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Life of the Bored and Taskless.

Sunday, April 25, 2004

Weirdjacquiedreamstory Time!

Two nights ago, I had a two-part dream.

The first part was a little odd, but nice, I guess. Brandon Boger called me and told me that he was alright, and we had a nice conversation. Then he called back a couple of minutes later and told me that he called me by accident. Well, yeah. I also saw him in a hospital bed, Holly was there also if I remember correctly, and he was perfectly alright. That made me happy.

The second part was VERY strange. First, I watched a wedding, and it wasn't in a church or anything, it was in some hall. The bride entered with a line of weird dancing children in front of her. This is my dream, after all. My memory's a little sketchy, but I remember looking down and I noticing was wearing a dress that was white at the top and gradually darkened into a dark blue at the bottom, and I realized that I was getting married...to Chuck. The ceremony started, and we took a break in between. I sat down at the bar with two of my female "cousins" (they weren't my real cousins) and they ordered alcoholic drinks. I attempted to, but wasn't legally of age yet. I saw Chuck, who was wearing a black tux, and he sat down next to me and stole my cousins drink drank from it. I felt weird that I was the bride and wasn't even old enough to have alcohol, and thought "I'm getting married, and I'm only 17...wait, I'm not even 17 yet!" and had a slight mental freakout, then woke up.

Last night, I had a dream that I was trying out for a play. I got up on the stage, did my thing, then Fichtman asked me "Do you want to be a dancer or in the chorus?" I thought it over, then said, "Well, I guess I did better dancing than singing." She agreed. Somehow, I ended up with Chuck, and he gave me a pair of earrings and a broach, and they were HUGE and covered with precious stones. I'm not sure what they were for, but I joked about dancing during the play with them on and Chuck was like "Oh no you di-int" (not really, but you know what I mean) I don't remember anything else, but I know Marina was there. Yay for Marina.

I'm so messed up.

On Friday, I hung out with Chuck, and it was grrrreat! We went to Giggleberry Fair with Dan Keller, and DDRed and such. Good stuff. Looking up obscenities in a English-French dictionary is always fun. We dropped Dan off, and went out for pizza at Spatola's, where Chuck was having a burping contest with a little kid. It was so funny, these two girls were totally freaked out. We went back to Chuck's place and hung out for awhile, which was very fun as well. ;)

I went to my brother's baseball game yesterday. Pretty boring, but the little guy got a run and their team won, so that was good.

My dad is now cleaning the carpet where my brother chundered last night. I think I'm going to puke from the stench. Gag.

Well, I'm going to go. Chuck, I love you!

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