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Life of the Bored and Taskless.

Sunday, June 15, 2003

Wow. Wowie wow wow wow. Did that really happen? Holy crap, it did indeed. I was thrown a suprise party yesterday night. Guess who never caught on! It was really cool, I can't believe my aunt plus the work of Steph organized it in such a short time. Holy mother. See, Nadia and I went to Peddler's Village to get b-day presents for people, and see "Much Ado About Nothing" (which was really good) and meanwhile my party was being set up. Well golly Booooob howdy! I later found out that was Nadia's original idea before the party shananigans was even arranged. I spent most of my b-day money that I had gotten on Steph's and Britt's presents, and they're mighty good, if I do say so myself. Anyway, so the party was really fun. First, I opened my presents, and guys, thanks so much, I can tell that they were all really thoughtful, I love my friendos. While opening them, I kinda got a little crazy with the tissue paper...all I have to say is I'm not an A- cup anymore! I got beat on like a million times throughout the night. I got splashed and hugged and even sat on by wet people from the hot tub and while chasing Nadia who got me wet, we BOTH slid and fell over, it was great. I also got chased by Nadia and Brittany and Brittany pretty much pummeled me to the ground, so I was both wet AND dirty. After we ate pizza, and Dan did his Mr. Peepers impression with the only apple we had, Dan set up the DDR and holy crap, Dan rocks. I suck so bad at that, but at least I know that I can beat my little brothers at it, for once. Then I chilled in the hot tub and it got hot and steamy. Mmmm. Dana and Frank showed up lata on, and man I love 'em. Frank and Dana are both pyros by the way, and when Frank popped balloons with a sparkler, my brothers felt that they should too. "Jacquie, I think I'm corrupting your brothers." "Ah, no, I've already corrupted them." I blew out the candles, without really making a wish, I know, it's bad. I must add that my cake had a picture of me when it was my 1st b-day and I was wearing a little sailor outfit. Tres chic. Most people signed a little thing, and Frank ended his little comment with, "I never know what to put on these things." Haha, genius. I opened Jeff's presents later on, and the cards, haha, and dear god I love that kid. :)

So the partay ended, but the partay for Steph, Christina "had only just begun." We talked and stuff, and played "Umbrella" and it took me FOREVER to catch on, because as the day proved, I'm oblivious to EVERYTHING. We also talked and talked and Steph illustrated what you do when someone from a different thing throws, kicks, hits, whatever out of bounds in Soccer, Basketball, and Field Hockey because I don't have a clue. About anything. I made poppytorn (the poppytorn from Lauren actually!) and we talked. Then we watched most of Not Another Teen Movie on HBO, or HOBO - O. I'm weird. We fell asleep around 3:30ish, and I wrote a note to my aunt and uncle stating:

Hey guys,
Can you please wake just Steph up at 8:30 so that she can call her mom and tell her that she won't be able to make it to basketball. Hey, it's 3 AM.

I know, genius. So, in the morning, my aunt woke up Steph, but then told us all we could go upstairs, and sleep in beds. Steph and I went in my aunt and uncle's room, Christina in another, but we all ended up in my aunt and uncle's room, discussing stupid artificial beings that attend our school. And "hurilla". I love you Dana. After that, we went downstairs and ate breakyfast, and Steph ate pizza. My aunt said to her, "Pizza for breakfast?" and Steph said yeah and she said, "Go for it!" Hahaha. We watched "Surf Girls" until Steph and Christina left around 11. So, everything was fun, and I'm still recovering from the second "Shock and Awe" campaign in history. Thank you everyone, I love you all.

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