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Life of the Bored and Taskless.

Monday, April 04, 2005

"That was the best two hours that I've ever spent in a library."

I made a friend today. Here's what happened...

Because of the (unnecessary) PSSA testing going on, we had a funky schedule that entitled seniors to come in late. I, however, had some work to do, so I came in.

I went to the library (twice, actually, the first time was a failed attempt at entering passless. Go rebellion!) and looked around for a shpot. After seeing no one that I knew because a) senoirs weren't there and b) juniors were taking the test, I spotted a kid with a Dali shirt and sat near him.

After working for a little, the kid looked over and asked what time we move on to our next class. I told him, knowing that my estimate was probably wrong, but he accepted...and I nodded...and yeah.

The kid left and came back with an "East Wind." (School newspaper)

Kid: Have you read this?
Me: ...No (I actually did, but I didn't remember)
Kid: Why not?
Me: Uh...I don't know.
Kid: (Flips to back, and points to a picture) See that?
Me: Yeah, it's you.
Kid: (Opens) And that? (Points to an article)
Me: Yeah...
Kid: Read it. (Leaves)

At this point, I start laughing to myself because of how random the whole episode is. I thought, what the heck, I'll read it and humor this kid.

In a nutshell, the article was about love and not knowing what it is, but giving the advice to go for it when it feels right. It wasn't bad, I'm not really much of a critic, so when he asked me what I thought, I said it was good. I felt that it almost related to me recently, but I didn't want to get into specifics.

Me: (mutters to self) Sounds like something I'd write...
Kid: Thanks.
Me: (shrugs)

For the next two hours, this guy and I had quite a substaintial conversation. I won't type out the entire conversation, but found out a lot about him, and whenever there was a silence, one of us would say something and spark more conversation. But the silences were never really awkward. I found that we had a couple of things in common. We both can't draw, can't stand it when people criticize things they know nothing about, hate "fiction and non-fiction" (if you know what I mean), and others. We both love stand-up comedy (he likes Eddie Izzard and Margaret Cho!), The Crucible, being alone, my Blazer and crazy scarf, and more importantly, art.

He asked me if I saw the Dali exhibit...

Kid: Do you want to go?
Me: Yeah, I do.
Kid: Do you want to go...like...both of us?
Me: Yeah.
Kid: (Whips out paper) Sorry for this being so informal (jots down number, and hands it over)

So yeah, it was interesting, and a little like...the old me. Not saying that this was naive (although going to a city with someone you really don't know is either very trusting or very foolish), but a couple of years ago I was a little less reserved in conversation with nearly strangers. I doubt if I will be allowed to go with some random kid I met in a library (he talked to the library lady, so he can't be THAT harmless) but I'll push for it. I want to go.

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