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Life of the Bored and Taskless.

Wednesday, June 25, 2003

Ok, I'm not having children ever. If I do, it's not going to be for a LONG time. Here's why:

1) Miracle Of Life video in health. It's the real deal. Eww...
2) Today. I had to do another archaeology program with my aunt. The program itself went well, but after 4-5 hours of telling kids not to touch things/ watching some kid drool on himself, I, uh, no. Sorry, the baby boat has sailed away. Mr. Drool liked me without touching me, so it wasn't bad. The teachers at the WREC were so clueless and verbally abusive at times, I wanted to say to them, "Look Miss Oblivious, I think I'd make a better fucking teacher than you!" But I was too busy prying children off of the ceiling.

My weekend was pretty good. On Friday, I went to Jeff/George's party at George's house, and it was alright. Some bands played, one was okay, another was pretty good. They also lit off fireworks because they're out of their minds, and guys + fireworks = DANGER. I didn't know anyone besides, Jeff (duh), MJ, Elena, and Aykan. Then, I went to Brittany's party and it was SO much fun! Steph and Bridget wanted to play cards, so they started making them out of paper, and Christina and I joined in. We played with them for a few hours, and I ended up going to bed around 4:30. I woke up around 9, and we had a pancake breakfast. I stayed until 2 with a couple of people, and we watched Jackass the movie in Davis' room. A good time was had by all.

That day, I got the new Harry Potter from Mrs. Kane (I love the Kanes) but was not allowed to read it because Diane brought Cheryl to our house, and that would be rude. We watched The Recruit (AWESOME movie) and they watched National Security, which I didn't really want to watch so I watched some TV and MAYBE I read a little...

Sunday I read some more Harry Potter, and I went with Frank and his dad to check out a horse near Lancaster. Yeah, ok, they're MOVING and nobody told me, but at least it's near 413 and is in the East region. Anyway, It's name was Blue, because it had blue eyes. That was an obvious statement. For dinner, because I was startving (I didn't eat the whole morning because I was on the "Harry Potter diet") we went to the Windmill Restaraunt. Of course, I picked the one with the windmill in front of it. Frank's dad said he had to smoke, went in the little entrance thing while Frank and I waited to be seated, and we looked back and his dad was holding up a newspaper that said, "Intercourse News." We went HYSTERICAL. On top of that, it said something like, "See what things other Lancaster families are doing together!" That made it 10 times worse. Apparently, Intercouse is a town in PA, along with Bird-In-Hand and Blueball. Frank's dad noted how it was ironic because these people are so religious. Hehehehe. We left with milkshakes, and Frank and I quizzed each other on Harry Potter, because trivia is a past time of ours (Rugrats included!) We went back to his house, and played some James Bond game and I sucked at it, naturally. I went home around 10:30, and went home and watched TV...and of course read some more Harry Potter.

Yesterday and Tuesday were my days of "Jacquie time." I did pretty much whatever the hell I wanted to, because my dad and Kyle are at work, and Scott's at camp. This means I am ALONE until 5 PM. So, I read, ate, watched TV, ate, practiced piano, ate some more, occasionally showered *sniff sniff*. I guess I'm due for one. Monday I had piano, and because of camps and crap in July, I'm not going again until August 6th. Woo. Last night, Jeff and I went to see "The Hulk" and the car ride there was quite enjoyable. (?) My dad drove us, and he was acting crazy while being shirtless. On the way to pick up Jeff, he did a messed up rendition of "I Am The Walrus" and while Jeff was in the back with my brothers, after they told a REALLY bad joke, Jeff said, "Jacquie, your brothers have reduced me to tears!" The movie was cool, but during the climax, the power went out! It happened at a time in the movie where it fit somehow so we were all confused when the lights went on quickly and the movie just stopped. It started again, thank god. Speaking of god, Jeff's at Creation now for 5 days, enjoying himself, having (as I said to him last night) orgies...for the Lord!

So here I am now, relaxing in air conditioning before Grammi, Cuddles, Tino and Nadia invade my aunt's house. By the way, that's my grandmom, "friend", and two cousines from Florida. Oh joy. 3 weeks. *Eye twitch*

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