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Life of the Bored and Taskless.

Monday, April 28, 2003

Hey everybody, if I have sex with Jeff before June 14th it's considered to be statuatory rape! Thank you Mrs. Christianson for pointing that one out! Hahaha, that is so funny. I found out today from Jeff that he's wearing a black suit to the "Spring Fling" (who thought of that name? *gets out random pointy object* MWAHAHAHA!) so it will go with my black dress! Trendsetters all the way! Well, how come when I try to bring the fro back, no one else wants to! Ah, I'm all alone with my Bolsar hair.

I forgot to mention that when I went to BCCC yesterday, I SAW MR. WARNER THERE! We looked at each other, and he said, "Hey!" and I said, "HEY! MR. ROGERS!" and he said, "AHHH!" Heh, I'm not getting into that story because I'm too lazy to tell it.

I am SO happy right now, because 4 days before my b-day, RADIOHEAD'S NEW ALBUM IS COMING OUT! It's SUCH a birthday present, I can't wait! I downloaded their new single "There There" and I love it. I don't want to download anymore songs, because I admit that I'm a rare breed...I actually enjoy buying CDs for the element of surprise. I know, I know, that's so passé, but whatever. It's called "Hail To The Thief"....hmmmmm...may that be something relating to Bush because Radiohead is strongly anti-war? I sure as hell think so. Anyway, I'll stop, because no one else but me cares, but I'm excited about it! *wink wink birthday present wink*

My dad's ex-girlfriend from a million years ago, Diane (the other Diane) brought my dad's old posters from his room in the house he used to stay with her family after high school. Funny as hell. He had a blacklight, and all of them were florescent or however you spell that and had whacked up things on them, because my dad was a major stoner. There was one that had a cup that said "Good Humor" on it with pot leaves in it, one that said, "Have a nice day...until some bastard screws it up" with a little happy fuzzy dude on it, a Tweety poster, and a Pink Floyd "Dark Side Of The Moon" one. Dad also found his Foghat shirt yesterday, talk about a LONG trip down memory lane. I love my ex-stoner, present day redneck daddy. Oh, and Diane makes a mean Strawberry Rhubarb pie!

Two nights ago at dinner, my dad was offering some more broccili to me, and he said, "Hey Jack, want some more head?" HE DIDN'T EVEN PUT AN S ON IT! I started cracking up hysterically, and he told me to stop or else my bros would start asking what that meant. Also, he calls the dog "bonehead" a lot, but he decided to call her "boner" and I couldn't help but laugh and Scott asked, "What's a boner?" Heh, heh, curious little one he is...

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