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Life of the Bored and Taskless.

Sunday, March 31, 2002

FDDDS (see 3/28) Status: I gots me a dress! I am so happy. After searching everywhere at the Montgomery Mall on Friday for about 3 hours, I found one at Sears. Yes, the home of power tools. It is really pretty, and I hope that I don't sound like a priss or anything talking about dresses. Well, I AM called a priss everyday by someone (Russell). Anyway, it's like a peach satiny thing, with one strap (ooo risque!) and it's fairly long. Freshman Day is my birthday (which is also Flag Day, by the way). That's June 14th, so if anyone wants to wish me a happy one, hint hint, do so. I don't know if I should give out my e-mail and screename or not. On AOL, I've been having an issue with too many e-mails from like porno sites. Ew. My aunt is all cautious now, so I'm actually thinking twice about opening e-mails. (I do open some occasionally, the ones from people I don't know, to check if they are people who changed their screename or something.)

At the moment, I am watching Rugrats. My brother stole the remote (or "zapper" as we refer to it as) after he gave it to me and I put on Comedy Central. He claimed "I don't like this, change it" before he stole the remote that little creep I am going to make him a rugrat when I punch him down into the floor. Note to self: anger management classes at 6:30 at the township building on Tuesdays. ok. right. So, I have trained my little brothers (7 and 8) to be a MTV2 freak like me. You better believe it! Here's an example of what my "training" has done:

(Scene: Kyle (7) on couch watching MTV2, Dad in kitchen. Dad tells Kyle to eat vitamin C tablet, because he forgot to at breakfast.)

Dad: Kyle, come into the kitchen and take your vitamin C. You forgot to take it at breakfast.
Kyle: Wait Dad, after this song.

Did you see that?! Any other kid would either say ok, then run in and take it, or find an other excuse to not take it. But not my Kyle. He is so MTV2 inclined it's amazing. At his age I was listening to oldies and watching TLC and Nick Jr. I wish someone clued me in on other things. I'm his Musical Mentor. No Britney for Kyle, he listens to Linkin Park, Papa Roach, Gorillaz, etc. When he said that, he was watching the X-Ecutioners feat. Mike Shinoda and Mr. Hahn from Linkin Park. He listens to heavier rock than I do! I'm a wussy Weezette. And darn proud of it!

This afternoon when eating Oodles of Noodles (I can live off of that stuff for life), Kyle called the "freezer" a "freezure". Almost like a freezer/seizure. Then I added Freezer Seizure to "The List Of Names I Would Name A Band If I Had A Band" list. Last night I got Albequerque Turkey from a commercial. I hope those people don't sue me if I use that someday. I also have Toxic Nail if I were to go heavy metal or goth. That came from assessment when I was coloring my nail with a black Sharpie and I was huffing the toxic "non-toxic" fumes coming from my nail. That Sharpie took forever to come off of my thumbnail. In Communication Tech, I got a name of a festival in which many bands, including "my band", would play at. The Techinical Powwow. Behold the ingenuity, folks. I sat down next to Brian and I think Dan, and they were doing stuff with our video, and I said, "Hey, this is like a techinical powwow!" Brian was like, "Did you just say powwow?" It was creative and spontaneous, my best material. Maybe I should do improv, like the dudes on "Who's Line Is It Anyway?" That would be fun. I'll add that to my list of things I might want to do when going into the working world. So far I have actress, teacher (I guess science), musician (piano? lead vocals sounds nice though, but if only I could sing). That's about all. I used to want to be an author, but then realized I completely lost the will and talent to write anything in 7th grade. I also wanted to be a banker for some reason when I was really young. I don't know why. Once again, a result of my disturbed childhood. Actually, disturbed life in general.

