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Thursday, April 22, 2004

You could just feel it in the air. This overwhelming sadness that hovered above us all. You couldn't escape it, even if you tried, It was bigger than us.

Today was...a day. A very trying one. I don't really know the people in the crash well, in fact, I don't know who a few of them are, but I feel horrible. The friends and family of those people are devastated, and I wish I could do something, but all I can do is hope for the best. That's probably all we can do at this point. I hate seeing people cry (and today there were lots) because I want to make it better, but in this case, I really can't. And tomorrow is Senior Prom...what a great time to have it. *Sigh* Everything just...sucked.

Our lunch table, probably the loudest one in the whole place, was practically mute today. Sometimes silence can be louder than sound.

I knew that Mr. Parfitt, my pre-calc teacher, was really cool, but now I'm convinced that he's an awesome guy. Today, he voluntarily played the role of a guidance counselor for the first part of class. He talked about the accident with us for a while, and was a real source of reassurance. He said he was driving near the accident and saw what was going on, and since he worked with an ambulance company for 7 years, he gave us his perspective. According to him, usually when people are air-lifted to hospitals, the ambulance drives them to a place where a helicopter can land (parking lot, open field, etc.) In this case, the boys were taken RIGHT to the helicopter in a nearby field, indicating they had medical treatment immediately, and that they were in the best hands possible, which is a good sign.

Mr. Parfitt also cleared some other things up a bit about what happens when they get to the hospital, and how comas are needed sometimes. He told us that he knew what it is like to lose people; a friend of his from college died in a car accident, and he lost his father at the age of 12. Teachers usually don't share much of this to their students, but he seemed really open about it, giving him serious points in my book. Some teachers are human after all, unlike Mrs. SATAN-er, Kelly. A-hem.

That's all for now. All we can do is have hope.

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