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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Today was a day of discovery and reflection for me. I remembered the web address of someone's long-forgotten blog and read all of his posts. It was like reading our relationship. A lot has happened in one year, and I wish I got a chance to talk to him more often. Oh well. There's still 9 days left to fix anything I want to, right?

I also found the yearbook entry Dan wrote me. Dan and I decided to write each other's yearbook entries on separate sheets of paper because there's WAY too much to write about. I sat on my aunt's roof and read it about 4 times and cried. There's a lot going on right now, and whatever I do, I'm not going to let our friendship die. That's my priority at the moment. I miss talking to Dan and having really long conversations and watching movies and making fun of each other and making fun of Frank and using ghetto slang and being K Mac and Foxy Miranda and using my "sex voice" and just being with each other. Unfortunetly, there's internal and external forces that are not on our side, but as far as this goes, I have the most willpower and drive that I can possibly muster. The fucking apocalypse couldn't stop me right now. I love Dan more than anyone else in the world and I'll stop at nothing to protect him from everything, including himself. My heart and his yearbook entry are in agreement. Yeah, things have changed and this isn't a phase, but there's something called "unconditional love" that is highly applicable in this case. I shouldn't have to convince anyone because deep down I have no doubt that he knows this as well as I do, but he asked me to look within myself, so I did. This is how I really feel. The "Love Always" above his name isn't just a formality. Plus, the man has one of my bras. That's love.

On a side note, my uncle's not doing well. You can pray for him if that's something you'd care to do. I'd like to thank everyone for helping me through this even if you're not aware that you are. I really appreciate everything, even simply inquiring has shown that you care. Like I said in the preceding post, all I have is hope right now.

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