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Life of the Bored and Taskless.

Monday, May 31, 2004

I had the house for a few hours to myself today.

So what did I do?

I danced around in my pjs to Ben Folds Five. It was amazing.

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Yay for useless online quizzes! If you know me, then you know this result is a little bit true.

obsessive compulsive

Which Personality Disorder Do You Have?
brought to you by Quizilla

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When I plan on sleeping in, I wake up early. When I have to wake up early, I want to sleep in. Cripes.

Yesterday was rather fun. I went on a blind date, I guess you would say, with Dan's friend Drew. We went to Tomatoes, ate, and then walked over to GameStop and just sat down and talked. We basically talked for the whole time, I guess from 6ish to 10:30. Good stuff. He's a really nice guy, and I think we shall hang out in the future, especially because there are some movies I need to see!

When we were in Tomatoes, Dan Keller, Nick Wetzel and Chuck walked by, what a coinkydink! I wish I could have yelled "Chicken fucker!" at Nick, but I was kind of in a restaurant and it hit me after he walked by. Oh well.

I had a weird dream (surprise, surprise!) two nights ago, and the only part worth mentioning is that someone said that my mom got raped by a dog. That makes me giggle. Hm, I wonder what breed the rapist was...

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Saturday, May 29, 2004

I'm Xanga-hopping on a Saturday...that says a lot.

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I went fundraising for Relay for Life today with Jen, Jess, and Christina. Jen and Jess went their own way, and the midgets went another.

Let's just say that we had some very "interesting" experiences...

Much to your displeasure, and mine, I'm going to elaborate.

We went to one house, and this little kid came to the door after we waited awhile. He pressed his nose against the screen and, trying not to laugh, we asked if his "mommy and daddy" were there. He shook his head and walked away. We could clearly hear adult voices in the background. When we walked away laughing, the kid and a lady (his mother, possibly, who knows?) were watching us through a window. The phrase "WEIRDED OUT" fits nicely with our reaction to this.

After that, we had to deal with a stalker. That's right, a stalker. Some kid around the age of 5 or 6 was in the driveway of one of the houses we went to, and when we left, he followed us. We were at the house next to his, waiting for someone to answer the door, and we could see him in the glass of the door. He followed us down the driveway, then disappeared. We came back that way later on, and he was hiding behind a car in his driveway. He repeated the process of peeking out, then running away several times, he even hid under the car once. Yeah. Maybe it's because we look like we're 12, or maybe we're just prone to stalkers. Nonetheless, it was very amusing.

Oh, and I also had a nice slip and said that "Jesus loves Cancer" today. I meant to say the American Cancer Society, but this sounds much better, I'm sure.

If anyone wants to write a two-page paper on Physical Therapy, let me know. Boy, do I have a job for YOU! *Uncle Sam poster pose*

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I just got a roll of film developed that I had NO IDEA what it was from...

Best. Pictures. EVER.

I'm bringing them in on Tuesday for the world to see. :)

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I was reading 1984 this morning, and I realized that "Fitter Happier" by Radiohead reminded me of the book. Just thought I should share.

I wrestled with myself more about science and God this morning. I think I probably will for a long time.

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Friday, May 28, 2004

Dan and I had a wonderful phone conversation tonight. Pokemon, McDonald's commercial songs, you name it. My Friday night was not so bad after all. Thank you, Dan.

I've come to realize that I think the most RIGHT before I go to sleep. Last night, I started thinking about God and science and their roles in society...and then I told my brain to shut the hell up. My brain is going to just pack its bags one day, I'm sure it's getting tired of just sitting around most of the time while I daydream and joke around. With a "Bitch, please" and the "talk to the hand" motion, it will board the 8:00 flight to Vegas or something. I'll wave goodbye and say "Bon chance, mon ami!" with a stupid grin. Maybe some drool added in there too. Hopefully it will have more luck than I do.

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Thursday, May 27, 2004

I didn't go to school today. Why?
1) I didn't want to.
2) I needed a mental health day.
3) I didn't write my draft for my college essay last night (which I could have done in Music Theory and photo, but decided it would be best to relax)
4) I wanted to have messed up dreams. No, not really, but I ended up having them anyway. Among the million I had was one involving a talk show, a family, and dinosaur ride at Universal Studios. And then it was in Spanish for a few seconds until I woke up. I don't even know Spanish. Unfortunetly, no Asian was involved this time...damn.