Kellie and I walked to Bridget's house yesterday. Fun. At one point, we layed in the street and looked at the clouds. Then Bridget rollerbalded away, and we went to Dana's house. If she was there, which she wasn't, then she would have thought some stalker was at the door. We rang the doorbell like 6 times, and I knocked too. The we layed on her driveway for about a minute then left. Stalking? Perhaps. Later, we didn't do much. We watched The Princess Diaries, my life story except about the whole princess shananigans. I even have the frizzy hair.

Mmmmm. I smell the "Easter Ham" cookin' away in the kitchen. My dad put pinapple on it, ahhh the mouth-watering aroma of Easter Hams. Hey Dana, does that ring a bell? (Except for the different holiday). Sorry people, inside joke. Ew. Ew. Ew. My brother went to MTV and it was the new Creed video. Animated Scott Stapp shirtless. Another way to become sick in 5 seconds or less.

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Thursday, March 28, 2002

Ladies and gentlemen....the quote of the week, courtesy of my Archbishop Wood TheAter Camp buddy Michelle (who will soon make the Mister Rogers movie with me, I hope).....

"Remember Alf? Well, he's back. In pog form."

This quote from a site she was on launched a conversation of past toy fads. Cabbage Patch Kids. Polly Pockets. Tamagotchis. Furbys. Pogs. Krazy Bones. Alf. Oh the simple materialistic joys of childhood. Yes, I am downloading another Suburban Advantage song. This will be #2. (One is on a burned CD). 1 + 2 = 3 total songs I have heard by Pat Wilson and his greatness. 90%....come on you stupid #@%$*&^!%@$#^. Sorry, the frustration of having a 56K modem is unbearable, and I'm sure all of you out there with it know what I'm talking about. Spider Solitaire is as addictive as NyQuil. Just thought you all should know that.

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Wow. A loooong time since the last blog. I figured I'd go into withdraw soon if I didn't. So the "Freshman Day Dance Dress Saga" continues. What did I find so far? NOTHING. Is it a crime to be a short twig? Because nothing was below a size 3, which was a rare find. I guess they figure the average girl is already bigger than a 0-1 who's looking for that kind of dress, which is true. Where are the stores for the abnormal, horizontally and vertically challenged people? It's not fair. The one size 3 dress I found that I really liked was a nice light blue color, but there was a problem. Broken zipper. Cripes. Then I went to Marshalls (I shoud shop there, really), Fashion Bug (NOTHING) and the Bon Ton (DITTO). Ok, last options: 1) Find something at the Montgomery Mall (FAT CHANCE) or 2) Have my grandmom make me one. Don't get me wrong, my grandmother could probably pull off something great, but that would take a lot of time and effort on her part, and for Freshman Day, maybe it's not worth it. I might just not go, although I want too. Sigh.

Did anyone notice something in school today? I wasn't there. I was "sick". For the past few days (and right now as I type) I have had a stomach virus type...thingy. This morning, however, I did not. I sort of welllllll, faked, it. I didn't want to get out of bed, and I thought that if it came back, being in school would be more hell than usual. The language competition yesterday, "Un Dos Drei", went well. I had the "honor" to say the long intro explaining the rules, contestants, yadda yadda. Why can't I say Senora??? I said it perfectly fine twice, then on Senora Gray's name, I said "Senor...Senor...SENORA GRAY." Marc is a funny funny kid. In his French responses, he claimed that he liked horseback riding, and puts on makeup. Thank you Marc for making my skipped Social Studies class worth while. Congrats to the winners.

