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Life of the Bored and Taskless.

Friday, September 08, 2006

For the longest time (say, a couple of months), I've been in this state of plateaued contentment. Things happened, they were ok, and I moved on.

But NOW. I don't know. I'm starting to accelerate as my life inclines. I've never been as enthralled to learn about things, study, question, live. I am trying to squeeze as much out of life as I possibly can without drying the sponge, so to speak. I'm envolved, BUT, I'm still retaining that imperative sense of self. I've donned a focus that, hopefully, will blanket my mental state for some time. I'm excited, damn it! I'm running toward the horizon like a mad woman, knowing I won't catch up, but enjoying the sprint nonetheless. WOO!

Today, I was going to officially declare my major (Psychology, B.S.) and minor (Sociology), but I need to find my slip. Hey, my organizational skills have come a long way since the "avalanche" disaster of my early elementary school existance, but I suppose I could use a bit of work in that section still. But it's ok, I have a future! I have a life! Hah!

That being said, I sometimes wonder if I'm going to be hit by a fast-moving truck because everything's finally clicking. Perhaps, I've been going a little heavy on movie watching, but seriously, wouldn't that just take the cake? So cinematic it hurts. Anyway, the likelihood of such an event is slim, but if I do die, make sure that the funeral's fun. It wouldn't be right otherwise, well, given my sublime state of mind at the moment.

Jesus, I'm happy.

Once I declare, I'm going to let a cageful of pigbirds fly into the horizon, then try to catch them. Those wily pigbirds will get away, but I'll still move forward. How's that for an eyeball roll-worthy moment? Trust me, I've got many more up my sleeve. :)

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