So basically, I slept in, ate milkless Fruity Pebbles (actually, it was the store brand stuff, huzzah for my cheapass redneck father!), watched Fight Club (EXCELLENT movie, I'm still thinking about it) and finished my college essay about my trip to France.


All I have to say is that I can't wait for the weekend to come.

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Wednesday, May 26, 2004

This amused me for over an hour, it's randomy goodness.

Blah. That's how I can describe this week so far. Nothing terribly wonderful happened, so I won't discuss much because of the lack of things to discuss.

As much as I hate getting sunburn, working at archaeology camps, and the hot weather...summer is looking more appealing than it ever was. I'm sure everyone agrees with me here. Skin cancer, or an ass-raping from Hell (English class)?...Personally, I think I prefer the Melanoma.

I will eventually do the draft for the college essay that I was supposed to do last night. Eh, maybe not. All I know is that Senioritis is kicking in early for me, maybe you too.

Oh yeah, Dana gave me the Halfway to Somewhere CD that we "co-bought." Really good stuff.

T-t-t-that's all, folks!

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Monday, May 24, 2004

Well, I fixed everything, and added that super foxy picture over there. Li'l Abner, 7th grade. This is when I first learned that being a hick prostitute was not something to be ashamed of. I mean, look how I ended up! Thanks, Li'l Abner! *Thumbs up*

I think, instead of resizing the picture, I'm going to purposely keep it asymmetrical. I think Photo 1 is influencing me. Actually, I don't think it is, I know it is. The other day, I caught myself squatting down and to see if whatever I was looking at would make a nice picture from a lower perspective. I'm turning into my teacher, Mrs. Tomlinson...yikes. Soon I'll go on psycho killing sprees because of a misplaced pair of scissors or the sight of a dust spot on a photo. Watch out, I'M GONNA KILL YA! *Crazed Cheri Oteri smile*

I still need tickets to that concert on July 7th. Oh well.

I'm thinking for my birthday or some other occasion, I'm going to go to the movies for a whole day and see if I get away with it. If you'd like to come, just tell me. It would be splendiferous. I think that's the closest I'm ever going to get to committing a crime, especially in this place. Judging from the other night, I'm sure I'll get some sort of a "rush" from doing this, because I'm that much of a dork.

I mean...look at that picture.

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Sunday, May 23, 2004

I'm afraid of change in life, so I figured that I wouldn't be with my blog. I needed to change it. Ok...well, it was prompted by the fact that Blogger was messing with me, and I thought I lost the template. BUT after I recovered it, I went with it. I hope you like it, whoever may read this. I'll add in a VERY hot picture of myself later, but until then, goodnight!

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"I've been thinking with my guts since I was fourteen years old, and frankly speaking, between you and me, I have come to the conclusion that my guts have shit for brains."

~ Nick Hornby "High Fidelity"


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My brain has been temporarily disabled. Why? My dad is blasting HORRIBLE country music on his stereo, as if everyone didn't know that we're a bunch of hicks already.

I can't even think straight, but I'll try.

I've never eaten so much in one weekend. Well, mainly Friday. Brittany, Jess, Jen and I went to the Willow Grove Mall. On the way there, Jen accidentally ripped off the handle on Brittany's car. Oh, the hilarity. We went into Victoria's Secret, and this gay guy who worked there approached us and inquired if we wanted to try their new "super SEXY spray" and if we wanted "a spritz" of it. I almost cracked up, it was great. I love gay guys, and figured that Dan is going to be that guy later on in life, especially because he's very talented at guessing bra sizes. After perusing the shops, and spotting a mini-Marina Moser (the resemblence was INSANE) we went to Zaifa and picked up some Chinese food. We rented Scary Movie 3 from Blockbuster, went back to Brittany's, and pigged out on Chinese, popcorn, and candy. Food = good.

Yesterday, I went to my brother's baseball game, and finished High Fidelity. Now I'm in the mood to watch the movie, go figure. I went to the movies with Bridget, Laura, and Christina, and saw Mean Girls...and Shrek 2. Yeah, we're THAT badass. After seeing Mean Girls, and before sneaking into Shrek 2, Bridget and I spotted a movie called "Main Hoon Na" or something like that, exchanged glances, and ran into that theater. It turned out to be an Indian movie, and the best part about it was that they spoke random phrases in English that matched with the subtitles. SO funny. Knowing how weird I am, I bet I'll end up seeing that movie. Shrek 2 was good, not as good as the first, but entertaining nonetheless.

