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Life of the Bored and Taskless.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Today was my first official day of school. Yesterday I helped out with the S'mores first day and did the club fair for Interact. Anyway, my first impressions of my classes were as follows:

CHOIR - Because of the whole South/East divide, there were not too many people in choir. There were about 8 altos, 13 sopranos, and...not that many guys. Although this, along with the s'mores being in concert choir, might put us in jeopardy for success at competition, I guess Teschner will find a way to work with what we have. I have a better chance of getting in ensembles because of this... well, probably not by much, but I need everything I can get at this point.

AP ENGLISH - I thought I would shit my pants, but I managed to leave with clean pants intact. Mr. Trachtenberg seems like a wonderful teacher, and the class is sure to be interesting and thought provoking, as it was today. He even likes Radiohead, which gives him extra points in my book. I thought I would do horribly on the first assignment because of the horror stories I heard, but managed to get an A- altogether, which is both relieving and reassuring.

FRENCH 5 - Do I need to say much? Fichtman Part 3 = all French, no English. Well, at least I know people in there, and she doesn't hate me too much.

PSYCHOLOGY - Decker seems to be nice, and the course outline she gave us was intriguing. Perhaps I can get a better idea of why my family is so fucked up with the help of this course...probably not.

So everything went well, besides getting a stain on my white pants (Damn you, tacos!) and I looked very...BRIGHT today. I just hope that my florescant yellow purse didn't blind anyone.

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