESS (the one I ended up getting) early on, but I refused. I found out that Steph's taste = my taste, and Steph, you were SO right! It took me forever to figure that one out! It's black, semi-long with frills on the bottom (even though I'm not that into frills, I like it) and it came with a big flower pinned to it, but I'm NOT wearing it as a pin, MAYBE in my hair. Oh man, we went to Charlotte Russe and found Kellie's dress for the dance...wow, hahaha. I'm not saying anymore in fear that I'll wet myself. We just happened to see her mom and sister there, heh, heh.

Today, I helped my aunt out (ok, I'm doing her archaeology programs and stuff for my grad. project) at the BC3 (Bucks County Community College) Hearth and Home show. There's remains of an old stone carriage barn at the college from the 1800's or something, but there's a lot of stuff like ash and dirt that was thrown in there, so what we and some kids did was dig and try to find anything. One kid found 3 nails, and another found parts of a metal hinge. I got a nice sunburn, but I didn't realize how bad it was until I got home. The thing is, I have a 3/4 length shirt on, so it's a REALLY messed up burn. I also started reading the book Nadia lended me, Frozen Rodeo and it's really good! The sub French teacher in the book reminded me so much of Fichtman, it was scary! I can't wait to read more, Nadia's right, it's SO realistic!

One day this week, in math, James Bowes was saying something about "Buff JB" being Jen or something. Then Kellie was like "I'm JB too" in her defense or whatever, and James was like "You're not JB, you're an I-D-I-O-T." The funny part of that was watching KELLIE SPELL IT OUT IN HER HEAD while Amanda Mehalek said, "She's ACTUALLY spelling it out in her head!" and I laughed hysterically. Then Kellie said, "I'm sticking up for my friend!" and James said, "Kellie, you have no friends!" and we all had a good laugh. I mean, we laughed WITH her. Heh. So I will leave you all with a classic Kellie convo, circa today, it's amazing how I'm so obvious and mean and she doesn't get it:

EmoElmoEmu3: how are you and duane?
Kd62187: good, idk though, i think it kinda ruined something wiht some of my friends though
EmoElmoEmu3: yeah, i kinda noticed that
Kd62187: really? tell me everything you know
Kd62187: i dont understand it all
EmoElmoEmu3: you don't?
Kd62187: no, all the sudden people arent really bothering with me
EmoElmoEmu3: that's kind of because you weren'
EmoElmoEmu3: t bothering with them
Kd62187: ya huh
Kd62187: i try too, i get busy with my job and everything, its hard but i still try
Kd62187: maybe i just dont realize
EmoElmoEmu3: yeah, i don't think you do
EmoElmoEmu3: if it's not duane or your job, it's jess
Kd62187: really?
EmoElmoEmu3: yeah
Kd62187: but everyone still likes her!
EmoElmoEmu3: but she didn't ditch anyone really
Kd62187: who did i ditch? i go wherever she goes
Kd62187: and when did all this start
EmoElmoEmu3: i don't know, everyone esle but jess
EmoElmoEmu3: *else
Kd62187: ugh! so wat do i do about it
EmoElmoEmu3: make time for other people
Kd62187: yea but if i do, i feel llike they dont want to hang out with me
Kd62187: no one even takes the initiative to im me!
EmoElmoEmu3: really? that's a shame
Kd62187: yea it sucks
Kd62187: have people been talkin bout it to you
EmoElmoEmu3: yeah, just a littl
EmoElmoEmu3: *little
Kd62187: is that all they said
Kd62187: thanx for being honest jacquie1
EmoElmoEmu3: no problem Kellie2
EmoElmoEmu3: I have to go eat dinner now, I'll talk to you later!
Kd62187: kay byebye
EmoElmoEmu3: bye!
Kd62187: ;-)

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Tuesday, April 22, 2003

Hey, I apologize to everyone for the last post, but I felt the need to mention every little detail from my el trip-o, so sorry. I'll probably get it published soon, so it might be coming soon to a BOOKSTORE NEAR YOU!...which would be by me because 99% of people who read this are my friends. And me.

