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Life of the Bored and Taskless.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Career Crunch 2008 - "I was looking for a job, but then I found a job..."

Jobs that I will probably end up doing in the next five years:
- Retail
- Working as some sort of an aid in a psychiatric facility/rehab/day program for adults or adolescents
- Sidewalk softshoe artist
- Cardboard box engineer
- Grad school groupie
- Some sort of Italian-named beverage mistress

Jobs that I could see actually see myself doing:
- Psychologist (Plan A)
- Something that requires interviewing (i.e. Admissions counselor)
- Teacher
- Business owner (My business would own your business, thereby eliminating "none of my" business)(not actually, but owning a record store would be pretty awesome)(not that any will exist in 10 years)

Jobs at which I would excel, provided that they existed:
- Professional Dorm Room Organizer
- Waster of Time/Procrastinator
- Webcomic Reader
- Mix CD Engineer
- Band Suggester
OR Being a perpetual college student

Jobs that I will never do lest I receive a lot of money and/or revise the standing definitions of "skilled" and "quality" (AKA Dream Jobs):
- Actress
- Musician
- Comedian (Stand-up, improv, impersonator)
- Performer on SNL in the 90's or 70's (I realize that this would require time travel)
- Talk-show host
- Music video director
- Professional Traveler (watch out, Travel Channel, I've already contemplated Jacqueline Baker's "No Inhibitions")

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