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Life of the Bored and Taskless.

Thursday, April 10, 2003

Ok, yes, long time no post. Due to popular demand (Steph), I'm back. I haven't blogged in a while mainly because of these reasons:
1) The play was my life.
2) AOL and Blogger want to kill me, and have kicked me offline everytime I try to post.
3) I'm too lazy. But you already knew that.

So here's the scoop on the past week. Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday afternoon were the Oklahoma performances. Not only did we kick hick ass, but we had a blast while doing it. Friday night was probably our best performance because we were nervous and excited and when you mix those too, it's a rush like no other. During the past weekend, I got to bond with everyone, expecially Dana, and it felt good to get spend some quality time with friends, while dancing like whores. Can't forget the whore dancing! Oh, I have to mention that some kid yelled "Again?!" while Adrienne and Keith kissed for the second time, and Keith said it was the most adorable thing ever. Friday night, Dan and Frank came and that was "hyper-cool" (go French) because with our powers combined, we...no, not Captain Planet, but equally as cool. Ok, maybe cool was the wrong word. More like screwed up, but whatever, we need to hang out more. Jeff got to meet Frank, and the whole meeting was "kicked up a notch" when Queen Jeff bitch slapped Princess Dan because he defied her...um, him. Nonetheless, it was HILARIOUS. Also, on Friday night, we had a opening night party in the cafeteria with a DJ and all! (oOo aAa). Actually, the DJ kinda sucked, but so did the one we had at EVERY Tamanend dance, so it was like a trip back to middle school, or old school as we ghetto folk say. There were, however, some funny moments from the little shindig, including Jeff crowd surfing, Paul dancing, and yeah, we were all drugged pretty much. The guys all ran outside at one point for what it seemed like no reason, I don't know, but yeah. High off of adrenaline...that's it...

Speaking of funny moments, there were MANY from the play. I'll list them in fragments, because SCREW ENGLISH CLASS! HAHAHAHA...I need meds. Dana lifting me over her shoulder and spanking my ass while I spanked hers. Dave, Sarah and my rendition of Captain Planet (moment ruined by Fichtman), boob feather dueling avec Dana, Kaelin's and my Oklahoma dance backstage, Dana's kiss on my face, "Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta" and "Down For Whatever" courtesy of Jeffy, eating the calzones and many other tasty goodies at intermission, Fichtman suction cupped to the ceiling equipped with a sniper rifle, Nick's comedy skits (Dana- "Who does that?!"), watching Comedy Central while everyone else is working their aces off onstage, and, the ULTIMATE, #1, ALL-TIME FUNNIEST THING IN THE WORLD...I have to explain this in detail, so you'll be amused by it too...

(Scene: Faculty dining room a.k.a. whore central.)
Dana, Kaelin and Jacquie having conversation. This is our dressing room, by the way. Lisa talks about how hot Mr. Smith is and how he was outside our door. Conversation goes on about something else, I guess. All of a sudden, Dawn says:

"Am I missing something?"...

...while her right boob hangs out of her leotard.

*Dana and Jacquie exchange glances*

Dana: Um...*trying not to laugh*...I have to go to the bathroom to change...
Jacquie: Um, I'll go with you! Heh, to see Mr. Smith and...yeah...

*Dana and Jacquie run to hallway and fall over laughing while attempting to tell people about what just happened*

But they just couldn't know how damn funny that was. You had to be there, it was the ultimate shizbee.

So anyway, Saturday night's performance (for me) was absolute an absolute masterpiece...of shit. I ran into a fence while dancing, but before that, I went out too early then I ran back. It was more of a "peek and step" than a run across the stage, but it was noticeable. My dad noticed it, but maybe that's because he was watching me the whole time. But so what, it was as fun as anything. Other people do sports, but I whore dance. I rather enjoyed saying "Dorothy" then exposing my whore skirt and saying "Whorethy" and repeating this over and over. Hey, this reminds me of the "Dan/Dana" cellphone trick. So I'm easily amused, I have ADHD, remember? Hehe. ADHD people rule.

After Saturday night's performance, I went straight home and slept until 1:00 on Sunday! Insane, yes, but whoring it up takes a lot out of a person. Sunday's performance went better than Saturday's, but that's usually how it goes. Like the business cycle, there's a play cycle. Opening day is awesome, Saturday's can range from "bad" to "suckass" and then Sunday's is better or on par with Friday's. After Sunday's performance, we had to do "set strike" which is like clean up, but everyone had a different task. Guess what the whores had to do? Take out the big sign that was like stuck to the fence with a million plastic ties. It took FOREVER, but yeah, we eventually got it done. After that, it was all over. It was sad, really. I thought I'd NEVER miss the play, but you can't judge that on the rehearsals, because we all know that they are a pain in the arse. The show makes you wants to do Oklahoma everyday, because you'd always be in a euphoric and excited state. No worries, or as they say in the Lion King, "Hakuna Matata."

As of now, I still miss the play. Caitlyn and I sing Oklahoma songs in math, we're so pathetic. Earlier today, I went online and looked up the words to "Scandal and Outrage" because it's been in my head 24/7. I think I'm going to end up buying an Oklahoma video and cast picture. *Sigh* I can't help it, I miss being around everyone all the time, I didn't even get sick of it once, which is probably I liked everyone, well MOSTLY everyone. (except for commies, right Dana?) I'm actually going to try out for "Much Ado About Nothing" on Tuesday. I know I just did a play, but I enjoy acting a lot more than singing, (maybe because I can't sing) and hopefully I'll get a part! One of the performance days is on my b-day, but I don't think I'll mind if I get in, which I highly doubt. I just know I had fun with The Tempest in 5th grade so hey, maybe I'll like this too. However, the part I had as Trinculo (the drunk jester) was screaming my name. Oh well, it's worth a try!

Mr. Bower wasn't in BMT today because he is in Myrtle Beach with the band, so we got to watch Back To The Future 2, and it was of course Michael J. Fox-y. The sub was a slight biznitch, but I was talking so I guess she had the right to be. Whoopsie. She said, "CAN I HAVE 2 MINUTES OF YOUR TIME? I'LL MARK YOU ABSENT IF YOU DON'T STOP TALKING!!!!" Prozac, anyone?

Dan = fluffy bunnykins bitch
Me = Jamison hillbilly whore
How great is THAT? Almost as good as the izznet!

I got a full dosage of Radiohead the past two days. Tuesday, I saw the "Creep" video on MTV2 and yesterday I saw Radiohead playing "The National Anthem" on SNL, the "Fake Plastic Trees" video, and a thing about their first U.S. performance on the Arsenio Hall show. Quote: "They're BAD!" - Arsenio Hall. Bad meaning rocking...right? Whatever. It was great, but I can't relate with anyone about Radiohead's greatness because no one else listens to them.

Tomorrow night is Mr. East from 7:30-10 and the Oklahoma cast party at Amanda Golia's house from...after Mr. East and until whenever. Almost like a "?"...haha, Dana. Initiations are going to be..."interresting" for sure. I wonder what mine is, or should I say, JEFF'S and my initiation. Hopefully it will be more creative than perverted, but this is Patriot Playas we be talking about, yo. We're sick and whorey thesbians.

I hope I've gotten you (Steph) up-to-date on everything that's been happening, and please, feel free to comment! I'll post later about the dun dun DUN...CAST PARTY!!! Let's just hope I'll be in one piece afterwards...heh...

~ Cheeky Chaker (my play nickname from Kaelin)

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