Fichtman never ceases to amaze me with her evilness. NOW, we can't speak ANY English or we lose points on our grade. I'm probably the only one who should be concerned about their grade in French, BUT STILL! She's insane! I remember Madame Bowers talking English and letting us speak English. You know what, Fichtman? Take your little, "Remember: Parle Francais!" and stick it between your FREEDOM cheeks. AHHHHHHHH!

My mom asked what I want to do for my 16th b-day (it IS approaching!), and I still don't know! She knows someone who works for ticketmaster, so she wanted to know if I want to go to a concert, but I looked online and haven't found anything that's in Philly that I want to see this summer! I hope Radiohead's going to tour, but nothing's announced yet, and no one listens to Radiohead so it would have to be me and mommy dearest...she doesn't even like them! The ONLY thing I found was the White Stripes in CENTRAL PARK! I know my mom, and she wouldn't drive up there JUST for me. Ah man, I'll keep looking, but PLEASE GIVE ME SUGGESTIONS, being that I'd try and take some of you if I'm allowed! Give me some feedback, write back at me!

Chorus rehearsal tonight, time to hear some bad s'more singage. It seems like our class knows what we're doing and some people don't, not to sound snotty, but it's the truth. Oh man, I just hope that certain people don't sing near me, that's just what I need. Crikey!

Dan rules...EVEN THOUGH HE GOT A D- IN AP CHEM! BUT, as long as his mum doesn't find out before this weekend (again), he's off the hook, and me and the executive transvestite are going to kidnap him. Mwahahaha. We've invented great words, I thought of one today: honies. Honies = ho + cronies. It's awesome, right my little honies? ;)

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Monday, April 21, 2003

I'd appreciate it if AOL didn't kick me off for once. Spare me man, just this time. Ok, so Jack is back (in black? I'll shut up now.) I'll talk about some random things in this first paragraph, and if you really want to know what I did in the O to the uter B to the anks, then proceed at your own risk. So, it's Monday, and I was officially insane today. Jeff can surely vouch for that. I gave Jeff the pirate figurine I got for him in the O.B. (not B.O. *sniff sniff*) and it was kickass. French was semi-bearable today, AMAZING. I didn't make the play, and I didn't make the Frog Prince (I was conned into auditioning for that) so yeah. I suck. What's new? I got great satisfaction when I walked past a table with an old issue of Seventeen (ok, I am girly.) and flipped the bird to your friend and mine, Avril Lavigne. Dana and I officially hate her. I'll not get into the many reasons why she sucks. Steph rules, she has a new Xanga site, which will enter the Links of Fame (which can be seen to your right) when I feel like it. Or when AOL stops treating me like Fichtman does. Now on to the vacation journal (oOo aAa)...

I drove to the Outer Banks in NC with my Aunt Viv, Uncle Charles, and my brother Kyle. 8-9 hour car ride...can we say SHOOT ME?! Scott didn't go with us, so it was 1/3 times better than usual. On the car ride there, we stopped at an old Life Saving Station, and we saw a shipwreck from the 1800's. Also, we stopped at Assateague Island to see the wild ponies. Yes, they were cute. I listened to Dana's CD many a time, as well as every other CD I own. I also started reading the book Brittany lent me, Witch Child. Good stuff. We checked into the oh-so-classy Comfort Inn, which was, you guessed, beachside and overlooking the mighty Atlantic Ocean. That night, we went to a restaurant called Miller's, and the food was WELL worth the wait. I had tuna, but Aunt Viv got the meal of the night, ocean trout...mmmm. For dessert, Aunt Viv and I split a WHITE CHOCOLATE TRUFFLE WITH RASPBERRY AND VANILLA ICE CREAM INSIDE! Oh, Kyle had a toffee pie, but that dessert was soooo good, I wish you had a bite too. Our waitress kind of looked like Frank's sister, Stephanie. Also, some guy behind Kyle farted and I thought it was him. Highlight of the night, no doubt.

