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Life of the Bored and Taskless.

Monday, April 21, 2003

I'd appreciate it if AOL didn't kick me off for once. Spare me man, just this time. Ok, so Jack is back (in black? I'll shut up now.) I'll talk about some random things in this first paragraph, and if you really want to know what I did in the O to the uter B to the anks, then proceed at your own risk. So, it's Monday, and I was officially insane today. Jeff can surely vouch for that. I gave Jeff the pirate figurine I got for him in the O.B. (not B.O. *sniff sniff*) and it was kickass. French was semi-bearable today, AMAZING. I didn't make the play, and I didn't make the Frog Prince (I was conned into auditioning for that) so yeah. I suck. What's new? I got great satisfaction when I walked past a table with an old issue of Seventeen (ok, I am girly.) and flipped the bird to your friend and mine, Avril Lavigne. Dana and I officially hate her. I'll not get into the many reasons why she sucks. Steph rules, she has a new Xanga site, which will enter the Links of Fame (which can be seen to your right) when I feel like it. Or when AOL stops treating me like Fichtman does. Now on to the vacation journal (oOo aAa)...

I drove to the Outer Banks in NC with my Aunt Viv, Uncle Charles, and my brother Kyle. 8-9 hour car ride...can we say SHOOT ME?! Scott didn't go with us, so it was 1/3 times better than usual. On the car ride there, we stopped at an old Life Saving Station, and we saw a shipwreck from the 1800's. Also, we stopped at Assateague Island to see the wild ponies. Yes, they were cute. I listened to Dana's CD many a time, as well as every other CD I own. I also started reading the book Brittany lent me, Witch Child. Good stuff. We checked into the oh-so-classy Comfort Inn, which was, you guessed, beachside and overlooking the mighty Atlantic Ocean. That night, we went to a restaurant called Miller's, and the food was WELL worth the wait. I had tuna, but Aunt Viv got the meal of the night, ocean trout...mmmm. For dessert, Aunt Viv and I split a WHITE CHOCOLATE TRUFFLE WITH RASPBERRY AND VANILLA ICE CREAM INSIDE! Oh, Kyle had a toffee pie, but that dessert was soooo good, I wish you had a bite too. Our waitress kind of looked like Frank's sister, Stephanie. Also, some guy behind Kyle farted and I thought it was him. Highlight of the night, no doubt.

In the morning, we all went out to the beach by the hotel and looked for seashells while Kyle made a sand castle and buried his feet in the sand. Kyle, Kyle, Kyle. That day, we went to the sand dunes at Jockey's Ridge and flew kites. But beforehand, we went to Ben Franklin's gift shop and I bought a pair of crappy $2.79 flip-flops and saw a lot of "Grammy Hats" as well. I had Scott's box kite, which I got him for his birthday, and despite my expectations, the kite was amazing. I flew it so high, but it crashed and...Scott won't be using it anytime soon. Kyle also flew a kite, but it ended up spinning around and around while the string became tangled. Nonetheless, it looked really cool. We raced down the big giant dune twice, and Kyle beat me twice. I guess the old gray mare just ain't what she used to be. Wait, I'm not that old, I just don't get any physical activity...I have flat feet, that's it, heh... After that, we went to the Wright Brothers memorial, and saw how far they flew their plane each time, 4 in all. It was extremely windy, and we decided to head up to Duck. In Duck, we stopped at the Duck Deli, because Jen told me her aunt owns it, but it was so crowded we didn't even get a chance to inquire about her. We visited the Currituck Beack Lighthouse, and I walked up it alone because everyone else was tired. When I got to the top, it was so windy I felt like my little 95-pound body was going to fly away! At night, we went to the Fisherman's Oasis restaurant, and we had a really cool and funny waiter. Believe it or not, the hostess gave me a kids' menu for 12 years and younger. I felt like I was 30 and was being carded. I started joking with the waiter that I was 25, and when he came out with my huge plate of seafood alfredo, he said, "A 25-year-old could finish that!" When I obviously didn't, I admitted I was 24, ok 15. That night marked the SECOND night in a row that a guy near us farted. We have great luck. Our dessert was AMAZING, an orange marmalade pie, with cream cheese on top. It was to die for!

Kyle wanted to see the high tide on the beach in the morning, so we went out again. We went to the Bodie Island Lighthouse, but they wouldn't let us go up to the top because they were in the process of renovation, so we looked up it. Then, we drove to the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, and coincidentally, it was the opening day since they moved it and renovated it. Because it was so crowded, we got a ticket for 4:40 in the afternoon, and decided to try and go to Okracoke Island and come back in time. We waited for over an hour for the ferry to Okracoke Island, and finally we were taken, car and all, to the island. We saw the Okracoke Island Lighthouse, but weren't allowed in because it's actually still in use! We also saw a small cemetery for the British soldiers who were in a ship that was sunken by a Nazi U-boat in WWII near the island. We went to a place called Teach's Hole, and saw a movie and an exhibit on Blackbeard. Pirates are SO awesome. I got a sign there that says, "Property Protected By Pirates" to put...somewhere. We then took a ferry back, and JUST made it to Cape Hatteras. We all climbed to the top...all 208 feet of it! Once again, it was very windy, but Aunt Viv made us all get in some pictures. At night, we went to a little place called Bushwackers. Dinner was pretty good, and they had a little gift shop there, and I saw a drink holder, "coolie" as my dad would call it, that said, "Been in the bush lately?" That's so sick, yet very amusing.

In the morning, we made a quick stop at Souvenir City, where I got a pirate figurine for Jeffy. We also went to Ben Franklin's (again) so Kyle could get the souvenir he wanted the most: a shark fetus floating in a jar of formaldehyde. I love Kyle. Aunt Viv and Uncle Charles quickly ran into Food Lion and the dollar store to pick up some things for our lunchtime feast later in the day of leftovers from all of those wonderful dinners we had. Kyle participated in the easiest Easter Egg Hunt in the history of the world at Kitty Hawk Kites. After that, we went back to our penthouse suite at the l'hotel de Comfort and ate and ate and ate. Lastly, we went to Roanoke Island to see the exhibit and remains of the lost colony. I know it's my nature to despise history...but I admit it was actually interesting. That night, we ate at a very nice restaurant in Wanchese on Roanoke Island called Queen Anne's Revenge (which is the name of Blackbeard's ship). I was allowed to indulge myself, and I ordered filet mignon with fired shrimp, which was delicious! Aunt Viv had a hankering for bouillabaisse, so she went with that. The most interesting thing that happened was that there was a table of 10-15 people near us, and we looked over and saw the kids, and grandma as well, with spoons on their noses. It was hilarious! So, we were inspired, and did the same. I ran out to the car and got my camera and used up the few remaining pictures on me and Kyle with spoons on our noses at a fine dining restaurant. Ironic, I know.

We said farewell to the Comfort Inn and were on the road at about 8:30. The only real stop we made was at Chincoteague Island to see the wild ponies (again). I didn't get out of the car ONCE the whole ride there, I just listened to CDs and finished reading Witch Child, hoping to get home as soon as possible. I was so relieved to be back in the ol' PA, despite wanting to leave it so many times before. It really takes a vacation to make you realize that your home really isn't all that bad. I'm just glad to say I'm back now with the people I love, and I hope to stay here for as long as possible. Home sweet home...;)

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