I need to tweak this site a little. NOT screw it up, like I did. No more designing my own layout for now. I'll just sitback and cruise on someone's copyright. (It's not illegal). I can't believe my site meter. It's high. NO NOT LIKE THAT. Thank you everyone for visiting this piece of jackshit. May it always be worse than yours. If you want to see webpage wizardry by chicks that kickass, go here, to Rock-Queen.com. They have got perfection + rock down pat. Speaking of pat, I have been listening to Pat Wilson's early 1993 project, Suburban Advantage, (well one song) lately. It's just a Jacquie kind of song. "Let's Go To The Mall" is how everyone's trying to rip you off and how clothing is made by sweat shop laborers and sold by stores in malls. It has sort of an evil/spooky vibe to it. Also, I got Dashboard Confessional's CD, "The Places You Have Come To Fear The Most." Awesome stuff, buuuuuuut I think Phantom Planet is higher on my list than that. You use "than" when comparing and "then" like syncronization ( I can't spell.) right? It gets me confuzzled. So does DOUBLES and DEFINETLYS (once you start, there's no stopping) AND....the biggie....oh wait. I just said it. DEFINETLY. I probably spelled that wrong too. That word is impossible, and when you say it, you can't stop. It's like an itch. I JUST ITCHED MYSELF AHH! Ok, take some NyQuil, Jack, and everything will be smooth sailing from there...

(After taking some NyQuil)

Ahh this stuf ROCKS MAN! WoOoOoOoOo! I feel all light and sleepy and like I can float.... 76yuyu7hhhhh AH! Sorry, I fell asleep and my head hit the typy thing. Oh right, the keyboard. I definetly need to go to bed. But first some J-E-L-L-O! WEEEE!

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Sunday, March 24, 2002

For anyone who looks at this blog, yes I did change it. No, I am not a fruit. No, fruit did not invade the blog. I merely changed the template, that's all. If anyone looked at it in the past few days, well, actually just from about thursday night to satuday night, it was, how should I put it, FREAKIN SCREWED UP MAN! I tried to change the font to make it bigger, and somehow, it made just the first blog bigger, and everything else smaller. I was under the influence of illegal substances at that time. I think. I'm trying to remember. Anyway, I copied the HTML code from the front page, made every individual post a bigger font, then erased the crap in the template and copied that. The results: all of the posts were next to each other AND on top of each other too. Wacked up shiznit, indeed. So I decided to make my page...juicey. Oh yeah. I had an idea to put like a caption that says "fruits" next to the fruits, then change the last one and make it a picture of something or someone that is fruity. Not to make fun of gays, I just thought it would be funny if say, Elton John, was next to fruits on my page. I don't know how to do that. I also need to make links and stuff to people's pages. And other pages too....*cough cough Weezer.com cough*. You knew I had to add that in. Palm Sunday. La dee frickin da, as Dana would say. By the way, Pizza Night was sexy. er. fun! I had the urge (not to "herbal") to rub Dana's fuzzy sweater. My duet w/Nadia went well too. I barely ate anything. Miss Cunfer took out Sweeney Todd because SOMEONE didn't show up! I WANTED TO GET DOWN WITH MY BAD SELF! Oh well, I'll get plenty of chances to do that later. I am officially Confused Kid #8! YAY! Ok, I ran out of things to say...later.

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Thursday, March 21, 2002

Man, sorry about that link. I don't really go to sites like that. REALLY. That was a link. Just wanted to say that. Also checking to see about my font. I want the body font bigger, but it only made the first post on the page bigger and everything else is smaller. I'm confuzzled once again.

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I am a human.

Just another road kill.

What kind of road kill are you?
TAKE THE ROAD KILL QUIZ at RoadKill.ReallyNiceJerk.com

Wow. I'm a human. That's sad, I didn't even get a friggin animal. Well technically I did, but you know. If I was a skunk I would at least BE something, even if it was an odor problem. I need to fix the text, every other post is HUGE. *Scratches head* I dunno.

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So, which Fraggle ARE YOU most like? Click here to find out.

I know everyone remembers this show! C'mon, if I do, then you most certainly HAVE to. One of them is named Boober. No lie. Hehe.

Classic Brown

I'm the plain classic brown Doc Marten...
I'm mellow, down to earth,
and a little on the conservative side

Which Doc Marten are you?
(by *coffeebean*)

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I already HAVE ugly hair. Oh well. She is tiny, so we're like two pees in a pop-pod. Yeah. Ok, you know what. EVERYONE needs to go
here and take the quizzes. Click "bordom" and "quizzes" and you'll be in store for bunches of fun! The quiz result shown above was linked from there. By popular demand (Dana) I posted this. I also need to post those songs me and Dana wrote. Let me go get them. B*otch. Ok, here they are (ow I banged into my door). Dana and I wrote this one:

(To the tune of "The Ballad Of Sweeny Todd")

The Spasm of H___, Mr.

