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Life of the Bored and Taskless.

Monday, January 23, 2006

For homework in my health class (also known by the concise title "Concepts of Fitness and Wellness"), I was given a worksheet to fill out. No biggie, right? At first, it started off with a few questions that were pretty typical, such as "What are 5 things that interest you?" or "Name 5 characteristics of you or any person that you consider admirable?" or something of that nature.

Surprisingly, this innocent little stapled 2-sheet paper took a rather serious turn. The questions became more introspective and interrogative. "Name two recent events when you upheld your values, and 2 when you went against them." "How did your family treat you when you were younger?" "What meaning does your life have, and what are your future goals?" "Write your epitaph and obituary."

Whoa there, horsie. Write my epitaph and obituary? Is it just me, or did that worksheet practically cover my whole life? I left the last one blank because it scared me a little. I glanced down at the bottom of the page, I noticed where this worksheet came from: it was from a book on keeping marriages stable. Ah, so maybe a little introspection intervention would have saved my parents' crumbling marriage (which the worksheet also asked about). I just spilled myself onto these two sheets for a health class, my memories and supposed future goals (very lacking) forming a collage of my past, present and future selves on the paper.

Was this assignment a little too personal? Considering that I'm an honest person, I don't mind sharing...but it's a required health class. I say leave the fear tactics to other disciplines and bring on the eating disorder presentations. I could probably say them word for word at this point.

Anyway, I suppose I should go. I have a bit of a headache, I need to do some laundry...and I have an obituary to write. *Shudder*

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