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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Ladies and gentlemen...the bitch is back.

In recent news, Drew and I are currently on hiatus. I guess I have to destroy the evidence of my feelings for him in order to get by.
A tad rash? I’m not sure.
Well, here goes nothing...

“I just saw Mr. Teschner. No lie.”
Funny, our choir teacher. I wonder how ol’ Tesch is doing.
“I miss you.”
Oh, the naivete of late June. He missed me alright, it was one day since I last saw him at that point.
“If you’re up later, give me a call. I love you so much.”
If he really knew me, he would know that I would be up, or would have gladly woken up had he just called me.
“Hey, how’s everything going on the home front?”
That was the day of my uncle’s funeral. I wanted him to be there so badly...but he was in New York for a show, so I saw him afterwards. I’m sure he didn’t want to go to the funeral, so it was probably for the best...
“I love you too, and I couldn’t even ask for anyone more perfect. Loving you more today than yesterday...”
First of all, no one’s perfect. Second of all, my mom likes that song. There should be a law against referencing something in that category...
I’m a horrible liar. I like the song, and we sang it together at Wawa one time, but that meant nothing, but I’m sure he doesn’t remember that...
“There are no messages left.”

Truthfully, I did this a couple of days ago. These are some of the text messages I still have filed under D...no, not for donut.

Let’s see...I still have his song on my laptop, and the Mr. East calendar is still hanging on my wall. If you haven’t guessed it, he’s Mr. November. I suppose if things don’t pan out in the future, those will be gone too. Well, maybe not the calendar for practical reasons. I’m not going to lie, taking down the pictures from the Chuck E. Cheese’s photo booth was difficult. Alright, in order not to ramble incessantly about my emotions about said split (?), I’ll turn my attention to something I haven’t talked about at all...

...College. In my summer reading book (author synopsis: “Jesuits in space.”), there was a group of people the space travelers encountered known as the Runa. These people were “all up ons,” if you know what I mean. Constantly hugging, touching, etc. Apparently, I’ve befriended many Runa at Moravian. If you know me, you know that I’m not really comfortable with much physical contact. My family members are definitely not the touchy feely type, we’re more along the lines of...punchy screamy. Unfortunately, I’m only comfortable with physical contact from a select few (a more recent addition being the author of several deleted text messages), so currently I’m even more standoffish. Oh well, maybe Brandon will eventually “convert” me, and I’ll be a hug person, but for now, I have no desire to touch anyone.

Random time: yesterday, my choir director (visualize a middle-aged, balding Argentinian) dressed up like Mr. Incredible. It was awesome.

I like fall. The leaves on the trees in Bethlehem are beautiful, and everything feels simultaneously crisp and serene. Halloween was a lot of fun. A large group of Moravianians, including myself, went “looking for ghosts” around South campus. Nothing really happened, but it made up for the lack of random nightly goofing-off during the rest of the month. Here are some pictures from our adventure, courtesy of Brandon.

We went to a Halloween parade on Sunday, and another indicator of Moravian being the right school for me was the costume theme (or lack thereof) of our radio station personnel. One guy dressed up like a giant steak, others were urinal cakes, and a girl was Miss Urinal Cake. Fantastic. Our posse went as an obnoxious group of “big kids” who screamed at the people on floats to throw us candy. A random guy in front of us chuckled at our shenanigans the whole time, and this probably did nothing but raise our confidence, thus increasing our obnoxiousness. On Sunday night, we had our first Women’s Choir concert, which went rather well. Saturday night was my first true encounter with drunkenness. I didn’t go out looking for it, it came to me. More specifically...my room. It was...interesting.

Friday night was when the decision to put our relationship on hold for a little while happened via internet/phone combo w/fries. I won’t go into detail, however, the book is currently on Amazon, if you want to take a gander. For all of you early holiday shoppers, it’s an excellent stocking stuffer!

If anything happened before last Friday, it beats me. I’m too lazy to think about it, and I have too much else on my mind. Sometimes, I wish I could rewind everything and go back to this summer. Oddly enough, an appropriate song just starting playing in my headphones...

“Can I get close to you
If only for awhile?
I don’t need mean to busy you
But you’re the jive guru and
I wanna sing along with you.
Your sweetness could cause a rockslide,
If only before the summer time.
This could be our last goodbye,
Please darling, please don’t cry.”

...I like fall, but I fell in love with summer, and missing it hurts like hell...

“Feeling the same as I did yesterday,
Feeling the same as I might do tomorrow.
Watching my hopes follow dreams down the drain,
I’m only joking, of course, yet again as I do.
Watching another day turn into night,
There goes another month, doesn’t it frighten you so?”

I can’t help but wonder if summer misses me.

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