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Life of the Bored and Taskless.

Monday, July 26, 2004

This weekend was amazing. So amazing that I'll describe every single detail down to what everyone was wearing, the barometric pressure of each respective day, and the fluctuations in my pulse rate...just kidding. I will type a lot (when do I not?) so be warned.

This weekend was the opening, as well as closing, of the Phillip's Mill Teen Players production of William Shakespeare's "Julius Caesar." The first show was at 8:00 on Friday night. After a miserable day at archaeology camp, I needed something to cheer me up. With the help of Dan and the cast and the turnout and performance itself, I was cured of my emo-esque behavior.

Unfortunetly, a couple of personal mishaps occured during the play. My cobbler scene went without flaw, as well as a servant scene. After that, I missed a cue, my horribly rushed backstage costume change resulted in a rope from my servant outfit getting wrapped around my shoe (When I went out to read a letter as Caesar's lover I noticed it, as well as the many fixed gazes at my foot, and said "Oh." and then kept going) and I went out at the wrong time at curtain calls with Marina. Other than that, everything was excellent.

The next morning, I arrived at Phillip's Mill at 12:30. Only problem...Sean had the key and wasn't there yet. He showed up 10-15 minutes later, and we prepared for the 2:00 show. I'm not sure if this show was better than the one on Friday night, but it went well. Instead of missing my cue altogether, I went out too soon. Oh well. This time, Justin mustered up a few tears, which was great. Only about half of the house was full, but it was a good preparation for the 8:00 show.

Inbetween shows, we had dinner catered to us by one of the stage managers, and we watched the DVD of last year's performance of "Twelfth Night," which was hilarious. Our director, Mrs. Landley, gave us each a "Caesar bear," which were stuffed bears with garland wreaths glued on their heads and red sashes. I got slightly nervous, not to mention slightly sick, before the 8:00 show, but there was no reason to, as it went better than the other performances. Justin absolutely sobbed, I only flubbed a minor line, and the energy and everything else was amplified. I guess the show truly did go out with a boom. I hope that this performance, or at least most of it goes on the DVD.

Yesterday, I went back to Phillip's Mill to help cleanup, which lasted about 2 hours, which was followed by the cast party at Anton and Stefan's house. I rode with Sean, and we followed Zach (who knew where he was going) and Marina. After watching the odd movements of Zach's car, we were led up a weird web of driveways and stopped in front of a sign that said "The Perrys." They got out and laughed triumphantly at us. Thank you Zach for showing us the way to your lovely abode. Then, we were led in a circle and FINALLY ended up at the right place.

After we were taken on a tour of their farm and property(and I spilled ginger ale purposely on Zach), we went inside and ate chili. Justin brought with him a horribly cheesy video from the 80's Clue VCR game (which I own as well), and we laughed at the horrible acting. After each scene from the video, it instructed us to play a round of personal facts, so we did. We each shared our most embarrassing moment (the watermelon story), the person in the room that we'd sleep with (Eric, because of his "huge junk") , what celebrity we'd marry (John Cusack or Conan O'Brien), and a special talent (my sex voice) among other questions. It was SO much fun!

When that was over, and a couple of people left, the remainder of us watched a couple of episodes of Monty Python's Flying Circus, Colorful, Space Ghost and Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Good stuff. After that, we watched High Fidelity, which I've been wanting to watch again for awhile.

At one point, I went to the bathroom in the back of the house, and Stefan, who was opening the door to get in from the outside didn't know I was there...yeah. That was a pretty good embarrassing moment.

I said my goodbyes and left around 10. Man, I'm going to miss them, but then again, there's always next year to look forward to! We're either doing "Macbeth" or a comedy (possibly not Shakespeare) so I can't wait!

In English this year, Ms. Kelly commented that at one point, we'd all have that moment when we realize that Shakespeare was really damn good. I've always known this, but I truly realized it backstage when I heard the following phrase from Marc Antony (Justin):

"Blood and destruction shall be so in use and dreadful objects so familiar, that mothers will but smile when they behold their infants quartered with the hands of war."

Damn, that's good. I couldn't help myself from reciting it along with him.

This morning, I woke up after having a very strange dream, which is actually relatively normal as far as my weird dreams go, but here's the Reader's Digest version of what I can remember. It was the upcoming election night, and I was at some place (which looked a lot like the auditorium of Tamanend Middle School) where the winner of the presidential race was to be announced. Standing next to me was John Kerry, who I hugged and I told him that I hope he'd win. George W. Bush was also there, and he was seated in the center (we were off to the right). When it was time for the winner to be announced, everything seemed like it was in slow motion, and it turned out to be George W. Bush. The left side of the auditorium erupted, while everyone else seemed dissapointed.

After that, I went home and called Dan. As I was talking to him, I walked into my room and there was only a foot of my bed left leaning against the wall. Strange. He told me that a French pop star was coming over and wanted to know if I wanted to go out with them tonight. I agreed, and he showed up with her at my house shortly thereafter. After a few remarks from her, I cursed her off a bit, and then we started talking about the French language. She asked me in French if there was anything to see or do around here, and to my surprise, I actually understood her. We went to a restaurant in Doylestown and she ordered from the menu, and I attempted to order from...a food magazine. After I finally ordered from the right thing, I woke up and decided that I should stop eating hallucinogens instead of cookies with my milk before going to sleep.

Today, I'm leaving to go visit Lock Haven and Bucknell, and I won't be back until Wednesday night. I'll have my cell phone if anyone needs to reach me.

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