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Life of the Bored and Taskless.

Saturday, April 30, 2005

This post started a couple of days ago, so bear with me...

Since I've last blogged, there have been shifts in my own little universe. Some for the better, some for the...not-so-good. I really can't say much at this time, but I'm doing alright.

Last night, (Friday) I went to "Lucky Duck Night" at J.M. Grasse, the elementary school that my mom works at with special ed. At this "Lucky Duck" event, they had raffles, Bingo and food, and I actually had a good time. While we were playing Bingo, I always got close to winning but never did. I wanted a box of Girl Scout coThen, a student of my mom's came to play with us, and I won. I was excited because I knew I could get a box of Girl Scout cookies, but then I looked at the little boy. I decided to give him my prize, and he picked a teddy bear from the prize table. Talk about fulfilling. The smiles on both his and his grandfather's faces were infinitely better prizes than those on the table.

Ok, this is me writing today.

I never thought my weekend would get any crazier than "Lucky Duck Night"...but I was wrong!

Saturday, I went a-roving with Zach and later Dan, and we ate and tux shopped and ate again. There might have been a snack in between there, too. However, Saturday night was the cast partay for Camelot. It started off like they usually do. Initiations were amusing as usual, and it was kind of nice to be in the Senior position this time. Mwahaha. Around 12, Zach, Drew, Duffy and I made an illegal Genuardi's run to fetch soda while speaking to each other in negatives, then opposites. I think my brain still hurts. Ow.

At around 1, Zach came up with an idea. He suggested that we go find a White Castle. Mind you, the closest one(s) are in New Jersey. After persuading a stubborn Drew, Zach, Drew, Jeremy Stone and I headed to the ol' NJ.

The first half of the 3 hour trip (approximately) consisted of us calling 411 a million times (when asked location, Drew replied with "...Somewhere in New Jersey.") and Drew yelling at Zach because it was a stupid idea. The trip was amazing. First of all, everything is funny to me when I'm deprived of sleep, so I was laughing non-stop at Jeremy and Drew yelling at Zach. Drew even got to the point where he screamed "I will FUCK you!" at Zach. He still has yet to hardcore assrape Zach. But he will. Oh, he will.

Eventually, Drew and I had to pee, so Zach pulled over to the side of the road. Naturally, Drew had no problem with this, given his plumbing. The last time I peed outside was behind my dad's truck while he was snowplowing. *Shudder* So I was a tad hesitant. I held it until we made our next stop.

Around 3 AM or so, we stopped at a Dunkin' Donuts to load up on gas and donuts and I unloaded an empty bladder. Drew asked if they had any donuts they were going to throw away, and when we bought donuts, they threw in a couple extras. Hell yeah. We arrived back at Jones's house around 3:30 or something, and because of the sugar buzz, the glow-in-the-dark "trippy wall" I was next to, and the tossing about of a stytofoam head (like...a head), I didn't fall asleep for quite awhile.

Although I probably ended up getting cancer from standing outside for a few minutes in New Jersey, I'd say it was worth it. It was simply awesome.

Well, I'd ramble on about lost opportunity, but I have to go eat. Catch YOU on the flip side.

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