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Life of the Bored and Taskless.

Thursday, July 01, 2004

Driver's Ed never ceases to amaze me.

Yesterday, we had to watch a horrible (yet VERY amusing) video from the 80's called "Buckle Up!" It featured a plethora of B-list celebrities saying 80's phrases and there even was a cliché 80's song to go with it, which was sung by The 5th Dimension (you know, the group who sang "Age of Aquarius"...or maybe it's just me) that went like so:

Buckle up, buckle baby,
Before you drive,
Buckle up, buckle baby,
To stay alive.
Buckle up, buckle baby,
Don't be a fool
(Best part of the song...)
Don't you know dying ain't cool?!
(I thought death was "in"! Now I'm going to have to stop cutting myself!)
BUCKLE UP! (low voice: baby) Buckle down!
So you don't get thrown around.
BUCKLE UP! (baby) Buckle down!
Everybody spread the word around.

Well, it sure got me to buckle up, because now it plays in heavy rotation in my mental radio station. Thanks alot, 80's!

I went for my first out of three driving lessons with my instructor, Ed. He's a cool guy with a good sense of humor, and we discussed everything from politics to how lame Justin Guarini is.

Last night, I had a dream (You: Oh dear God, not another one) that I was Roxie Hart in the play Chicago...as if they couldn't get anymore unrealistic and screwed up. The weird thing is that I didn't know ANY of my lines, and the show was about the start. I kept running around a hotel with one of the guys from the play (possibly the guy playing Billy Flynn)to find a script, but I forgot my purse and did various other things to make life harder for myself. I ran by Jeff and he dismissed me because he (and I) thought that I really didn't deserve the part of Roxie in the play. I woke up during this dream and decided that Broadway wins over getting out of bed, so I fell back asleep. Maybe something useful will come out of my eccentric dreams one day...then again, probably not.

Speaking of dreams, as I was going through some old disks and found a list of goals that I had to make for myself for English in the beginning of 8th grade, as well as Brittany's, and here it is(with commentary from myself in parenthesis):

Jacquie Baker
Period 1


*To go to an Ivy League college (No, not really. More like Billy Bob's trucking school), and major in journalism (I can't write to save my life.) and acting (I certainly was more confident with my acting ability then).
*To raise a family (questionable), have three children (How about a maximum of 1?), and take them (me) on foreign trips.
*To have a pet dog (finally, something that will probably happen) and keep in touch with my Tamanend friends (I certainly hope so...).
*To go to Antartica and the north pole (Nah).
*See one of the Olympics (Nice one, 8th grade self!).
*To see the northern lights in Alaska (You're on a roll!).
*To go over the time meridian (...Ok, you lost it.)
*To go to a tropical island one year with my family for New Years Ever (Yeah, definitely went over the edge or lost good ideas. It's creative, I give you that, Jacquie).
*To be successful and donate some of my profits to charities (Awwww).
*To write a best-selling book (On what, weird dreams?) or be in the newspaper staff (What did I say about journalism?).
*To be a lead in a Broadway (Yeah, Dream Chicago! Woo!) or television show (Hick Hijinks...coming soon on Fox).
*To win an Emmy, an Oscar, or an Academy Award for best leading actress in a comedy series (Cool thought, but very unlikely. Hey, aren't Academy Awards given AT the Oscars...for movies...oh well, I guess I didn't know.).

Some of those were reasonable (unlike Brittany's "Navy Seals officer" goal) and some were a little out-of-reach, but I was a dreamer. I still am to a certain extent, but I don't think I'm going for Broadway (My singing isn't even "satisfactory" for that) and a TV show...I doubt it. My dream job at this point is probably a stand-up comedian, but I'm not extremely funny, and they're typically "starving artists." It would make me extremely happy, though. For me, making people laugh is sort of a natural high. Oh well, who knows, it could happen. I'm going to keep my options open and stick with something science-related for now.

I'm off too bed. Maybe I'll dream about watching an awful 80's video pertaining to seat belts and how semi-celebs want me to "Buckle Up!"...oh wait, that already happened!

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