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Life of the Bored and Taskless.

Sunday, May 23, 2004

My brain has been temporarily disabled. Why? My dad is blasting HORRIBLE country music on his stereo, as if everyone didn't know that we're a bunch of hicks already.

I can't even think straight, but I'll try.

I've never eaten so much in one weekend. Well, mainly Friday. Brittany, Jess, Jen and I went to the Willow Grove Mall. On the way there, Jen accidentally ripped off the handle on Brittany's car. Oh, the hilarity. We went into Victoria's Secret, and this gay guy who worked there approached us and inquired if we wanted to try their new "super SEXY spray" and if we wanted "a spritz" of it. I almost cracked up, it was great. I love gay guys, and figured that Dan is going to be that guy later on in life, especially because he's very talented at guessing bra sizes. After perusing the shops, and spotting a mini-Marina Moser (the resemblence was INSANE) we went to Zaifa and picked up some Chinese food. We rented Scary Movie 3 from Blockbuster, went back to Brittany's, and pigged out on Chinese, popcorn, and candy. Food = good.

Yesterday, I went to my brother's baseball game, and finished High Fidelity. Now I'm in the mood to watch the movie, go figure. I went to the movies with Bridget, Laura, and Christina, and saw Mean Girls...and Shrek 2. Yeah, we're THAT badass. After seeing Mean Girls, and before sneaking into Shrek 2, Bridget and I spotted a movie called "Main Hoon Na" or something like that, exchanged glances, and ran into that theater. It turned out to be an Indian movie, and the best part about it was that they spoke random phrases in English that matched with the subtitles. SO funny. Knowing how weird I am, I bet I'll end up seeing that movie. Shrek 2 was good, not as good as the first, but entertaining nonetheless.

So now, I'm just relaxing before tomorrow. I can't wait for school to be over. I'm going to stop because I can't think of anything else to say, and I'm rambling. TTYL! a-HA!


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