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Life of the Bored and Taskless.

Friday, June 27, 2003

So, my "Jacquie time" is pretty much no more right now. Yesterday and today, because I offered (STUPID STUPID ME) I'm watching my brother Kyle. It's not bad, but I'm still not alone. My Harry Potter and Piano time have pretty much been cut. Oh well.

Yesterday, we watched Office Space and Shrek, during which Bridget stopped by, chatted, ate a Pop Tart, stuff like that. We also played A LOT of UmJammer Lammy, which my brother's actually playing right now. My grandmom came over, yes, Granevi, and she gave me a little cooking lesson, because I told her I needed one. I made quesadillas or however you spell them, and they were VERY good. I'll probably end up making more today. Last night, I went to see Finding Nemo (FINALLY) with Nadia and her friend Alex (not her twin Alex Russell) and it was funny. Man, we were SO hyper, and I acted so weird, which is normal. After the movie we went to Friendly's and got some icey cream. We had lots of crazy horny psycho fun. We waited forever to get seated, even though there was no one ahead of us. When we did finally get seated, we didn't decide on what to get for a long time, and when I told our waiter, Justin, what I wanted, I burst out laughing for NO REASON! The lights went off and people freaked out, it was great. Alex is a cool kid. We left around 11, and Nadia's dad drove me home in their CAMARO! Man, niiiiice car!

So today, we're just chillin', Lammy-ing, and whatnot. Today we have to go over my aunt's house where Grammi, Cuddles, and our cousines await us. How the hell are we going to find places for 10 people to sleep? This is going to be interesting...I'll keep ya posted.

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