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Thursday, July 29, 2004

New School Delayed

DOYLESTOWN, PA-July 29, 2004 — It is supposed to be a state of the art facility when it welcomes high school students in for the first time this September. But Central Bucks South won't be ready in time for that first school bell.

And it's causing headaches for students, parents, teachers and administrators.
Two very different stories are emerging as to why this project will not be open on time. The problem some 1600 kids are in limbo.

With an 83 million dollar price tag, it is a building that impresses those who constructing it.
But this impressive new home of the Central Bucks South Titans is months behind schedule. In a surprise district officials abruptly signaled the new school will not be ready opening day. So what to do?

Several ideas are kicking around. One is to delay Central Bucks South's opening by weeks or months. Other ideas include mixing South's 1600 kids into existing schools or setting up split shifts, some kids going to class in the morning, others in the afternoon.

At a community pool, we caught up with a couple of South Bound sophomores working at the a snack bar. Jared Mason would opt for the delayed opening.

So why the delay? No one from the school district would talk today. Its web site charges the contractor failed to meet its obligation but contractor Frank Skepton says wait a minute.

Skepton says actual construction began months behind schedule because of sloppy prep work by another contractor which had been overseen by the district. He says maybe no one told the school board members but other officials have long known of the delay. (ABC News) 

...At this point, I don't know what to say. It frustrates me that nobody was told about the delay, although I personally questioned its progress. I am at a point now where I'm comfortable with the idea of the "split," and I've emotionally prepared for the challenges that next year will unravel, but now the school district threw me a curveball.

I'm quite excited of the possibility of a delayed opening. I'll see my South-bound friends again, but if it's not for a whole year, there will just be another heartbreak to endure. It's also at a very bad time, I mean, right before college? I love how the bigshots of the CBSD fail to factor in the emotions of students, but hey, they need luxury vehicles, so screw it.

The whole split schedule thing happened to Council Rock. Some liked it, others didn't. For senior year...it might not be bad. Senioritis crept up on me last year, so at this point, I'm open to any possible ways to get more sleep or slack off. Not completely...but, you know.

Basically, I don't want to get my hopes up. Things could change, and it's better to think that it probably won't happen at this point, so if it does, I will be absolutely ecstatic.

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