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Life of the Bored and Taskless.

Tuesday, June 10, 2003

4 days until the big 1-6. I watched "Sixteen Candles" the other day, and she said in the movie something about how you should wake up and everything should be new, "platinum" and such on your 16th b-day. I realized, that's not possible, but maybe waking up on a new matress is.

Here's the deal: my matress is no less than a fucked up mixture of wire and more wire that pokes the hell out of me. My dad said he's getting me a new matress. BUT before that, I'm getting something else. Something I've been wanting with a LOOOOONG time. I think I've even pissed and moaned about it before...ok, SEVERAL times.

A CD BURNER AND A NEW MODEM! I can hardly control myself from soiling my panties. Nice thought, isn't it?

Right now, I SHOULD be at a Student Council, but due to the fact that I have Alzheimer's and no balls, I'm not going. Basically, I forgot about it, waited last minute, and I was afraid to ask on such short notice. So, instead, I'm going to watch "American Juniors" (FOX is a corporate brainwashing machine that strikes poor defenseless morons like me) AND...listen to the NEW Radiohead album, "Hail To The Thief"! Once I get it, that is. I asked my dad if I could walk to Cocounts to get it, but if you live around here, you know that bend in Almshouse Road when heading down the hill to go to Redner's is SUICIDE. At least I would die in a good mood.

I've been trying these Ben Folds Five songs, and I got some basic things down. Like, easy things that repeat OVER and OVER. Go me.

Jeff got his permit. Everyone say "Yay Jeff!" I CAN'T HEAR YOU!? *Twitch* Ah, much better...*pops Ritalin*

And don't get me started on cleptos. I still cannot stand them.

Ok, peace out, foo'.

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