So now, I'm just relaxing before tomorrow. I can't wait for school to be over. I'm going to stop because I can't think of anything else to say, and I'm rambling. TTYL! a-HA!


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Tuesday, May 18, 2004

hey guyz, liek omg, i can't wait for summer! i wanna look for all da hottiez and chillax wit my gurls hehe well i gots ta go leave me sum luvin LYLAS

...I think I have become a stronger person by typing that. That REALLY tested my nerve. It makes me sad to think that there are a lot people who actually write things like that. Well, I threw in the LYLAS for my own personal enjoyment, but still. I think people are just lucky that I don't become an English teacher because I have OCD, and I can't stand spelling mistakes and abbreviations (even online). The English language had a lack of z's for a reason, let's keep it that way.

In all seriousness, I really cannot wait for summer to roll around. Not because of the unbearably hot weather, or the awesome burn I'm going to work on (maybe I'll get melanoma! tehe!) but because I'm sick of doing schoolwork, and this SAT prep course I'm taking outside of school is killing me. I'll stop complaining now, but it's just that my Polish brain can't handle so much schooling in one day. The SAT is such crap; it is a logic test, and not everyone is good with logic. *Points to self* I also do not have an incredible vocabulary, but I manage. All I'm going to need in the future is "Hey big boy, wanna have a good time?" Possibly, if my dreams come true, "Hey Mr. President, wanna have a good time?"

Hey, a girl can dream, can't she? LOL!


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Monday, May 17, 2004

After seeing the movie High Fidelity (starring one of my favorite actors, John Cusack) a long time ago, I decided I'd like to read the book, by Nick Hornby. Today, I stopped by the library, picked it up, and have been enjoying it since. So far, this is my favorite quote:

"People worry about kids playing with guns, and teenagers watching violent videos; we are scared that some sort of culture of violence will take them over. Nobody worries about kids listening to thousands--literally thousands--of songs about broken hearts and rejections and pain and misery and loss. The unhappiest people I know, romantically speaking, are the ones who like pop music the most; and I don't know whether pop music has caused this unhappiness, but I do know that they've been listening to the sad songs longer than they've been living the unhappy lives."

Oh, the power of music...

Oh, pedophiles...

The sight of the author's name on the book reminds me of the time when I was on a class trip to Washington D.C. While Lauren and I were eating lunch, some guy sitting nearby turned his chair towards us, then put his legs up on another chair and was staring at us occasionally while reading from his Nick Hornby novel. Maybe he had good taste in literature...

...but he was really fucking creepy.

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Saturday, May 15, 2004

So I'm listening to The Postal Service with the bass on and it's not helping my headache much, but the headache can do what it wants. I'm content.

Ah. Last night Jess, Jen, Brittany and I pigged out at Brittany's house (trampoline time included, of course) and went to see Mean Girls. I expected it to be really lame, but turned out to be really funny. The SNL cast members added humor to it, and who doesn't love girls talking about wideset vaginas. Oh yeah.

After that, we perused the "D-Town scene" which was lacking of...everything. It's really overrated, but I knew that already. Anyway, I made the crew stop into Siren Records, and bought "Give Up" by The Postal Service (what I'm listening to now). The best part of it...

(Jacquie at counter getting CD rung up by cashier girl, random male employee enters stage right, looks at CD on counter)
Guy: I am OBSESSED with that CD!
Jacquie: Really? (gets excited that someone else likes the same music then gazes into his amazing blue eyes in a dumbfounded manner and smiles with a stupid grin)
(Guy says other things, but Jacquie does not notice because of the guys's eyes. God, those eyes were incredible. Erm. I mean, Jacquie was indifferent to them...)

So, the trip to Siren Records was well worth it in two aspects. I'd like to have a picture of that guy's eyes, I think I'd never tire of that sight. Well, it's obvious what I see first in the opposite sex now, isn't it? The whole Postal Service thing helped too.

