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Life of the Bored and Taskless.

Monday, May 16, 2005

Man, real sick days are NOT as cool as fake sick days. Sure, I got to watch some films and whatnot, but sadly, I was not in my element. I should have just contaminated the school with the Jacq-bonic Plague.

However, I did see a short documentary entitled "Delusions of Modern Primativsm" that made me feel like a genius. Here's the general idea. Some dude who's into body modification decided to "level up," as some gamer types would say. Basically, he paid someone to shoot him so he'd have a "badass" scar...wait, listen to his reasoning (or my paraphrasing of his idiotic rambling)...

"Well, throughout my whole life, I've felt like society was scarring me, and this is my way of showing that. I saw a documentary on TV once...and it was about lifers, people in prison for life, doing life sentences. (If memory serves me right, I believe he said the word "life" a couple more times.) I mean, they're not the ones doing the crime, it's society who's doing the crime..."

Mmmmm yeah. About that.

I admit, it was mildly amusing the see this guy fall on the ground and scream while bleeding profusely. The man with the gun giggled contently and said to the camera, "He's fine...he's fine..." (Probably while hoping that "the dude" will not sue him because no papers were signed prior to the shot. Good job on covering your ass, man.)

After witnessing that 20-minute logicfuck, I'm convinced that shooting people/getting shot really IS an artform. So thanks, Target the Idiot Boy Wonder, the world will surely reap the benefits from your sacrifices in the name of art.

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