In the morning, we all went out to the beach by the hotel and looked for seashells while Kyle made a sand castle and buried his feet in the sand. Kyle, Kyle, Kyle. That day, we went to the sand dunes at Jockey's Ridge and flew kites. But beforehand, we went to Ben Franklin's gift shop and I bought a pair of crappy $2.79 flip-flops and saw a lot of "Grammy Hats" as well. I had Scott's box kite, which I got him for his birthday, and despite my expectations, the kite was amazing. I flew it so high, but it crashed and...Scott won't be using it anytime soon. Kyle also flew a kite, but it ended up spinning around and around while the string became tangled. Nonetheless, it looked really cool. We raced down the big giant dune twice, and Kyle beat me twice. I guess the old gray mare just ain't what she used to be. Wait, I'm not that old, I just don't get any physical activity...I have flat feet, that's it, heh... After that, we went to the Wright Brothers memorial, and saw how far they flew their plane each time, 4 in all. It was extremely windy, and we decided to head up to Duck. In Duck, we stopped at the Duck Deli, because Jen told me her aunt owns it, but it was so crowded we didn't even get a chance to inquire about her. We visited the Currituck Beack Lighthouse, and I walked up it alone because everyone else was tired. When I got to the top, it was so windy I felt like my little 95-pound body was going to fly away! At night, we went to the Fisherman's Oasis restaurant, and we had a really cool and funny waiter. Believe it or not, the hostess gave me a kids' menu for 12 years and younger. I felt like I was 30 and was being carded. I started joking with the waiter that I was 25, and when he came out with my huge plate of seafood alfredo, he said, "A 25-year-old could finish that!" When I obviously didn't, I admitted I was 24, ok 15. That night marked the SECOND night in a row that a guy near us farted. We have great luck. Our dessert was AMAZING, an orange marmalade pie, with cream cheese on top. It was to die for!

Kyle wanted to see the high tide on the beach in the morning, so we went out again. We went to the Bodie Island Lighthouse, but they wouldn't let us go up to the top because they were in the process of renovation, so we looked up it. Then, we drove to the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, and coincidentally, it was the opening day since they moved it and renovated it. Because it was so crowded, we got a ticket for 4:40 in the afternoon, and decided to try and go to Okracoke Island and come back in time. We waited for over an hour for the ferry to Okracoke Island, and finally we were taken, car and all, to the island. We saw the Okracoke Island Lighthouse, but weren't allowed in because it's actually still in use! We also saw a small cemetery for the British soldiers who were in a ship that was sunken by a Nazi U-boat in WWII near the island. We went to a place called Teach's Hole, and saw a movie and an exhibit on Blackbeard. Pirates are SO awesome. I got a sign there that says, "Property Protected By Pirates" to put...somewhere. We then took a ferry back, and JUST made it to Cape Hatteras. We all climbed to the top...all 208 feet of it! Once again, it was very windy, but Aunt Viv made us all get in some pictures. At night, we went to a little place called Bushwackers. Dinner was pretty good, and they had a little gift shop there, and I saw a drink holder, "coolie" as my dad would call it, that said, "Been in the bush lately?" That's so sick, yet very amusing.

