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Life of the Bored and Taskless.

Saturday, December 28, 2002

OH MY GOD, this is great. I found some crap from my old AOL homepage, and you can read it if you want. If not, whatever. Remember the pre-9th grade Jacquie. If not..READ ON:

"Hey guess what....if anyone saw my last update of this page, forgettaboutit! I'm with frank again and i'm NOT depressed! I wanna go back to school so i can see all of ma gifted buddies...speaking of buddies, Courtney, got one picked out yet!? HAHA. Anyway, nothin much is going on here except one thing..Well, Staples is airing that "Most wonderful time of the year commercial" so yup, the summer is coming to a close and I am psyched for school. You're probably like, "Duh! What a NERD!" but ok, that is what I am after all!! There is nothing wrong with "gifted" folk! I LOVE school shopping and I can't wait to get our schedules!! Isn't school great though? I mean, who can not like getting detentions for missing pencils, or getting a nice big migrain after some exquisite dining in the five star TMS cafeteria. How about reports due only 2 frickin days after they were assigned? Yup, I can't wait. Golly gee, gosh dern, shucks it's gonna be grrrrreat in 9th grade!!!! Jacquie's gone weezer crazy and has tickets for the september 26th show at the FU center! it's gonna rock! ok, now i'm going to give a shout out (god i hate those words) to my friends that support me through whatever crisis i'm going through which seems like there's always one goin on inside my screwed up head!"

Wow, wasn't that great. I WAS (am) SUCH A LOSER! I liked exclamation points A LOT. I also liked Weezer a lot, I mean I still like them, but that was UNHEALTHY. That Weezer concert wasn't that awesome, by the way. Sorry, I felt the need to post that, I'm going to delete it now.

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