Attend the Spasm of H____, Mr.

He drank so much soda he had to piss

But what if all of his caffiene was gone?

He'd resort to dope, needles and bongs

He drank so much he had to piss, does H___, Mr.

The wired teacher of T...MS

He kept his coffee in a pot

Smoked Cuban cigars and screamed a lot

And what if somebody found his stash?

He'd lose all his earnings he's traded for hash...

He smoked and screamed and shook his fist, does H____, Mr.

The wired teacher of T...MS

His French accent can kiss my ass

He's a Russian Commie who teaches our class

And what if his Nissan gets hit in the hood?

He kicks all their asses, smokes weed in the woods

He thinks he's gay, we get the gist, this H____, Mr.

The wired teacher of T...MS

God forbid we talk in his class

If we ever think that we could pass

And just in case we're having fun

He assigns key terms through 101

The stick up his ass he always does kiss, this H____, Mr.

The wired teacher of T...MS

...and this is Dana's wonderful creation

(To the tune of "Broadway Baby")

Half-Dead Lady


Half-Dead Lady!

Never leave this freaking chair...

God forbid I wash my hair

Let alone go hoooooome, ooOOooOOOo

Someday maybe

I'll buy a pair of shoes on sale

That'll cover my decaying toenails!

Or I'll get an operation

We can have a celebration

When I get off my fat ass!

Ok, for all of the people who have NO idea what these are about, let me explain. Mr. H is a caffiene high druggie who just happens to be a Social Studies teacher. He always drinks coffee and Diet Coke (depends on the time of day) and his rooms smells of it too. The "half-dead lady" would be Miss B, our...well...half-dead English teacher. She has disguesting fungus-y toesnails, and she wears sandals. Rumor has it that the fungus will spread throughout her whole body and she will die. Today she wore sandals AND pantyhose. A most unusual combination, I know. Well, there's the scoop on these *tear* wonderful masterpieces...not to boast or anything...I'll post later if I get some hilarious test result. But for now ta-ta.

P.S. Over 500 visitors! Wowsers! Thanks a lot everyone! I can offcially have that CD party for uno.

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Monday, March 18, 2002

I'm a Ska fangirl
Yeah yeah...most of the good bands either broke up or sold out, but I still enjoy SKAnkin' up a storm.

What kind of fangirl are you?

Uh, sure I am. Go ska. Woo. Oh! That scared me, the trash truck pulled up, and I thought it was my little brothers getting off their bus. Phew! Good, I can have some peace for the next 45 minutes. A LOT happened that I haven't blogged about because:
1) I was sick.
2) I was finishing up assessment.
3) I'm a lazy bastard.

Yeah. So here's a re-cap of what happened in the past 6 WHOLE DAYS...

Yeah. Kind of forget. Ok, I went to school. Blahness. I went over Steph's house after Chieftains to practice for assessment. Teusday, I forgot to mention the DETENTION I recieved from my homeroom teacher, Frau Tallman, for not bringing in an excuse note the day after I came back from my (cough cough) sickness. Kids, she made up this rule. So, Wednesday..er..today, my mom went in and complained about it. No detention for Jacquie. Eat a bratwurst, Tallman! So anyway, during practice, I was coughing uncontrollably. :( This was not fun. I had to present our assessment project the next day...

