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Life of the Bored and Taskless.

Tuesday, April 22, 2003

Hey, I apologize to everyone for the last post, but I felt the need to mention every little detail from my el trip-o, so sorry. I'll probably get it published soon, so it might be coming soon to a BOOKSTORE NEAR YOU!...which would be by me because 99% of people who read this are my friends. And me.

Fichtman never ceases to amaze me with her evilness. NOW, we can't speak ANY English or we lose points on our grade. I'm probably the only one who should be concerned about their grade in French, BUT STILL! She's insane! I remember Madame Bowers talking English and letting us speak English. You know what, Fichtman? Take your little, "Remember: Parle Francais!" and stick it between your FREEDOM cheeks. AHHHHHHHH!

My mom asked what I want to do for my 16th b-day (it IS approaching!), and I still don't know! She knows someone who works for ticketmaster, so she wanted to know if I want to go to a concert, but I looked online and haven't found anything that's in Philly that I want to see this summer! I hope Radiohead's going to tour, but nothing's announced yet, and no one listens to Radiohead so it would have to be me and mommy dearest...she doesn't even like them! The ONLY thing I found was the White Stripes in CENTRAL PARK! I know my mom, and she wouldn't drive up there JUST for me. Ah man, I'll keep looking, but PLEASE GIVE ME SUGGESTIONS, being that I'd try and take some of you if I'm allowed! Give me some feedback, write back at me!

Chorus rehearsal tonight, time to hear some bad s'more singage. It seems like our class knows what we're doing and some people don't, not to sound snotty, but it's the truth. Oh man, I just hope that certain people don't sing near me, that's just what I need. Crikey!

Dan rules...EVEN THOUGH HE GOT A D- IN AP CHEM! BUT, as long as his mum doesn't find out before this weekend (again), he's off the hook, and me and the executive transvestite are going to kidnap him. Mwahahaha. We've invented great words, I thought of one today: honies. Honies = ho + cronies. It's awesome, right my little honies? ;)

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