Wow. Anyway...today Jess, Jen, Brittany, Christina and I walked around New Hope, which was very mobbed because of the nice weather. We went into this CD store called Spinsters and saw a familiar face there, but he left before I could say hi. Poo. We ate at El Taco Loco, and went back to Jess's and watched Chappelle's Show while her little, yappy dog attacked us. Good times.

I took my "Depth of Field" pictures for photo today. I mentioned a little while ago that I saw a nice little stream that I wanted to take pictures of, not like anybody would remember, but I did that today. The guy who owns the property on which the stream runs through came out while I was taking pictures from the road and I kind of...walked away briskly. He motioned for me to come back, asked if I was taking pictures for a school project and told me I could walk through his property (which was an AMAZING garden) as long as I didn't mention his name or where he lives. Apparently, he gets mobbed with kids sometimes who are doing projects. He told me he's a retired artist (what he DIDN'T mention was that he used to draw political cartoons for the Inquirer) and that his property is actually a registered wildlife reserve. He has a little frog pond and has all sorts of tubes that circulate water from the stream to them and back again. He also houses wrens, which eat all of the annoying insects.

His yard was so beautiful, it had little winding paths, flowers, bushes, statues, everything. I just hope I did its beauty justice. He said he always wanted his son to take a picture of it, but he's too busy, but maybe if my pictures turn out well, I'll give him a print because he was so friendly and welcoming to me. I wish there were more people in this world like that.

Anyway, that's enough jibbajabba on my behalf. I'll leave you all with a quote from...The Postal Service:

I want so badly to believe that "there is truth, that love is real,"
and I want life in every word, to the extent that it's absurd.
I know you're wise beyond your years, but do you ever get the fear
that your perfect verse is just a lie that you tell yourself to help you get by?

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Thursday, May 13, 2004

I know that the link doesn't work for the picture. I'm sure if I wanted you to see the picture, you've seen it by now. If not...stop by my locker and have a little peek.

Speaking of links, here's a really unnecessary one that Dana and I spotted today. Just tell me, WHY?

On that note, I did some "fun stuff" with Dana's peanut butter today. Take that anyway you like it, it's probably accurate.

I spent last weekend with my mom. It wasn't bad as I thought it was going to be, but I figured, hey, for Mother's Day, why not grace my mother with my presense? Hah. So yeah, it wasn't that bad, but I had to pretend that I believed in God in front of her boyfriend's parents. Oh well.

I don't know what to do, but I want to do SOMETHING. If I don't, I'd feel like I'd be a failure of a friend. I'm just so angry right now. Grr. What it is, mother fucker.

The choir concert went well last night, even though the heat was at times unbearable. It was the last choir concert for the seniors and the juniors as a whole before the East/South split next year. Although the year isn't over yet, it was another reminder of the inevitable. Things are going to be so different next year, choir being one of those. It's going to be interesting, that's for sure.

I guess I'm done now.

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Saturday, May 08, 2004

SUCH a hot picture. ;)

It should be entitled "Choir Girls Gone Wild." Those Pilgrim outfits really make you want to rebel.

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I think I need to get more sleep. My defenses are down, and I'm starting to get sick. Maybe it's not the lack of sleep. I don't know. I've been chugging tea all day, but maybe I need some Red Bull or something. The imported Russian kind, that is. I think that's the closest I've ever gotten to drug usage (next to NyQuil).

Yesterday, I went to Christina's soccer game with Bridget. Good stuff. We could have gotten to West's stadium in a short amount of time...but we "chose" to take the scenic route, while blasting "Love Shack" and "Superfreak" with the windows down in the minivan through Doylestown. We're such thugs.

I had the coolest sub ever for Music Theory yesterday. Mr. Bower left a DVD of an Earth, Wind, and Fire concert that we had to watch. It was mildly painful, and the sub asked, "Does Mr. Bower hate you or something?" It seems so. So, after an hour of choreographed performances, which were requested by home viewers (one being a bird name Maxine) he shut it off, asking, "Wanna hear some Pixies?" I nearly died. I think I was the only person who seemed genuinely excited by this, but it made my day. He also played a song by Joy Division and asked us which movie it was from, which was Donnie Darko, a movie that everyone is adamant on me seeing. So yeah, this guy was cool, and what kind of freaked me out is that he looked like an older Frank. The resemblance was insane, in my opinion anyway.