In the morning, we made a quick stop at Souvenir City, where I got a pirate figurine for Jeffy. We also went to Ben Franklin's (again) so Kyle could get the souvenir he wanted the most: a shark fetus floating in a jar of formaldehyde. I love Kyle. Aunt Viv and Uncle Charles quickly ran into Food Lion and the dollar store to pick up some things for our lunchtime feast later in the day of leftovers from all of those wonderful dinners we had. Kyle participated in the easiest Easter Egg Hunt in the history of the world at Kitty Hawk Kites. After that, we went back to our penthouse suite at the l'hotel de Comfort and ate and ate and ate. Lastly, we went to Roanoke Island to see the exhibit and remains of the lost colony. I know it's my nature to despise history...but I admit it was actually interesting. That night, we ate at a very nice restaurant in Wanchese on Roanoke Island called Queen Anne's Revenge (which is the name of Blackbeard's ship). I was allowed to indulge myself, and I ordered filet mignon with fired shrimp, which was delicious! Aunt Viv had a hankering for bouillabaisse, so she went with that. The most interesting thing that happened was that there was a table of 10-15 people near us, and we looked over and saw the kids, and grandma as well, with spoons on their noses. It was hilarious! So, we were inspired, and did the same. I ran out to the car and got my camera and used up the few remaining pictures on me and Kyle with spoons on our noses at a fine dining restaurant. Ironic, I know.

We said farewell to the Comfort Inn and were on the road at about 8:30. The only real stop we made was at Chincoteague Island to see the wild ponies (again). I didn't get out of the car ONCE the whole ride there, I just listened to CDs and finished reading Witch Child, hoping to get home as soon as possible. I was so relieved to be back in the ol' PA, despite wanting to leave it so many times before. It really takes a vacation to make you realize that your home really isn't all that bad. I'm just glad to say I'm back now with the people I love, and I hope to stay here for as long as possible. Home sweet home...;)

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Monday, April 14, 2003

I'd like to start this post off with a song. I'll sing along by myself, but try and guess what person I think of when I listen to. Funny thing, my dad JUST said he saw her yesterday at Manhattan Bagel, and he talked to her mom:

High and Dry
Two jumps in a week,
I bet you think that's pretty clever don't you boy?
Flying on your motorcycle,
watching all the ground beneath you drop
You'd kill yourself for recognition,
kill yourself to never, ever stop
You broke another mirror,
you're turning into something you are not

Don't leave me high, don't leave me dry
Don't leave me high, don't leave me dry

Drying up in conversation,
you'll be the one who cannot talk
All your insides fall to pieces,
you just sit there wishing you could still make love
They're the ones who'll hate you
when you think you've got the world all sussed out
They're the ones who'll spit on you,
you'll be the one screaming out

Don't leave me high, don't leave me dry
Don't leave me high, don't leave me dry

Oh, it's the best thing that you ever had,
the best thing that you ever, ever had.
It's the best thing that you ever had,
the best thing you have had has gone away.

Don't leave me high, don't leave me dry
Don't leave me high, don't leave me dry
Don't leave me high,
Don't leave me high, don't leave me dry

Hey Steph, like the "mirror" part...mwahahahaha. "I'm mean...and I LIKE it!" I listened to that song last night a few times, and I was thinking, wow, it really fits her. Today in math, we were doing a review for the big chapter test, and Mrs. Olsen said, "Ok, now you cross multiply 11 and x" and Kellie said, "Is that 11x or x11?" Then James said, "KELLIE, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? WE'VE KNOWN THAT SINCE SEVENTH GRADE!" I kept laughing with my head on my desk, and she wanted to know why I was laughing...oh man. She never ceases to amaze me!

Last night, I took a shower in "my bathroom", and when I stepped in, there was a spider in there, wrapping up its victim. If you don't know already, I HATE bugs, any bugs, but swear I was on something last night. I just stood there and took the shower, while watching the little spider work. I thought, you know, spiders take care of the overpopulation of bugs, so what good am I doing if I kill it? Seriously, the bug it killed is one less I'd have to kill, so I gave spidey props, yo. I went into the bathroom today, and it was still there. Me and Charlotte are toight. Man, you know you have problems when you check up on a spider friend. I bet, instead of cats, I'll be unmarried with SPIDERS all over the place. Oh man, shoot me if I ever get that bad!