Dun dun DUN! Assessment. (Insert Western showdown music here). This is it. So we went. Kick some major judge panel ass! Our torturous and laborious path to this day payed off. Except..whoa. It's over. I feel like there's more to it, but HEY! I'm not complaining. Afterwards, we went to Applebees to celebrate. Man, the dude who makes balloon animals for people there ROCKS! We (Steph, Kellie, Jess, Lindsay, Nadia, me) all got animals. I got a blue monkey, I named him Bob. If the whole world had balloon monkeys named Bob, the world woulf be a better place. The final bill...$88. Yikes! That's actually not that bad if you consider that's between 6 hungry teenage girls. After that I went to bed. Ahhh...victory is shweet.

Cough. Sputter. Gag. I feel like shiznit. I stayed home today. Did not do much. Went outside. About 70 degrees. Talking in fragments. Is fun. Watched TV. Rockin my Felix shirt and sweat pants. Went to Dad's. Felt bad still. Went to bed early. Dance tonight. Jacquie can't go. She looks and feels like someone lit her on fire, then put it out with a rake. Tommorow should be better. Maybe a non-fragment day.

I feel a little better. My life does not fully suck now. Yeah, listening to Phantom Planet helps. People, go out and get their CD, The Guest. It's wonderful. I am Alex Greenawald's wife, so maybe I am being biased. Nah. Finally got dressed and took a shower at 3. Once again, Jacquie looks rockin. A yellow "Here Comes Trouble Shirt", mom's old blue track pants. Yeaya. I decided to paint my nails a bold Barbie pink. Go me. I also felt an urge to give myself a makeover (make myself look like crap). So I did. Nice eyeshadow job. Why thank you oh so much, Jacquie. The highlight of the day: MTV2 did a show called "Firsts", which was that they played the first videos from big artists. Who did they play...? OH YEAH! Weezer love is plentiful at MTV2, I can assure you. Y100, too. So, they played "Undone (The Sweater Song)". Yeah, you would have been crazy too. That video, sigh, there's nothing about it you can hate. Rivers Cuomo still had a floppy mop for hair and big glasses (super uber-nery cute!). Matt looks like he's going to cry (like in all the videos). He snaps his fingers and sits on the floor. AW! Brian, um, trying to hard to "rock out." (Makes a complete ass of himself in the process.) And who can forget Pat, the little mentally challenged 20 something guy. He wears big headphones, puffs his cheeks while "drumming." He also does a butt wiggle dance. HE IS ALSO SUPPOSED TO FALL ON THE FLOOR AFTER RUNNING AROUND THE DRUMSET, BUT MTV2 HAD THE NERVE TO CUT IT SHORT! WHY?!?!?! Ok, I'm done. Twitch.

Woke up at 12. Actually, that's a lie. That's when I decided to get my lazy ass up. Watched TV a lot. Decided to work on my Rivers Cuomo PowerPoint project for computer. Shhh, I'm supposed to only do it at school! I'm bad to the bone. So, I pretty much finished it, and it looks beautiful. (Tear). Well, it's Rivers, what can I say. I tried to do that while my (loud) dad was watching NASCAR with my brothers. I swear, I hate that crap. Cars that go around in a circle like 250 times. WHO LIKES THAT? Apparently, a lot of people. What has this world become? Whatever. Once again, MTV2 showed that wonderful wonderful video. Ahhh. Geek goodness. Very therapeudic.

Eh, Monday. Monday. Why do they have to suck. Oh yeah, going back to school. Forgot for a minute there. We played volleyball in gym today. Go me! I am as bad at volleyball as Lauren is at wording things. Today, she was talking about smelling her legs which smelled good because she put Ralph Lauren moisturizer on them. So I said my nose is stuffed (which I guess she didn't here!) and I can't smell. She said, "Are you mutated?" HAHA! That was good, Ralph. Nothing much else happened. OH, Go Fish in French. I so whooped Ryan and Mike's asses on that. They are in denile, but look. I got 3 matches, and Mike got 1, Ryan 2. See, I so rule. Not to boast or anything...It wasn't a huge win, like last year. Oh man, that was crazy. Me, Anthony and Kevin were so into it. Good times. So now, I'm here. That's all for now!

