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Life of the Bored and Taskless.

Friday, December 16, 2005

And now, an except from the article "Back in time" By Jackie Jackson (damn, I need to marry a Jackson so I can have that name):

"'Hundreds of artifacts were found,' said Tomkins, historian and treasurer of the historical society.

The finds thrilled Jacquie Baker, 15, of Warwick.

'This dig is different than some because we are actually finding things,' said Jacquie, who was on hand as part of her graduation project. She said she also often helps Braubitz, her great-aunt, facilitate archaeology programs."

...I'm so glad that I'm through with the whole graduation project shit (and talking to reporters about digging up shit, for that matter). Since then, I've gone on to bigger and better things. Like, er, college? Procrastinating? Oh wait, I did that then too. Nevermind, I haven't really changed at all, just relocated.

Speaking of procrastinating, I have half of a take home anthropology (different than archaeology) test finished and it's due tomorrow at noon. Huzzah for finals week.

I just want to go home, sit on my newly existant ass (I believe I've actually gained weight in that area) and watch cheezy Christmas movies while eating my own weight in chocolate. Right now...I really just want to make out with somebody. Perhaps it's the crazy collegiate hormones mixed with my own that's getting to my head...but damn it, I'm horny!

Well, on that note, I'll end this interesting post. Have a delightful weekend, if I don't talk to...well...this blog sooner. If anyone's reading this, I'm done with finals on Monday. Give me a call, (even if you don't want to make out with me)because I most likely won't have the internet. Yes, I'll have to be old-fashioned and use a cell phone like the pioneers did. I think they even had cameras in their phones, so perhaps I'm roughing it even more than those Conestoga wagon-riding pansies did.

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