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Thursday, May 06, 2004

I woke up this morning and felt sick to my stomach and started shaking a little bit. I don't know what my body has on its agenda, but that certainly wasn't on mine. Whatever. So, I stayed home today, missing my appointment with the guidance counselor about college and being in the newspaper picture of with of the people who received "all distinguished" on their Graduation Projects...

I think I'm better off here.

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Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Because I don't want to do anything right now, I randomly looked through the archives of this mother. Man, if anyone thinks I have ADD NOW, take a look at this:

Thursday, January 24, 2002

"I am so hungry. I'm going implode in a second. Seriously, I didn't eat at all today, and I have 7th period lunch. Grrr. I hope in high school next year I have like 5th period lunch, because I'm starved. My new favorite word: lackadaisical. It means lazy, and me, Bridget, and Allie are on the quest to spread the word. (ha, get it? ok, i'll stop). I just took my S.S. midterm essay on the oh-so-interesting topic of problems farmers on the Great Plains had to face. How stupid. Hi Jess! She's the best. She has cool socks. Yay! Flame socks. I have toesocks, as usual. Olsen Twins. You can't run. I'm gonna getchoo."

I wish I shot myself. Past Jacquie was right though, lackadaisical IS a great word. And yeah, the Olsen Twins should die as well.

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I went to the dollar store today and proved to myself that I have a very dirty mind. Maybe the Orlando trip is still affecting me.

I looked in the stationary section, and saw "retractable pens" which on first glance was "retractable penis."

Go me.

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I just talked to Dan so things are a little better. I just have to occupy myself...with non-productive things, like gurl.com. I know, pathetic, but I have internet ADD so I just go to whatever site pops into my head. Maybe I should listen to the Pixies and dance around, that usually makes things better. Ben Folds is right in saying that it sucks to grow up, and we fight it, but I'm excepting the fact that I have to move on, and I'm trying to do so. I need to surround myself with people and also have time alone, but then again, I've always been like that.

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Tuesday, May 04, 2004

"Stop the bus, I wanna be lonely."

Actually, I'm not sure. I thought so, but apparently not.

I've gone through like 10 stages within the past few days. Now I'm at my worst. And I think I'm PMSing too. I'm not too fond of hormones and feelings at the moment. I'd like to be a robot now, but it's not working out.

I need to stop thinking about all of the good times. I need to focus on something else, like dead babies or something.

Here's some good dead baby jokes from the Orlando trip:

What's the difference between a trampoline and a baby?
- You take off your cleats when you get on a trampoline.

What's small, red, and can't fit in a hallway?
- A baby with a harpoon through its skull.

and my PERSONAL favorite:

How do you fit 100 babies into a box?
- A blender.
How do you get the babies OUT of the box?
- Tortilla chips.

I'm going to go take a shower or something. I need to cleanse myself in more ways than one...take that as you will. I need some Ben Folds and a hot cup of tea right about now, but it's late, and I'm really tired.


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Monday, May 03, 2004

...So maybe I shouldn't have been direct. I made accusations which I thought were valid, but apparently weren't. My irrationality can be backed up, but nonetheless, it was wrong, so I apologize. I'd like to retract everything I've said about that over the weekend.

Well, life goes on...

...but thanks for the good times. I'll never forget them.

*Sigh* Everything is so crazy. I'm going to resolve this by going to bed. Maybe if I'm lucky, I'll have another dream revolving around Dan's penis. I can only hope. *Crosses fingers*


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As much as I hate country music, I have to quote Shania Twain right now...

"Man, I feel like a woman."

So the Orlando trip was very interesting, and I think more than anything, it was a time to bond with my friends and I learned quite about myself and other people as well. Particularly one person.

I'm not going to go through everything that I did because, frankly, I'm too lazy. All I have to say is that:
1) Choir and Orchestra kicked ass in the competition.
2) I had the best roommates in the world.
3) I trust people way too much sometimes.
4) I like being direct, and I'm going to genuinely try from now on to be more direct.

So, I'm single now, and I've been enjoying it since Sunday. I woke up, and it was a new beginning. I've also gained some confidence, which is always good. I think I'll be more than ok.

I have to go do "homework" (nothing) right now, so I'll talk to you later. ;)

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Me in a tree. Circa 1990.

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