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Tuesday, March 12, 2002

Dr. Christiansen is a scary scary dentist. He just happens to be mine. Heh. Heh. He said to me: "I've been waiting all day to see you." No lie. AHHH! There was an award on the wall that says he's a member of the ADA. Ok, those people approve toothpaste. I don't think scary scary men should be deciding whether or not Bugs Bunny Bubble Gum flavored toothpaste will protect little innocent kiddies cavity protection. Blast! I bet he approves it so kids get cavities and have to go to his office...AHH!!

Take the "How immature are you?" Test

created by sami

Man, I am SO unbalanced it's not even funny. Ok, it is.

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Monday, March 11, 2002

You are Fozzie!
Wokka Wokka! You love to make lame jokes. Your sense of humor might be a bit off, but you're a great friend and can always be counted on.

That is so me. Lame jokes. Wokka wokka! I have this tape called "Who Can Be Funnier than Fozzie Bear?", or something like that. I used to watch that ALL the time, along with Annie. At the end, Monster says "Rewind! Rewind! Thank you.." For some reason, that scared me. Well I was/am a disturbed little child.

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Blahblahblah. Being sick really bites the big one. I'm weak as it is, but now it's worse. Assessment is Thursday and I need to feel better. I'm actually not that bad right now, but when I woke up I had a headache, fever, and congestion in my lungs. Erg. I watched a lot on 9/11 because it is the 6 month anniversary, but you already know that. I also watched Jerry Springer, Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood, MTV2, Nevermind the Buzzcocks, and plenty more my frail brain already forgot. I took a quiz. Lookie lookie:

Arses. They stole my word!

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Saturday, March 09, 2002

I have to eat now. I bought the Phantom Planet CD, The Guest. It kicks my prefectionist ass 2 1/2 times around this world. Thought I should add that in.

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FOUR DAYS! Four days I have gone without posting on here. You know what it is? No, I don't have food poisoning from eating a bad piece of meatloaf. ASSESSMENT. On friday, when re-filming the make-fun-of-Jacquie-because-she-doesn't-dress-trendy-and-such skits for assessment, these two little skateboarders were yelling things at us like "Stupid!" Ok, they were like 9. I am like...not. Therefore, they should shut the hell up before I tell their mommies and have their Barney tapes taken away from them. Today during out meeting, Dana (Wacka Jacka, Pop), Bridget (It's a candle!), Holly (Niro Niro!), and Courtney (my PDF buddy!) rode by on bikes and scooters and whatever and we talked. I cried again today at our meeting at Kellie's house. What the hell is my problem? I think I cried because I'm not liking the way the script is, honestly I really don't know. I think it's my perfectionist bit I get sometimes. I hate myself when I'm like that, I should have gotten an ass kicking, but I was spared.

Nothing much has happened since the last post, except Dana and I co-wrote a song and she wrote one herself. Actually they were parodies on two of the broadway songs we have to sing for Chieftains. "The Ballad Of Sweeny Todd" became "The Spasms of H____, Mr." and "Broadway Baby" became "Half-Dead Lady". The first was about our Social Studies teacher, Mr. H____ (co-written) and how he's a caffiene freak/druggie who is a Russian commie and has a bad French accent. Hah. The second was beautifully written by Dana about how Miss B, our English teacher, if half-dead and never gets her fat ass off her chair. They are both wonderful songs, and maybe I'll post the lyrics when I remember/get them from D. She's planning on doing a Stagerwalt version of Greased Lightning. When she does, watch out brotha, because this is going BIG!

Three things that were interesting at church:

1) The Priest's way of explaining black and white being associated with good and evil:
"For example, cowboys in old western films. The good guy always wore a white cowboy hat and the baddies wore black ones. In Star Wars, Darth Vader is dressed in black and the beautiful Princess Leia (he pronounced it Lee-ya) wore white."
(I think the priest has a thing for Leia...hmmmm)

2) In the church book, there is a section in the back about exorcisms. Whoa man.