We have to do a fashion show tomorrow for French, because we're studying clothes and "whatnot" (Kaelin!) and I'm wearing...drum roll please...A EUREEKA'S CASTLE RAINJACKET! It's awesome, ok, it smells a tad, but whatever. It's so awesome! It's a children's size 6, and I can manage to get it on, the sleeves are short, but what do you expect? So you got me, they're too long, but I swear I'm growing! Baby steps...millimeter by millimeter. I'm also wearing my old pink and black sneakers from Marshall's, mismatched GIANT plastic earrings, mismatched kiddie gloves, sunglasses, my Lego watch, and my reversable (black/red) velvet beret. I call it "kiddie chic." I'm such a trendsetter, for sure!

I might not blog tomorrow, and if not, I won't until probably Monday or later. Why? I'm going to the Outer Banks from Wednesday-Sunday, and I have to audition for Much Ado About Nothing tomorrow, and pack, so I might not. Wish me luck, I'm sure I'll need PLENTY of it! Happy Easter if I don't blog beforehand! :)

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Saturday, April 12, 2003

I found this quiz on Michelle's Xanga site, and I took it and the result (same as hers) makes me VERY happy:

Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Which 80s High School Movie Are You? ...aka the Molly Ringwald appreciation quiz...

brought to you by Quizilla

You are Ferris Bueller's Day Off: A cool movie about a cool kid and how he spends his day after skipping school: driving his friend's classic Ferrari, scamming an expensive restaurant, catching the ball at a Cubs game, and singing "Danke Schoen" on a float in a parade. Possibly the most popular of the 80s teen movies.

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Last night was really fun. First was Mr. East. Can we say HILARIOUS? The first thing the guys did was dance, and guys dancing is always funny. Jeff and I admired Dave's nice ass. Then, was the swimsuit modeling. Very nice, and...creative. I like how Chris couldn't get his shirt over his head, so slick! After that was the talent portion of the show, and either they sucked, or kicked ass. Kathryn Franklin sang a song before the talent part, I think, but she was really good. Everyone, save a couple, did really well. Then, the stud muffins modeled eveningwear, and slow danced while Melissa Mino sang a little ditty. After that, they announced the top 5 finalists who were Matt Franks, Mike Klenk, Owen Riccardi, Nick Medaglio, and Chris Beans. THEN, Brianna Field-Taylor sang a song and did an AMAZING job, go Brianna! The top 5 finalists were then asked a final question, and everyone gave a funny answer except Nick, which was kind of humorous. I like Mike's response to: "If you could know one of the mysteries of the world, what would it be?" Mike: "Why, in 5th grade, I had an ungodly low voice." Nice going. Chris Beans would like to be Gary Coleman, I never would have thought, haha. In the end, Matt Franks won, and I think he deserved it because he was awesome.

Then, was the (dreaded) cast party. Let me just say that the initiations were the highlight of the night, but maybe that's because shorty afterwards I hit the sack. Ryan got AMAZING pictures of the initiations, I got none, and Brook got many a boob shot. I'm going to I list the ones I remember right now:

