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Life of the Bored and Taskless.

Sunday, June 29, 2003

Today was eh. I was pretty bored during most of the day, so once in a while (all the time) I retreated upstairs and either went online, read Harry Potter, or called Harry Potter. My whole family, if I haven't said this before, thinks Jeff looks a LOT like Harry Potter. I only see a slight resemblance. That was the highlight of my day, but guess what. Jeff lost his voice, and his voice was cracking a lot over the phone. I tried so hard not to make fun of him, but you know you'd make fun of me if my voice was like that, so I teased him a bit. Ok, maybe a lot. I mean, harmless stuff, like asking him if he had emphysema and was smoking a cigarette through a hole in his neck. I'm such a horrible, horrible person.

I watched The Graduate yet another time. I still think it's great.

It's hot in here. God, it's hot in here.

I'll be back tomorrow, hopefully with something about something I did with Jeffykins.

Oh yeah, I got invited to join this almighty and powerful blog thingy. I guess someone reads this shiz after all!

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