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Monday, June 02, 2003

Here's my entry from yesterday afternoon:

Well, I've been back from Relay For Life since 9 AM, but I'm finally mentally stable. I came home, watched Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone on HBO, then got moved upstairs and watched the end of it and zonked out at about 11:30, only to be screamed at when I woke up at 2:30. I think I shall share with you the most memorable moments and events from Relay For Life, since it seems like I was there for a week. How about I start at Friday...

On Friday afternoon, I went home on Nadia's bus, and Brittany came over and we went fundraising for Relay For Life. We met Christina and went door-to-door for a few hours. The most embarrassing moment of the whole day...I approached a house and looked at door and there was a little brass thing on it that said "Kingsley" and I said, "Hmmm...interesting" then hit my toe on the door and screamed an obscenity. Evan Kingsley came to the door and I thought...shit. Since I played spokesperson a lot, I had to give him the spiel. But I did it without making eye contact or anything, which was awkward. He said, "So wait, like money and stuff" after I asked for a donation and I said, "Yeah. Like money and stuff." and he ran away to get money. Popular person + Jacquie = disaster. Wow. Good job, Jacqass. Some people weren't INTERESTED, and Kim said I should have said, "I hope you get cancer!" when that happened. We went to one house, and there we saw two dogs out of the second floor window, and I said, "Hey, what if someone had a TV by the window that played a video of dogs that would scare away people!" I need to stop thinking outloud...We went back to Nadia's and ate dinner there and her brother had a birthday party and crap. After that, Christina left and we went to Frank's house (he wasn't there but his dad was) and another house. We got like $190 or something, and split it between us. That night, I watched Red Dragon and was scared shitless. If you know me, you know that it must have been pretty damn scary. When I went to the bathroom, I actually CHECKED to see if someone was in the bathtub.

So, Saturday morning, Aunt Viv and I arrived at Central Park around 9:30 AM. Brittany brought her camper, or should I say TOWED her camper, and we had fun in it. Oh yeah, like that. The weather was crappy, but it could have been worse. It rained off and on, but no thunderstorm or anything. We had like 16 people in our group, which was a lot when it came to organizing walking times and such. Some guys had a DDR thing set up and I thought of Dan. I did it with Kim and I SUCKED, but yeah. Kim's brother stopped by later on, after the DDR competition which DAN GOT 1st PLACE to do it. At night, there were fireworks, and at that moment I made a stupid English class type connection in my mind. Maybe it was my sad attempt at being philosophical, but here it goes anyway. So many people, young and old, have died of cancer, and I realized that our days are numbered, and we have to stop and watch the fireworks. Take time out and apprieciate the things we have and the people we love, because although it's a morbid thought, it (cancer, accident, death, etc.) can happen to anyone. When I saw the fireworks, I wanted Jeff to be there with me more than anything in the world. He was white water rafting though. Poo. Anyway, after that, I watched the luminaria ceremony by myself and walked around the track and looked at my great-great-aunt's and great-grandfather's bags. I didn't know my great-grandfather, and I might have if it wasn't for cancer, but I did know Aunt Charlotte and I miss her. Too many genuinly nice people are dying, it's a tragedy. There was a midnight pizza thing, and Jen, Christina, and I hung out at our tent a lot. Jen told stupid stories to keep us awake, and I....well, only they would know what I did. Hehehe...Let's just say it had to do with a "thunder down under" then "a tornado in my pants." I'm not offering an explanation at this time. Jen and I made Christina embarrassed when we played with our glow neckalces and made them into cell phones and "called" each other with them as we walked. I went to sleep around 3:30 or something and I was woken up at 7 or 7:30. We left around 8:30 and here I am. Relay for Life was so much fun, and if you didn't do it this year, think about doing it next year.

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