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Life of the Bored and Taskless.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Dear Pennsylvania,
Today was a scorching one. Thanks a bunch.

Meanwhile, the Crossroads Tavern crew were just trying to get by. As my brain slowly melted as the day progressed, I thought of the following:

1) Catholicism and eschatology are both total bullshit. Both take advantage of vulnerability/fear, which leads people into purchasing spiritual (although not) afterlife insurance AKA church time. Let people first worry about this life rather than the next (?) It's just my opinion, however.

2) My musical knowledge is the bastard child of VH1, late night informercials, DTV (essentially Disney music videos...with non-Disney songs), my ever-changing musical obsessions (oldies to pop to alternative to indie to classic rock to all of the above), and my need to know who sang what song and when. Also, my friends and ex-boyfriends added snippets of stuff during the way, which I appreciate.

3) I thought of a commercial idea while wiping tables today. It would be in black and white, preferably, and it would be a play (not jab) off of the infamous "Will work for food" signs. I'm not sure exactly for what company or type of company the commercial would be made, but it would be humorous with a tinge of need. Perhaps it would be for loans. The gist would be people holding different signs depicting their reasons for working/why they need money. Ex) "Will work for flashy sports car" (cue angry wife and kids), "Will work for children," "Will work for Polka lessons" etc. And the tagline would be something that stated the company/group would see and attend to your individual needs...no matter how bizarre they are.
Maybe it's dumb, but I wouldn't mind watching it.

4) I really do need to fix this site up, meaning I have to do some HTML touchups. Gah. The reason why I get pre-made templates is so I do not have to do this, but it always ends up happening anyway. I'll get the comment box up too...hopefully.

So yeah. Weird day. Hot day. For this reason, Chef Todd made a delectable faux specials list today which included the following:

- Swampass chowder
- Ham and fromunda cheese sandwich
- Sweaty nipple...something

Yeah. I think a sense of humor, regardless of how extreme or...gross it is, is vital for working in the restaurant biz, especially when practically no people show up. We're thinking of having a beach party in the kitchen because it is so damn hot in there. Death Valley hot...but humid as well. I could go for some swampass chowder...

One more thing: I'm going to a charity event tonight. I'm not going to say what (especially WHERE) it is, but if it's anything that I expect it to be, it will be one hell of a post. Tune in next time!

~ Jacquie

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