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Life of the Bored and Taskless.

Thursday, December 19, 2002

Are you a grinch?
...surprisingly, I wasn't. I've pretty much lost my holiday cheer. Nothing seems to excite me anymore, and the whole "commercialism vs. true meaning" in Christmas thing does not matter. Let's face it, I don't get much during the year, so I enjoy getting presents. Even if we celebrated the "true meaning" of Christmas, it would not matter that much for me...because my family is not warm and giving and loving. They are bitter, remorseless, and ignorant, and I'm probably going to be the same way when I'm older. I'm cursed. I wish I could do more community service, but wait, I have to stay at home with my family. I need to get a car and a cardboard box so I can live my dream of being a street performer on a sidewalk in Siberia. Yes, my car WILL drive me across that ocean thing...

If that wasn't enough bickering, here's another helping of it. This morning, I accidentally hit my mom's coffee and it spilled on my jeans and sweatshirt. I went through 1st block with wet clothing, fun. When I went to gym, I decided to wear my gym pants the rest of the day. In gym we had food *highlight of my day.* I didn't have sneakers so I had to run around barefoot, after Mrs. Emery told me to take off my socks, which were coincidentally very Christmas-y.

Yesterday at lunch, Jen threw a gummi shark at "Hero Guy" (a guy from the table in front of us). He called her a bitch and later exclaimed something about "having a big erection." I started laughing hysterically and a girl from the table to our left cried out, "Oh my god! Look at that girl over there! She's so excited!" and I looked over and noticed she was talking about me and I almost died. I kept laughing, I don't care. Then this guy at another table sat on Hero Guy's lap and Hero Guy started rubbing his chest while looking over at us. I think he has a new audience...

TODAY at lunch, this guy at the table behind us asked us, "If a guy was good enough to have sex with Brad Pitt, would you have sex with that guy?" How random is that? We decided that Brad is dirty, and that the guy would probably be gay. The guys at the table were so into the topic, it was crazy.

Also, I got "Hobo Cuomo" ONCE AGAIN on this quiz, geez, I'm I that dirty? Take it and comment, I'm curious to see what everyone gets...hehehe.

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