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Life of the Bored and Taskless.

Sunday, December 15, 2002

I've had two really weird dreams recently, they're kind of long so either stick with me here or just screw it.

FRIDAY NIGHT- I'm not mental, I'm "gifted."
My mom decided to take me to an institution. We went in together and I was totally normal (normal being my usual crazy self) and was wondering why she was doing this. I sat down at a table in a room with many tables in it, and doctors and patients were sitting at them. A man wearing a white coat was asking me questions and I kept telling him I was ok, and had no mental problems. He then sent me to another table, and when I walked over to it, the doctors from the other tables were all saying "Jacquie" so I was kind of confused. I found the right table and my mom was sitting there. A man in a white coat asked me a question but I was so infuriated at my mom, who was talking over the man's question at the time, that I didn't hear what he asked me. My mom then asked me in her fake "pre-school teacher" voice, "What did he just ask you?" and I answered, "I don't know." Then she said, "Heh. Dense, just like her father." and laughed a wicked laugh. I wanted to scream at her so badly. I don't remember any more of the dream.

Last night was crazy. I had a couple of dreams so bear with me. One of them was about auditioning for a play at school. I was at home, and this weird man called me and told me about the audition and I asked him what time it would be at. He answered 1 to 3:30 in the afternoon, and I said thanks and hung up. The next day I was in class and progress reports were being handed out and I got John Parsons' by accident and on it was a D+ in drivers ed. I handed it to him, but I never actually recieved my own. I was in classes that day, and I got out early for the audition. The other dream I had was short and pretty odd. It was nighttime, and Frank and his mom picked me up and drove me to Sean's house, which was right down the road from mine. Sean got in the back seat with me and Frank was in the front with his mom. His mom then said how she knew Sean's mom from high school, and I said, "Wow, that's a weird coincidence!" and she unenthusiastically said, "Yeah. Isn't it." and the dream ended. Ok then...

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