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Life of the Bored and Taskless.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Current thoughts:
1) I have a lot more know-why than know-how. Relatively speaking, that doesn't mean very much.
2) It's nice when people tell you their problems. I love it; hopefully this will be my job some day. However, it can get confusing when one person tells me about another person, and the very same person talks about another people who in turn talks to me and...I think you get it.
3) Chick flicks serve a definite purpose. Although the purpose is real, it doesn't mean the storyline is. Sorry ladies, Jude Law is both out of your league and on a completely separate sphere of attractiveness than the human race as we know it. What a fox.
4) Nothing is equal. Ever. Feelings, power, compassion, opportunities, you name it. It's inconsequential when you muse about it, but incredibly difficult to accept it. I don't know if anyone ever can, because we somehow expect to have a level playing field all the time. There are so many factors to take into account, including context, which ensure that things will be unequal.
Way to go, subjective fucking existence.
5) I am many people. Let's see. There's Social Jacquie, Big-Sister Jacquie, College Jacquie, Solitary Jacquie, Depressed Jacquie, Confident Jacquie, Comedian Jacquie, Tour Guide Jacquie...the list goes on. So who the fuck am I? Is there some pure version of myself I have yet to discover? I doubt it. I guess we're all just a big conglomeration of selves depending on the social context. It's also hard to gauge what I'm like when I'm by myself, because you have to take into account what I'm not doing, which is being around other people. Can you see the real me?
6) It is much better to let something out than to keep it in. No matter what. With that being said, I have some emotional purging to be doing, or else some old wounds will never heal. Wound, rather.
7) I seriously would love to do comedy-related things. I wonder if it's a) too late b) how I would fare and c) what I would even do. I think I just need to do something.

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