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Sunday, April 27, 2003

Wow, I haven't blogged in a while, but I forget a lot that's happen, so I'll do my best. After the chorus rehearsal on Tuesday, I visited my Aunt Mike. That's right, AUNT Mike. My mom has a friend who dresses in drag for his job and he's so damn cool. So we sang songs from Chicago, I shared some initiations with my mom because shocking her amuses me, and they talked about how they'd take me to Ikea when I was younger and people would say they were such good parents, hahaha. When we were leaving, he started tickling me, and I said "AH! AH! RAPE!" and he said, "No, no, I don't do women." FUNNIEST THING EVER! That right there IS the quote of the moment!

Wednesday...yeah. Ok, THURSDAY night, I helped my aunt out with this thing at the Grey Nun Academy (cool name, no?) at this science fair thing they had. Ok, you know what, we NEVER have science fairs. I want to do experiments, DAMMIT! I'm such a science geek. SO anyway, we just talked to people and put artifacts on display. These people from some astronomical society were there, and I got to look at Jupiter and Saturn through telescopes! I could actually see Jupiter's moons and Saturn's rings! Holy cabooses, I was excited. A lot of people were interested, but I was more interested in the kids' experiments, some of them were actually really cool. Those grey nuns rock the hizzouse, yo. Wait, I NEVER SAW ANY NUNS! I'm so sad now! Especially if they're grey...and they fly...

Friday night, I saw Malibu's Most Wanted avec Frank and Dan...well, technically only Dan because Frank had a li'l datey date. We got there kind of late (my fault, whoops) and we ended up sitting in the second row, Frank in the 1st row. Me and Dan were having so much damn fun making up words and such. There was this really annoying kid who kept yelling things because he thought he was cool or something. Ugg. I saw Kellie and Jen there, which was really cool, but we couldn't sit with them unfortunetly, because there wasn't enough seats. After the movie, Dan and I were supposed to go to Frank's house, but his dad came kinda late, so by the time we got to Frank's, my dad pulled in right behind us. While waiting for Frank's dad, Frank, Dan and I chatted it up, and I, uh, accidentally whacked Frank in the face with my purse. I felt SO bad about it, but I guess that's what I get for being a klutz. Sorry Frank!

Yesterday, I went to the mall with Steph, Nadia and Dana to go on the quest for a perfect dress for the "Spring Fling." Steph and I were at the Montgomery Mall from about 12:30 or so to about 3:45 and Dana and Nadia showed up a little after 1 (not together) and left...we don't know when. Nadia found her dress at Macy's, and it looks so good on her! It's black and short, but the dress poofs out a little on the bottom. It also has a cool lace-up in the back! Steph suggested I try a CERTAIN DRESS (the one I ended up getting) early on, but I refused. I found out that Steph's taste = my taste, and Steph, you were SO right! It took me forever to figure that one out! It's black, semi-long with frills on the bottom (even though I'm not that into frills, I like it) and it came with a big flower pinned to it, but I'm NOT wearing it as a pin, MAYBE in my hair. Oh man, we went to Charlotte Russe and found Kellie's dress for the dance...wow, hahaha. I'm not saying anymore in fear that I'll wet myself. We just happened to see her mom and sister there, heh, heh.

Today, I helped my aunt out (ok, I'm doing her archaeology programs and stuff for my grad. project) at the BC3 (Bucks County Community College) Hearth and Home show. There's remains of an old stone carriage barn at the college from the 1800's or something, but there's a lot of stuff like ash and dirt that was thrown in there, so what we and some kids did was dig and try to find anything. One kid found 3 nails, and another found parts of a metal hinge. I got a nice sunburn, but I didn't realize how bad it was until I got home. The thing is, I have a 3/4 length shirt on, so it's a REALLY messed up burn. I also started reading the book Nadia lended me, Frozen Rodeo and it's really good! The sub French teacher in the book reminded me so much of Fichtman, it was scary! I can't wait to read more, Nadia's right, it's SO realistic!

One day this week, in math, James Bowes was saying something about "Buff JB" being Jen or something. Then Kellie was like "I'm JB too" in her defense or whatever, and James was like "You're not JB, you're an I-D-I-O-T." The funny part of that was watching KELLIE SPELL IT OUT IN HER HEAD while Amanda Mehalek said, "She's ACTUALLY spelling it out in her head!" and I laughed hysterically. Then Kellie said, "I'm sticking up for my friend!" and James said, "Kellie, you have no friends!" and we all had a good laugh. I mean, we laughed WITH her. Heh. So I will leave you all with a classic Kellie convo, circa today, it's amazing how I'm so obvious and mean and she doesn't get it:

EmoElmoEmu3: how are you and duane?
Kd62187: good, idk though, i think it kinda ruined something wiht some of my friends though
EmoElmoEmu3: yeah, i kinda noticed that
Kd62187: really? tell me everything you know
Kd62187: i dont understand it all
EmoElmoEmu3: you don't?
Kd62187: no, all the sudden people arent really bothering with me
EmoElmoEmu3: that's kind of because you weren'
EmoElmoEmu3: t bothering with them
Kd62187: ya huh
Kd62187: i try too, i get busy with my job and everything, its hard but i still try
Kd62187: maybe i just dont realize
EmoElmoEmu3: yeah, i don't think you do
EmoElmoEmu3: if it's not duane or your job, it's jess
Kd62187: really?
EmoElmoEmu3: yeah
Kd62187: but everyone still likes her!
EmoElmoEmu3: but she didn't ditch anyone really
Kd62187: who did i ditch? i go wherever she goes
Kd62187: and when did all this start
EmoElmoEmu3: i don't know, everyone esle but jess
EmoElmoEmu3: *else
Kd62187: ugh! so wat do i do about it
EmoElmoEmu3: make time for other people
Kd62187: yea but if i do, i feel llike they dont want to hang out with me
Kd62187: no one even takes the initiative to im me!
EmoElmoEmu3: really? that's a shame
Kd62187: yea it sucks
Kd62187: have people been talkin bout it to you
EmoElmoEmu3: yeah, just a littl
EmoElmoEmu3: *little
Kd62187: is that all they said
Kd62187: thanx for being honest jacquie1
EmoElmoEmu3: no problem Kellie2
EmoElmoEmu3: I have to go eat dinner now, I'll talk to you later!
Kd62187: kay byebye
EmoElmoEmu3: bye!
Kd62187: ;-)

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