Jess Lutz- Eating a banana out of Nick Medaglio's pants
Ryan and Caitlyn- Answering questions about the play, removing an article of clothing if they answered incorrectly. Ryan was dissapointed because he only got to remove his shoes.
Brittany- Guessing what they stuck her feet in while being blindfolded (it was syrup)
Me, Tim, and Lauren- (very gay one) Dressing up in random screwed up clothing and putting on a fashion show (which we spiced up a little)
Jeff and Brook- "Duct Tape Of Doom, "- Kroberger made this up, they had to try to get a roll of duct tape and bringing it back to Wasko the fastest, winner got a lapdance. Brook won, and he got a lapdance from Lauren Fisher, and Jeff gave one to her. Mechanical white boy lapdances = funny as hell.
Kendall- Finding 4 Craisins in whipped cream on Wasko's chest (they only put in 2)
Alex and Val- Toilet paper/duct tape wrapped to each other, and they had to answer questions about the Seniors, wrong answers got them an ice cube down their shirts. Brrr.
Melissa and someone else- Race to see who could eat marshmallows off of 4 guys' belly buttons (one being Coniglio, who is hairy and pregnant, ewwww) It might have been this one, or another, but Jon gave an Irish jig lapdance to Jackie and it was SO DAMN FUNNY! I'm gonna miss Jon next year!
Rob- Pie eating contest w/Jodie, if he won, he got to give everyone a striptease. UNFORTUNETLY, Rob one, and we got more than we wanted, even some crackage WHICH I looked away from. Whew. Scarred for LIFE.
Eric Gromball/Sarah- I don't know which one was which, but Eric had to lick chocolate syrup from Sarah's chest, and he had to lick it off of her feet too. Yum.
Fayth- making a "chocolate tattoo" on Eric Miller's back, then licking it off.
Keith- Nadia would have loved this, unfortunetly, I didn't get to see it, but he had to BEAR IT ALL. They shanked the poor bitch. I was too busy getting ready to make an ass out of myself.
Krissy- Being the Seniors' bitch for the evening.
Zach- Sucking from a bottle of milk located in Jon's pants. Then, he had to moo everytime someone cursed for the whole night.
Kevin- Switching clothes with Meredith from under a sleeping bag
Sam- Rolling the sex dice, and doing something to Paul, Nick, and someone else
There were probably a few, or a lot, that I missed, but I'll just cut to the chase. THIS ONE was the ultimate initiation:
Kaelin and this other girl had to wrestle in a pool with 20 lbs. of spaghetti and sauce in it. Someone added Jello to the mix, which made it interesting. They origially just stood there, but someone, maybe Brook, picked up some spaghetti and flung it at the other girl, and it was a mess, and the wrestling began. Guess what Dana...this was supposed to be YOURS! That was the last initiation, and afterwards, Brittany, Brook, Rob, Wasko, Jeremy, maybe someone else, wrestled in the spaghetti. It made SUCH a mess, and they all had to take showers afterwards. Yummay.

So, after some people left, including Jeff and Jones, Kaelin, Ali, and I attempted to fall asleep on the cold, hard floor. Kaelin and I had sleeping bags, but I think Ali just had a blanket. We were between the living room where people were watching movies (REALLY LOUDLY) and the room where people were playing pool, I think even STRIP pool at one point. It took me forever to fall asleep, especially after Ali, Kaelin and I started talking a lot. I think I fell asleep at about 3-3:30, and woke up at 7:50. At least I got some sleep. I woke up feeling like shat, but it was all good. Lauren's dad took Lauren (obviously), Brittany, Ryan and I home, where I watched Office Space and here I am now. I thought I'd take a nap, but I guess I wasn't quite tired enough. I'll probably end up falling asleep tonight at 9 or something. All I have to say is YOU SHOULD HAVE COME, DANA! Kaelin, you, and a ton of spaghetti would have been HOT! Ah well, there's always next year! ;)

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Thursday, April 10, 2003

Ok, yes, long time no post. Due to popular demand (Steph), I'm back. I haven't blogged in a while mainly because of these reasons:
1) The play was my life.
2) AOL and Blogger want to kill me, and have kicked me offline everytime I try to post.
3) I'm too lazy. But you already knew that.