3) The lady in front of us had cool hair. She weaved it and it looked really neato. My uncle and I concluded it was a wig because the un-weaved hair was pulled in, and was gray. Whereas the wig was more of a blonde color. It also looked a little fake. But I still give mad props to the weave lady. Yo.

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Tuesday, March 05, 2002

I forgot the quote of the day:
"Cheese tastes so good on a burnt piece of lamb." - Weezer "Dope Nose"
April 30th fools. Check check check check it out! Maladriot, destroying all that is good about Weezer. Coming to MTV soon.

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WHO IS THIS "SECRET ADMIRER"?! I need to know! It's driving me nuts. Really, if you are this "mystery" person, please tell me. I'll give you a cookie or something like that.

I was reading a magazine and got inspired to do a "fake" collage. As in the fakeness of the world. It would be great, if I wasn't so lazy. I might start it tonight though, and knowing my style it will be full of color and quirk. Just the way it should be.

Assessment is ruining my life. My mind can't even function correctly. In science class, I was so sleep deprived and insane that I started laughing uncontrollably for absolutely NO reason. pat asked me if I was high. That would be a good excuse, but not quite. I also made a pretty picture on the laptops we were using. Green grass. Blue sky. Yellow sun. And in the grass, "This is a pretty picture made possible by Jacquie's artistic abilities." I went insane and said "Look Dr. Mack! I made a pretty picture. HEHEHE." He came over and said he liked it and I should print it out. ??? He said "It shows some happiness a person can find during assessment time." Off-taskness + sleep deprivation = masterpiece. I also accidentally chucked my binder at Mr. today. It was great. I got some laughs and it was a lucky accident. Whoops...did I just say that?

Bowl for Kids Sake on Sunday was good. A cute guy was there in the lane next was cute. Nerdy cute. Man, Jess is going to ridicule me non-stop since she was mainly checking out the Abercrombie model looking guy. (Ok, I was too) He was the one with the hat. Slighly long brown hair (and tad bit of acne). From St. John's Prep. Name: Mike. Not like I was watching his bowling score and noticed his first game was 58 (ha! I beat that) and the second was...108? (89..oh well) What can I say? I'm a geek girl at heart. Then I had a dream about him and I said to him, "See you tomorrow" (with a little flirt included) or something like that and he said something like "Whoa!" It was nice. I'm never going to see him ever again, so I'm done now.

Title of poem:
AHHHHHHHHHH! (Insert expletive here)

A 15 minute presentation that
Sucks every ounce of energy and brain cells that it can.
Sure beats having loads of homework, I once thought...
Every chance I get now I curse it off.
S houldn't my life be revolved around having mini-crisises and cramming for tests?
Seeing a teacher doing something like this...BAH!
Man, I'd like to strangle the person who thought of this pointless torture of freshman.
Even more mood swings than a pregnant woman, this is what I go through.
No pressure. No grade. Just the rest of my future based on this presentation. Huh?
To all future "assessees": Order meds online. Get lots of sleep. You know what, just "dissapear" before it begins. Find a way. It will be worth it in the long run.

That was pretty random, and I apologize to my blog "fans" for neglecting this blog recently. If you want to know why, see above.

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Saturday, March 02, 2002

Do you know what's really freaky?! Jess, Kellie, Steph and I went to go see John Q last night (very good flik). In the movie "stocks and bonds", "board of trustees" and "John Rockefeller" were all mentioned. Hmmm...does that ring a bell? HIGGINS. I went home after that and I was watching tv and on Dave Letterman, Cokie Roberts was the guest. She talked about STOCKS. I flipped to the Howard Stern show (I don't know why) and the guest was talking about BONDS. Jess told me that she saw a show that mentioned Andrew Carnegie and John Rockefeller. Higgins. We saw a history channel tape in the library. We ate chinese food and I got a fortune cookie that said on the back "I would like a cup of coffee." Then it said how to say that phrase in chinese. Higgins. Scary stuff.

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Me in a tree. Circa 1990.

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