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Life of the Bored and Taskless.

Saturday, April 12, 2003

Last night was really fun. First was Mr. East. Can we say HILARIOUS? The first thing the guys did was dance, and guys dancing is always funny. Jeff and I admired Dave's nice ass. Then, was the swimsuit modeling. Very nice, and...creative. I like how Chris couldn't get his shirt over his head, so slick! After that was the talent portion of the show, and either they sucked, or kicked ass. Kathryn Franklin sang a song before the talent part, I think, but she was really good. Everyone, save a couple, did really well. Then, the stud muffins modeled eveningwear, and slow danced while Melissa Mino sang a little ditty. After that, they announced the top 5 finalists who were Matt Franks, Mike Klenk, Owen Riccardi, Nick Medaglio, and Chris Beans. THEN, Brianna Field-Taylor sang a song and did an AMAZING job, go Brianna! The top 5 finalists were then asked a final question, and everyone gave a funny answer except Nick, which was kind of humorous. I like Mike's response to: "If you could know one of the mysteries of the world, what would it be?" Mike: "Why, in 5th grade, I had an ungodly low voice." Nice going. Chris Beans would like to be Gary Coleman, I never would have thought, haha. In the end, Matt Franks won, and I think he deserved it because he was awesome.

Then, was the (dreaded) cast party. Let me just say that the initiations were the highlight of the night, but maybe that's because shorty afterwards I hit the sack. Ryan got AMAZING pictures of the initiations, I got none, and Brook got many a boob shot. I'm going to I list the ones I remember right now:

Jess Lutz- Eating a banana out of Nick Medaglio's pants
Ryan and Caitlyn- Answering questions about the play, removing an article of clothing if they answered incorrectly. Ryan was dissapointed because he only got to remove his shoes.
Brittany- Guessing what they stuck her feet in while being blindfolded (it was syrup)
Me, Tim, and Lauren- (very gay one) Dressing up in random screwed up clothing and putting on a fashion show (which we spiced up a little)
Jeff and Brook- "Duct Tape Of Doom, "- Kroberger made this up, they had to try to get a roll of duct tape and bringing it back to Wasko the fastest, winner got a lapdance. Brook won, and he got a lapdance from Lauren Fisher, and Jeff gave one to her. Mechanical white boy lapdances = funny as hell.
Kendall- Finding 4 Craisins in whipped cream on Wasko's chest (they only put in 2)
Alex and Val- Toilet paper/duct tape wrapped to each other, and they had to answer questions about the Seniors, wrong answers got them an ice cube down their shirts. Brrr.
Melissa and someone else- Race to see who could eat marshmallows off of 4 guys' belly buttons (one being Coniglio, who is hairy and pregnant, ewwww) It might have been this one, or another, but Jon gave an Irish jig lapdance to Jackie and it was SO DAMN FUNNY! I'm gonna miss Jon next year!
Rob- Pie eating contest w/Jodie, if he won, he got to give everyone a striptease. UNFORTUNETLY, Rob one, and we got more than we wanted, even some crackage WHICH I looked away from. Whew. Scarred for LIFE.
Eric Gromball/Sarah- I don't know which one was which, but Eric had to lick chocolate syrup from Sarah's chest, and he had to lick it off of her feet too. Yum.
Fayth- making a "chocolate tattoo" on Eric Miller's back, then licking it off.
Keith- Nadia would have loved this, unfortunetly, I didn't get to see it, but he had to BEAR IT ALL. They shanked the poor bitch. I was too busy getting ready to make an ass out of myself.
Krissy- Being the Seniors' bitch for the evening.
Zach- Sucking from a bottle of milk located in Jon's pants. Then, he had to moo everytime someone cursed for the whole night.
Kevin- Switching clothes with Meredith from under a sleeping bag
Sam- Rolling the sex dice, and doing something to Paul, Nick, and someone else
There were probably a few, or a lot, that I missed, but I'll just cut to the chase. THIS ONE was the ultimate initiation:
Kaelin and this other girl had to wrestle in a pool with 20 lbs. of spaghetti and sauce in it. Someone added Jello to the mix, which made it interesting. They origially just stood there, but someone, maybe Brook, picked up some spaghetti and flung it at the other girl, and it was a mess, and the wrestling began. Guess what Dana...this was supposed to be YOURS! That was the last initiation, and afterwards, Brittany, Brook, Rob, Wasko, Jeremy, maybe someone else, wrestled in the spaghetti. It made SUCH a mess, and they all had to take showers afterwards. Yummay.

So, after some people left, including Jeff and Jones, Kaelin, Ali, and I attempted to fall asleep on the cold, hard floor. Kaelin and I had sleeping bags, but I think Ali just had a blanket. We were between the living room where people were watching movies (REALLY LOUDLY) and the room where people were playing pool, I think even STRIP pool at one point. It took me forever to fall asleep, especially after Ali, Kaelin and I started talking a lot. I think I fell asleep at about 3-3:30, and woke up at 7:50. At least I got some sleep. I woke up feeling like shat, but it was all good. Lauren's dad took Lauren (obviously), Brittany, Ryan and I home, where I watched Office Space and here I am now. I thought I'd take a nap, but I guess I wasn't quite tired enough. I'll probably end up falling asleep tonight at 9 or something. All I have to say is YOU SHOULD HAVE COME, DANA! Kaelin, you, and a ton of spaghetti would have been HOT! Ah well, there's always next year! ;)

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