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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Happy Springmas, everyone!

Finally, spring is here, and everything seems a little brighter. Or maybe I have SAD. Regardless, yesterday was a very..."nice day."

Marina was taking some shots for Photo 1 at my (Doylestown) house. It was there, on a nearby street corner, that dreams came true. Ok, that's a stretch, a lot of "good stuff" happened. (The suspense!)

My brother, Kyle, started waving to cars at the 4-way stop, and whenever we got a wave, beep, or thumbs-up in return, Marina and I would clap. This evolved into us shouting "Have a nice day!" at any pedestrian or car with the windows down. My (other) brother, Scott, ran inside to make a "Have a nice day!" sign, and we held this up on the corner and waved for approximately...2 hours.

Yes, this may soung childish or even crazy...

British guy in a car: "You're crazy! You're crazy!"
(on his way back): "You're STILL crazy!"

...to Brits, but it was one of the most uplifting things I've ever done. It's so corny, yet I couldn't wipe the gigantic grin off of my face whenever someone yelled back even something like, "Thanks! You too!" If I was one of those drivers, I'd love it; it would absolutely make my day. In fact, someone later recognized us when we were returning from Drew's work (sign included) and motioned at us to the passenger. Marina and I were momentarily confused, but when we saw them wave and smile, we put the sign up to the window. It was nice to see things come full circle.

The addition of a peace sign later harbored even more response, which leads me to believe that I've been justified in having faith in people. We're all stuck here, so let's just learn to be a little kinder to each other. I'm not saying everyone has to stand on a corner with a sign and goofy grin on their face, (although that would be amazing) I'm just saying that we shouldn't be living in fear all of the time. The response from people was the basis of how fulfilling our brief stint at spreading happiness was. There were a few emo boys who tried to bring us down ("Have a MISERABLE day!" and "I don't give a shit!") but other than those people, everyone was loving it. Including us. Even Zach, who stopped by, was a converted skeptic. His face began hurting from smiling so much. We were essentially the Polyphonic Spree minus the robes and music.

So have a good day/night, whatever you current time of day while reading this is. Spread the phrase if you please. It's amazing how a simple expression can brighten someone's day, including your own.

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