So here's the scoop on the past week. Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday afternoon were the Oklahoma performances. Not only did we kick hick ass, but we had a blast while doing it. Friday night was probably our best performance because we were nervous and excited and when you mix those too, it's a rush like no other. During the past weekend, I got to bond with everyone, expecially Dana, and it felt good to get spend some quality time with friends, while dancing like whores. Can't forget the whore dancing! Oh, I have to mention that some kid yelled "Again?!" while Adrienne and Keith kissed for the second time, and Keith said it was the most adorable thing ever. Friday night, Dan and Frank came and that was "hyper-cool" (go French) because with our powers combined, we...no, not Captain Planet, but equally as cool. Ok, maybe cool was the wrong word. More like screwed up, but whatever, we need to hang out more. Jeff got to meet Frank, and the whole meeting was "kicked up a notch" when Queen Jeff bitch slapped Princess Dan because he defied her...um, him. Nonetheless, it was HILARIOUS. Also, on Friday night, we had a opening night party in the cafeteria with a DJ and all! (oOo aAa). Actually, the DJ kinda sucked, but so did the one we had at EVERY Tamanend dance, so it was like a trip back to middle school, or old school as we ghetto folk say. There were, however, some funny moments from the little shindig, including Jeff crowd surfing, Paul dancing, and yeah, we were all drugged pretty much. The guys all ran outside at one point for what it seemed like no reason, I don't know, but yeah. High off of adrenaline...that's it...

Speaking of funny moments, there were MANY from the play. I'll list them in fragments, because SCREW ENGLISH CLASS! HAHAHAHA...I need meds. Dana lifting me over her shoulder and spanking my ass while I spanked hers. Dave, Sarah and my rendition of Captain Planet (moment ruined by Fichtman), boob feather dueling avec Dana, Kaelin's and my Oklahoma dance backstage, Dana's kiss on my face, "Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta" and "Down For Whatever" courtesy of Jeffy, eating the calzones and many other tasty goodies at intermission, Fichtman suction cupped to the ceiling equipped with a sniper rifle, Nick's comedy skits (Dana- "Who does that?!"), watching Comedy Central while everyone else is working their aces off onstage, and, the ULTIMATE, #1, ALL-TIME FUNNIEST THING IN THE WORLD...I have to explain this in detail, so you'll be amused by it too...

(Scene: Faculty dining room a.k.a. whore central.)
Dana, Kaelin and Jacquie having conversation. This is our dressing room, by the way. Lisa talks about how hot Mr. Smith is and how he was outside our door. Conversation goes on about something else, I guess. All of a sudden, Dawn says:

"Am I missing something?"...

...while her right boob hangs out of her leotard.

*Dana and Jacquie exchange glances*

Dana: Um...*trying not to laugh*...I have to go to the bathroom to change...
Jacquie: Um, I'll go with you! Heh, to see Mr. Smith and...yeah...

*Dana and Jacquie run to hallway and fall over laughing while attempting to tell people about what just happened*

But they just couldn't know how damn funny that was. You had to be there, it was the ultimate shizbee.

So anyway, Saturday night's performance (for me) was absolute an absolute masterpiece...of shit. I ran into a fence while dancing, but before that, I went out too early then I ran back. It was more of a "peek and step" than a run across the stage, but it was noticeable. My dad noticed it, but maybe that's because he was watching me the whole time. But so what, it was as fun as anything. Other people do sports, but I whore dance. I rather enjoyed saying "Dorothy" then exposing my whore skirt and saying "Whorethy" and repeating this over and over. Hey, this reminds me of the "Dan/Dana" cellphone trick. So I'm easily amused, I have ADHD, remember? Hehe. ADHD people rule.

After Saturday night's performance, I went straight home and slept until 1:00 on Sunday! Insane, yes, but whoring it up takes a lot out of a person. Sunday's performance went better than Saturday's, but that's usually how it goes. Like the business cycle, there's a play cycle. Opening day is awesome, Saturday's can range from "bad" to "suckass" and then Sunday's is better or on par with Friday's. After Sunday's performance, we had to do "set strike" which is like clean up, but everyone had a different task. Guess what the whores had to do? Take out the big sign that was like stuck to the fence with a million plastic ties. It took FOREVER, but yeah, we eventually got it done. After that, it was all over. It was sad, really. I thought I'd NEVER miss the play, but you can't judge that on the rehearsals, because we all know that they are a pain in the arse. The show makes you wants to do Oklahoma everyday, because you'd always be in a euphoric and excited state. No worries, or as they say in the Lion King, "Hakuna Matata."

