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Life of the Bored and Taskless.

Monday, September 25, 2006

I really like being a goofball. I hope there doesn't come a point where I'm not allowed to be an idiot, because that would be devastating. I think it's essential to keep some of that childishness in the back of your mind (think: a leprachaun especially fond of fart jokes, for example), or else you're going to snap one day or start golfing. Does that really sound appealing? Didn't think so.

I thought about this while going through my psychology notes. Occasionally, I'll write some absurd note to Clint or make a face out of some psychological model. Being a fool is something that keeps me going. It makes the day a little brighter, and gives the awkward, pre-pubescant Jacquie a chance to retaliate against monotony. Plus, sometimes I get to make people laugh, which is more fulfilling than any "high-brow" conversation would give me. 'Tis why, for instance, I am not a philosophy major. Check out the Scottish "Common Sense" school. I wouldn't mind eating haggis with those guys.

Clearly, I'm more humanist than genius. I say let the think tank do its work and I'll make fun of them for being uptight. Social checks and balances interest me more than anything. Speaking of which, I should really do my psych assignment right now. I think now's a good stopping point. Happy Monday!

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