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Saturday, May 07, 2005

Prom was awesome.

My hair was awesome, my dress was awesome, my friends were awesome, but more importantly...my date was awesome. Ok, his hair, tux, and shoes were too, but that's irrelevant. I had a fantastic evening with none other than Mr. Daniel (etc.) Marino. I'll rewind for a second.

I won't go through all of the frantic preparation that occured during the ritual of beautification and whatnot. Ok, maybe I will. The guy at the salon who did my hair was great, and it was amusing to watch his toddler son squirt him with a water bottle in the process. I went to Brittany Kane's house afterwards to get ready, and since I hadn't eaten the whole day (which I spent not going to school, but instead watching foreign films and Mallrats)I gorged on fruit and chips. After I finished doing makeup and getting dressed (which was beautifully captured on film by my aunt and mother), I went downstairs to take pictures. Rather, get pictures taken of me. For an hour. You gotta love those pictures...Anyway. So, Zach, excuse me, "Winston" (he was our driver) and Dan showed up, and they got in on the picture action too. We headed to Spring Mill, but made detours at Dan's house (he forgot the corsage) and my aunt's house (to see my Uncle Charles) and then Winston departed. Yeah, we were late, but oh well.

So then there was prom. I always love seeing people in formalwear, and I thought everyone looked great...especially the Oompa Loompa girls. Our table for dinner was rockin'. There was Dan and I, Meghan and Drew, Jake Heft, Brook and Maggie (yay.) and another couple. The food, like last year, was sub par, but our awesome table more than compensated for that. After dinner, we chatted with people and eventually headed to the dance flo'. Much bumping and grinding happened (Rob was a self-proclaimed whore), and even Sean Phillips was getting down with his bad self. Naturally, hormones came to the dance too, and certain people wanted me and certain people (Marina Moser, Meghan Lichtenwalner) to kiss. But I played a decent George (H.W.) Bush..."Nah gonna do it." You know, I didn't think it would be prudent at that juncture. At one point, Meghan pushed Drew into me, and we ended up dancing...thank you, Meghan. Marina started a train during "Come On Ride a Train" that ended up joining another train, which made things super confusing. Other good things worth mentioning: Lance Green dancing, people touching my rock hard breasts (It's the dress!), Dan putting his tie around his head, glaring at Frank, making "Substitute" into "Prostitute", etc. The Cha-Cha Slide is still evil.

However, the best part of the night was dancing with Dan. Both Dan and I surprisingly danced a lot, and Dan kicked ass with his swing moves. The slow dances were nice as well, and I could just feel how much love we have for each other. I'm so glad that everything worked out, and spending prom with my absolute favorite person my life, and my "BFF," made the experience one that I'll look back fondly on. If only it could last longer.

At about 11:45, Jeff, Christina, Dan and I left and after dropping off Dan, we went to Sara Giampolo's house. Rob, Marina, Janna, Phillipe, Bot, Anna, and Darko also came, and we hung out and ate a lot of food. Oh yeah, we drank a lot too, looots and lots of booze. Yeah, no. Our failed attempts at working the DVD player led Jeff, Christina and I to watch Family Guy, and eventually, those two left. The remaining people who didn't leave, Marina, Darko, Sara, Bot, Anna and I watched Shrek, but at that point, I fell asleep. In the morning, I faded in and out of consciousness and officially woke up at 11:45. Upon waking, I thought to myself, "I have nothing to look forward to now. Damn." I took a shower, and Sara, Bot, Anna and I (Darko and Marina left early) ate "brunch," which was bacon, cake and an apple for me. Mmm. I left around 1:30 and when I walked into my house, I witnessed my little brother getting a lapdance from a stripper...via Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. I ♥ corruption of young minds. Eventually I hung out with Dan to do errands, which was awesome. Oh yeah, I forgot that I had Dan's wallet in my purse from prom, so I returned that to him. I should have made him pay me for taking care of it for him, mwahaha. That was a confusing sentence.

So that's basically everything. I took a lot of pictures at prom to make up for the lack thereof from Junior Prom (I lost my camera), and there are plenty of pictures from pre-prom (even video of me getting dressed!) if anyone's interested. Any takers? I didn't think so.

Have a nice day!

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