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Life of the Bored and Taskless.

Friday, August 13, 2004

You know those times when you feel really antisocial, and anything said to you, whether good or bad, just seems to be especially irritating? Right now I'm in that kind of a mood, and I don't even know why. Maybe it's from the rare contact I have with people because I've been out looking at colleges. Maybe it's because the school year is approaching and frankly, I don't want to go back. The more I look at colleges, the more I want to get out of here. Maybe that's why I'm in this mood. Maybe it's because the recent failed guilt trips that my mom has been experimenting with. They're not working, but they get to me a bit. I could dabble in "maybe"s all day.

I should be reading that damn AP English book, but I rather just curl up and do nothing. I'll take a few Advil, lay down, and maybe just...dissapear. I'm not sure if I'd like to do that, but I'm indifferent to everything anymore. I heard "Your Song" on the radio twice today, and I remembered how much that song used to affect me. When I heard it today, I was an emotionless void. I hope it's just a minor phase, if not, I hope something happens soon. Sometimes I feel like I can't relate to anything, and I don't have an identity. At times I feel invisible, which is sometimes useful, but often frustrating.

Well, I could go on with this pointless rant, but I'll stop. I don't feel like typing, or seem to have the energy for it. Maybe I need some contact with friends, but I don't feel like talking much to anyone right now. I'll post later in a happier time.

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