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Life of the Bored and Taskless.

Monday, October 20, 2008

It just occurred to me that life is a lot like a game of Spider Solitaire on Difficult.

So you've been playing Spider awhile. You aced your way through Easy and got a nice handle on Medium. The only next logical step is to go Difficult. Is it cocky? It's not cocky. Your friends thing you're some kind of a budding genius (or Grade A dweeb material) because you've beat Medium, but you won't let it get to you.

Select Difficulty: Difficult

When you start the game you think, whoa, alright. Four suits, nothing that I haven't seen before in other card games, nothing too overwhelming. Maybe you see some possible courses of action, but you don't freak. Yet.

You hit that little spider card and a whole new row of cards flies out on top of the other ones. Hey, I had a six of diamonds and a seven of diamonds nicely lined up! Not anymore you don't. Looks like there's a queen of spades on that married couple now. It's ok though, there are more cards. You look around, maybe some things work out.

Hit the spider card.

What the fuck! Seven of clubs on my little posse of hearts. What the shit am I going to do with that? Looks like I've pretty much screwed the pooch.

Hit the spider card.

Sweet Jesus, it's like a fucking carnival on this one! Whatever, I don't care anymore.

Select difficulty: Medium.

Ah, two suits. Now we're talking.

(Update: I'm now seven pages into that paper, and yes, I'm currently playing Spider Solitaire. On Medium, that is.)

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