As of now, I still miss the play. Caitlyn and I sing Oklahoma songs in math, we're so pathetic. Earlier today, I went online and looked up the words to "Scandal and Outrage" because it's been in my head 24/7. I think I'm going to end up buying an Oklahoma video and cast picture. *Sigh* I can't help it, I miss being around everyone all the time, I didn't even get sick of it once, which is probably I liked everyone, well MOSTLY everyone. (except for commies, right Dana?) I'm actually going to try out for "Much Ado About Nothing" on Tuesday. I know I just did a play, but I enjoy acting a lot more than singing, (maybe because I can't sing) and hopefully I'll get a part! One of the performance days is on my b-day, but I don't think I'll mind if I get in, which I highly doubt. I just know I had fun with The Tempest in 5th grade so hey, maybe I'll like this too. However, the part I had as Trinculo (the drunk jester) was screaming my name. Oh well, it's worth a try!

Mr. Bower wasn't in BMT today because he is in Myrtle Beach with the band, so we got to watch Back To The Future 2, and it was of course Michael J. Fox-y. The sub was a slight biznitch, but I was talking so I guess she had the right to be. Whoopsie. She said, "CAN I HAVE 2 MINUTES OF YOUR TIME? I'LL MARK YOU ABSENT IF YOU DON'T STOP TALKING!!!!" Prozac, anyone?

Dan = fluffy bunnykins bitch
Me = Jamison hillbilly whore
How great is THAT? Almost as good as the izznet!

I got a full dosage of Radiohead the past two days. Tuesday, I saw the "Creep" video on MTV2 and yesterday I saw Radiohead playing "The National Anthem" on SNL, the "Fake Plastic Trees" video, and a thing about their first U.S. performance on the Arsenio Hall show. Quote: "They're BAD!" - Arsenio Hall. Bad meaning rocking...right? Whatever. It was great, but I can't relate with anyone about Radiohead's greatness because no one else listens to them.

Tomorrow night is Mr. East from 7:30-10 and the Oklahoma cast party at Amanda Golia's house from...after Mr. East and until whenever. Almost like a "?"...haha, Dana. Initiations are going to be..."interresting" for sure. I wonder what mine is, or should I say, JEFF'S and my initiation. Hopefully it will be more creative than perverted, but this is Patriot Playas we be talking about, yo. We're sick and whorey thesbians.

I hope I've gotten you (Steph) up-to-date on everything that's been happening, and please, feel free to comment! I'll post later about the dun dun DUN...CAST PARTY!!! Let's just hope I'll be in one piece afterwards...heh...

~ Cheeky Chaker (my play nickname from Kaelin)

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Friday, April 04, 2003


...and tomorrow night, and sunday as well.

I'm excited! True, I didn't get to be a "teaser" today, but I swear I'm in the play. REALLY. Ok, two scenes, but still. Alright, I'm really an illegal alien named Rico, and I got in the play because I sold Fichtman some of the finest shiz I have. This is so random, I'm loving it.

Yesterday, I stayed home from school because I felt like crapola and a half in the morning. I watched Office Space (AGAIN), folded millions of clothes, vacuumed AND practiced the piano. So I didn't feel THAT bad, but I was sure as hell a productive sick person. I don't know what was wrong with me. I started thinking crazy thoughts like, "Wht if I indeed have a stomach ulcer?" then "What if that ulcer got progressively worse and exploded one day?" then I fell asleep. I'm not a hypochondriac...really...heh. It was a coincidence because I talked to Frank (without a c) last night and it turns out he was actually SICK, and he didn't go to school either. I hope he makes it to the play tonight, that would suck if he didn't and died or something. I told him not to die and he said he'd do his best.

So yeah, play tonight, I'm ready to kick some ballet whore ass. Oh, I have to go eat dinner than leave! I'll give ya'll a status report asap.

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Me in a tree. Circa 1990.

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