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Life of the Bored and Taskless.

Sunday, December 29, 2002

My aunt had this "shindig" tonight. Vinny and his wife and children, Matt, and the Zaberers came over. Vinny and Matt are my aunt's old co-workers/friends, and the Zaberers are the neighbors for whom I babysit for. Vinny's kids were 4 and 6 (boys), and they played with my little brothers (ages 8 and 9 if you didn't know that). So once again, I was "All by myseeeeelf!" just like that song. This ALWAYS happens to me. Even at family events, there's NO ONE who is my age, and I'm not considered mature enough to be with the adults, and I'm too mature for the little kids. Hopefully, this phase will end soon because I'm always the quiet little girl who sits in the corner and eats a lot. First of all, me being quiet is just plain wrong. Second of all, the food was pretty good, but I shouldn't have to eat as a hobby, I should be too busy yakking away to be wallowing in snack foods. My brother called me fat today, and I was going to hit him because I'm quite the opposite, not to brag, but people think I'm like anorexic (WHICH I AM NOT!) so I'm really NOT fat. Damn it, I wish I could have done something else or had SOMEONE TO TALK TO BUT THAT SOMEONE REFUSED. You know who you are...grrrrr...

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